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Bubba's Diner
566 San Anselmo Ave.
San Anselmo, CA

Hubba Bubba


What kind of nosey little cook doesn’t like a cozy little nook? Not me. When I’m in the mood to go to a little 50’s diner, I put aside my greasy spoonerisms and Lindy hop to Bubba’s.

Friendly, uber-casual and attentive – hot coffee fillips without having to ask (and I drink lots of coffee.)

Retro-chic, super fun small diner setting. Clean and welcoming. Folks bring their (usually) well behaved children in who are pacified with crayons and coloring placemats

Grilled meatloaf with tomato glaze and brown gravy ($14.95):
A generous slice of homey and nostalgic comfort food. It comes with a choice of two sides (I chose the cheddar risotto and spinach) The baby spinach leaves were sautéed, simple and unadulterated. The risotto was dense and flavorful from the cheddar. The addition of some chopped fresh herbs might have prevented my cheddar fatigue. Although it was fine, I don't think I would order this dish again. This dish comes with a warm house made biscuit. It has a crisp exterior, light a fluffy. Just like the Doctor ordered (unless his name is Atkins.) Comes with a cute lil' metal container of softened butter, but you can put jam from single-serving tableside blister-paks on it if you prefer.

Bernadette's Turkey Burger ($9.25):
1/3 pound turkey patty grilled with Swiss cheese and topped with avocado and griddled mushrooms. I'm normally not a big fan of turkey burgers, I usually think of them as carob to the chocolate of a beef burger, but this is actually a dish that I order because it's good and not for "healthful" purposes The cheese, avocado and mushrooms somehow take this turkey to the next level. . An old standby.

Bubba's Chopped meal size salad ($9.95):
Cold shredded chicken breast, chopped tomatoes, avocado, bacon, hard boiled eggs, Point Reyes Blue Cheese over chopped lettuce ordered with Ranch Dressing on the side. A Cobb salad really sounds like an easy thing to do, but eateries usually screw it up by using low quality ingredients or just by being bone-headed (i.e. over cooked green-edged egg yolks, chopped, refrigerator-flavored leftover chicken,...) But here it's done right. This dish also comes with one of those warm biscuits.

Don't forget to check out Bubba's house made hot sauces. They are delish on eggs or whatever you like to make caliente!

In the morning, I usually order the Lumberjack Breakfast with rare steak and eggs. They also have a decent beef burger (but I usually go for the Bernadette's) along with the rich and delish shakes and malts. Sure, there are things that I'm not wild about too (like the gyros and the chicken sausage) but the house made pies smooth out any disappointment.

Coffee: Good (not Peets level, but that's not expected) A saucer of those little dairy filled capsules are brought along.


Two carrots out of four

Bubba's Diner is great if you know what to order, and the service and atmosphere are tops. A must go-to if you're in San Anselmo for breakfast or lunch.



Bubba's Diner Bathroom Rating

One, unisex. Go through the kitchen and it's to your left. It's clean and includes artwork wisely relegated to the bathroom walls.

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