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Burma Superstar
309 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA




What kind of anti-disco-era xenophobe doesn’t like exotic flavors? Not me. When I heard that this funky little place was dishing out some yummy Burmese food, there was no time to Man-delay.


Funky-ethnic and casual. Lots of studenty looking folks and some solo diners who come in to order their favorites.
This place has no curb appeal. The dirt encrusted, torn awning could convince a potential customer to keep walking, but what they lack awning hygiene, they make up for in tasty bits.

Service: Friendly and efficient.


Ginger Salad ($7.95):
Little piles of sesame seeds, fried garlic, julienned, pickled ginger, sunflower seeds, yellow peas, peanuts, dried shrimp were tossed together with chopped romaine hearts by our server with a good squirt of lemon juice. Great bursts of flavor from the ginger and shrimp, nice crunch from the peas, peanuts, and seeds, freshness from the lettuce. A great combo.

Samusa Soup ($9):
This perfectly spiced, vegetarian stew contains samusas, falafels, cabbage, jalapeño peppers, potatoes and lentils. Hearty, rustic and satisfying.

Tea Leaf Salad ($7.95):
This salad came in little mounds of each ingredient too. The lemon was squeezed over chopped tomato, fried, slivered, garlic, dried shrimp, sesame seeds, peanuts, yellow split peas and a tangy spoonful of fermented tea leaves imported from Burma. I thought the ginger salad was an all time favorite until I tasted this. Wonderful complementary and contrasting flavors and textures make this salad a winner.


Two carrots out of four.

What makes this restaurant special is not only it’s unusual ingredients, but every dish looks interesting and tasty. If you are looking for some unusual soup ‘n salad, hustle over.


Burma Superstar Bathroom Rating

Movie-theatre-sticky-floor, but acceptably clean.

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