Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Roast chicken ($10.00) from Cassia had a nice aji verde salsa sided with lumps of sweet potato. This pleasing poultry pitch flew in during the last game of the world series at the Hall. Their kale salad ($5.00) did not score with us, unlike the moist and flavorful fowl.

Raj + Singh’s samosa ($2.00) wound up with tamarind and cilantro had a bit of heat to the sauce for this crisp crusted, tuber triangle that was a fly ball.

A salady lamb gyro ($9.00) from the Whole Beast burst with cherry tomatoes in a garlicky pita mitt. This yogurty, harissa hit was an excellent accompaniment to the rowdy game crowd.

The post victory streets were packed with revelers. City Hall, the Opera House and the Symphony were all lit up in Giants orange as we managed to maneuver along Van Ness back to the hutch.

The Hall
1028 Market St.
San Francisco, CA