Sunday, July 10, 2016

An excellent Manhattan ($15.00) welcomed us to Cafe Stella.


This stellar sip was an uptown elixir with top shelf solutions culminating in a balanced ‘bibe. Definitely a reorder.

We also enjoyed the St. Vincent ($13.00) which was a lemon-lilted rye and Fernet fluid with an almond and ginger counterpoint that made for a pleasing potion.


Beef tartare ($21.00):


... nested a quail egg in a capered, cow, chompable chop up served on a bed of rocket with little toasts.

Asparagus ($9.00):


... with hollandaise was a good spearage while the cheese plateau ($22.00):


... had a dazzling bredirosse d’Argental and délice de Bourgogne but the Le Chevrot was hard.

We asked about it but they didn’t know if that was the desired state. In any case, we really enjoyed the other cheeses with a chunk of honeycomb and slices of green apple.

The cocktails harken us back to try more of the menu at this cool café.


Café Stella
3932 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA