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Day 2 at the Ferry Building:

  1. Fresh Start
  2. Delica
  3. San Francisco Fish Co.
  4. Imperial Tea Court
  5. Boulette's Larder
  6. Recchiuti Chocolates
  7. Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

1st course

Fresh Start Juice Co.
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA


This stand is tucked away inside the produce market. It’s between Hog Island Oyster Co and the large hallway.

In general, I’m more of a coffee (than a smoothie) bunrab. But if you are into a cold fruity beverage, this place may be just the thing.

Staffed by one friendly person (It’s a smoothie stand after all.) You order, wait, pay and drink.
Banana on a date ($5.75):
Soymilk, banana, yogurt, honey and date are blended to create a sweet, thick, fruity shake with little date bits suspended throughout. This was the top recommendation of one of a counter person here. Be warned, due to the high date content (not to mention the honey) it’s sweet. If you need an energy boost for Ferry Building exploration, this will amp you up.

From Fresh Start to Delica rf-1:


2nd course

Delica rf-1
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA

Cold Fusion

What kind of inside-the-box thinker doesn't like a California-bento? Not me. When I heard there was a Japanese deli with fresh, seasonal ingredients, I couldn't say “noh”

Atmosphere: This modern, glass enclosed space is a wonderful showroom for their bentos, fried seafood and pork and salads. They keep their displays clean and appealing.

Service: Always friendly, accommodating and efficient. They are used to answering questions about their unusual fare.

Hijiki and soybean salad ($3.45):
The hijiki seaweed, beans, and greens are tossed together with a soy sauce dressing. The arugula adds a nice depth in texture and a slightly peppery flavor that worked well with this delicious salad.

The bentos are fine, but I like to get the hijiki salad by itself - why dilute a good thing?


From Delica rf-1 to San Francisco Fish Company:

3rd course

San Francisco Fish Co.

1 Ferry Building #31
San Francisco, CA

A sandwich in a pinch

What kind of hardened po' boy doesn't like a soft shell crab? Not me. When I heard about these crustacean sensations , I went off the deep end.

Order at the register and wait for them to call you. On one visit, there was a bit of sass dished out when I paid for an item that wasn't in the bag. But I haven't seen that crab around for a while (hmmm maybe that's where they got the sandwich filling…)

I've had hit and miss food here, but that soft shell crab is a winner.

Soft shell crab sandwich ($8.00):
Served hot from the fryer, this crispy fried crab nestles in a soft roll with tomato, mayo and lettuce. It is one tasty seafood concoction. A small pot of coleslaw comes with. It's nice because they show some restraint in the dressing department (I hate soggy, dressing-logged coleslaw.) There is something satisfying about eating this seafood concoction as you gaze out at the water.


From San Francisco Fish Company to Imperial Tea Court:

4th course

Imperial Tea Court

1 Ferry Building Plaza #27
San Francisco, CA


Tea-riffic and Steep-endous

What kind of pot head doesn’t like some good herb? Not me. When I want to go to a mellow joint, I stick with Imperial.

Decorated to have an updated, Chinese tea room look. The intricate wood framing that separates the restaurant from the hall makes you feel like you are entering a sanctuary. I like the dark wooden tables and chairs, the assortment of tea and paraphernalia available for purchase at the long counter lining the wall.

I don’t know how they manage to cook in the small kitchen space in the back, but I’m glad they do.

This is the perfect spot if your dogs are barking and you need to take a break from your Ferry Building experience. Pass through the wooden arch and have a leisurely, comforting pot of one of their impressive leafy concoctions.




Imperial Green Oolong ($5.00):
The tea leaves are rolled into these little pearls. The server “wakes them up” with a rinsing in hot water. This water is poured off into the perforated metal tray. They are then steeped in hot water and unfurl into a vegetal, floral brew.

Use the lid of your teacup to hold back the leaves as you sip the tea through a small gap you create by holding the lid slightly askew.

The saucer can also serve to protect your hand from the heat as you lift the cup to your mouth (rather than just protecting the table.)

Their hot teas are a treat not only for their gorgeous fragrance and comforting flavor, but the ceremony of them is relaxing as well.
Dragonwell green tea dumplings ($7.50):
These hot and steamy mini dumpling meat and green tea clouds were filled with organic Niman ranch pork. A pleasant little snack, but I wish it had just a touch of heat (caliente heat not hot heat) but they may pull back on spices so as not to interfere with the delicate tea flavors.
Iced green tea ($3.00):
Although this tea is an iced tea, it’s brewed to order. This has more depth than your garden variety iced tea and is wonderfully refreshing as well as complex.

From Imperial Tea Court to Boulette's Larder:

5th course

Boulette's Larder
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA


Well Seasoned

What kind of little meatball doesn't like a good stash of ingredients? Not me. When I want to stock up on good food, I raid the Larder.

Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient yet low key.

Like being in someone's fantastically equipped kitchen. A large communal table indoors. There are tables arranged outside during nice weather. Gorgeous flowers, beautifully kept counter displays of spices, food and paraphernalia.

Boulette's Larder serves salads, sandwiches, lunch entrees and desserts. They also offer takeaway, stocks, grains, condiments, and doggie biscuits. They do everything, dinners are prepared on site by special arrangement.

Pulled Pork Sandwich ($10):
Smoked paprika flavored this bahn mi reminiscent sandwich. A soft bellied baguette style bread with a crispy exterior, yielded to unctuous, marinated Niman Ranch pork shoulder. This meat was delicate and meltingly tender against the subtle crunch of the chopped romaine and smoothness of the house made mayonnaise. Sweet pickles cleansed the palate between delicious bites.


From Boulette's Larder to Recchiuti Confections:

6th course

Recchiuti Confections
1 Ferry Building #30
San Francisco, CA


Chocolate is the new jewelry. Gorgeous cases with perfectly arranged chocolate gems.

Fleur de sel carmel (about .93˘ each - sold by weight):
These little babies are dark chocolate covered sweet/salty caramels. Sometimes they sell out of these cult favorites. Two bites of delciousness.


From Recchiuti Confections to Tsar Nicoulai Caviar:

7th course

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar
1 Ferry Building #12
San Francisco, CA


Roe is me

What kind of power hungry Tsar would pass up luxury snacks? Not me. When I heard there was a local place that made their own caviar, I was Russian to try some.

Atmosphere: A small bar with 15 stools. This little cavi-bar's sleekness is marred by the café umbrellas used to shield the seating area from the skylights sun.

Service: Always friendly accommodating and efficient. There is a server and a cook who assembles salads, sandwiches and prepares blini on a little electric griddle.


Premium tasting ($32.00):

(starting at top and progressing clockwise)

Gold Pearl Trout - these little orange globes look like mini eyeballs staring at you from the plate. They have a satisfying pop to them like bubble wrap for your tongue.

American Golden - these crisp, subtle little whitefish eggs are a mild enticement for things to come.

Truffled whitefish - intense truffle flavor, these amber tobiko textured beads turn your head into a fragrant roller ball point pen

Paddlefish Stugeon - I'm glad that this fish didn't paddle hard enough to keep away from Nicoulai. These steel colored babies taste of the ocean.

California Estate Osetra - This was my favorite of the bunch. These tasty ball bearings of the sea each had an integrity to their surface that kept them distinct from one another while at the same time possessing a tender briny, silky texture.

Select California Estate Osetra - this is one of Tsar Nicoulai's housemade varieties. Like butter that comes out of a fish.


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