Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We stood at République:


... as masses stormed the counter during a brunch insurgence.


Puffy French toast, eggs and other enticements paraded by in a show of force as we dug into a slice of peach pie ($5.50):


The structural integrity of this pastry was compromised during evacuation from its native pan, but its flaky, buttery crust, flavorful fruit and subtle sweetness did not suffer in the journey buffeted by billows of creme Chantilly. This pie and the one at Gjusta are our top two Los Angeles fruit folios so far.

A lemon meringue tart ($4.00):


... was a curdish onslaught of citrus with a fog of white whippage to reinforce the tactical tang with a light sweetness.

The oatmeal cookie ($2.50):


... was a twist on the common cereal circle with the oat-teur detour towards a softer, caramely creation.

We pledged to return to try some of the savory servings soon.


624 S La Brea
Los Angeles, CA