Thursday, March 19, 2015

A friend’s art opening at a gallery across the street from Cockscomb:


... meant an ear-ly arrival with pig ears ($3.00):


... priced for happy hour. These Van Goghesque swine swirls were l’auditory lobes that nibbled nicely with saison ($5.00 each):


We hammered down Hammersley oysters ($1.00 each):


... at our prime perch over the dining room:


... followed by the “ham” burger ($15.00):


... off the dinner menu. Gruyere and grilled onions gilded this hardcore hamwich with crusty fried potatoes with fluffy, starchy centers. Seriously cravable chow.

These early bird eats were pecktacular portions worth the walk down the block.


Cockscomb Restaurant
564 Fourth St.
San Francisco, CA