Monday, May 25, 2015

Bone chips ($6.00):


... were a scaffolding of skeletons at Asanebo.


These brittle bites of fried fish framework had aioli to lubricate the vertebrates while we lubricated our palates with sake.

Mushi uni ($30.00):


... was salt-cured, steamed, sea urchin roe that we burritoized in sheets of nori with wasabi, shredded daikon, red radish and seaweed. These sea-gars were sensational.

Ceviche ($20.00):


... with scallop, salmon, shrimp, whitefish and octopus was nice, but was easily trumped by the yellowtail special ($30.00):


Citrus shoyu and black lava salt erupted over pristine planks of heavenly hamachi.

The seabass peach special ($16.00):


... had spoons that were a little bigger than the average mouth can easily accommodate. Grilled fish hunks and peach compote were nice bites, but not a reorder.

Aji ($10.00), hotate ($8.00), and tako ($10.00):


... were all delivered with instructions to skip the soy sauce. These maritime morels were marvelous.

Strip mall sushi remains one of our favorite features of Los Angeles.


11941 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA