Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ABV turned into A Burger Venue during their “double dragon” two day, burger nights face off.


Poutine ($10.00):


... with beef cheek gravy and white Cheddar curds was a sating, saturated spud stack with some Moonlight Brewery Bombay by Boat IPA:


... before we sailed through the main event.

Kevin Cimino’s pimento cheese burger($9.00):


... had a sweet potato bun and well seasoned, medium rare meat with a good beef to bread ratio. We liked this pleasing pimentoed patty pouch from ABV’s chef.

Chris Kronner’s Kronnerburger ($10.00):


... had a smokier scent with a bit more bread than needed. The grind on the meat took a coarser route (which we enjoyed) but our tastes run towards less mayo and more lettuce than this pickle planked patty provided. It was however, a fine burger that we would get again.

We preferred the sweet potato bun and the ratios on Cimino’s but loved the smokiness and grind on Kronner's, so they both are high rated hamburgers that were fun to A/B. We will be dragon ourselves back for more at their separate venues (when Kronnerburger opens.)



Double Dragon
3174 16th St.
San Francisco, CA