Thursday, August 27, 2015

We really should have gotten a screwdriver at Laurel Hardware:


... but we went with a well assembled Vieux Carre ($13.00) instead. We hammered this down along with a “Bye Felicia” ($13.00) which was a dismissible drink of cinnamon-showered, banana, pineapple and citrus shakage.


Black cod ($28.00):


... swam in a saliney sea-lution sprung with spigarello and kerneled with corn.

This competent cod was followed by a “classic” pizza ($16.00):


... with pepperoni and pickled jalapeños which was wet-centered and blonde-bottomed.

The pork ribs ($15.00):


... were more our thing with an umami boost from gochujang on these perky, porky, pointers.

There was a parade of punters lumbering into this chic dining depot:


... where they may not nail a Neapolitan, but it was still a friendly place to get plastered.


Laurel Hardware
7984 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA