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Chez Maman
1453 18th St.
San Francisco, CA


Counter Intelligence

What kind Nutella doesn’t like a crepe? Not me. When I heard that there was a little French café on Potrero Hill, frankly, I filed over.

A little backed up cause the place was jammed – even at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday! They work very hard here to keep up with the crowds (in English and French.) Don’t come to be pampered, come to have a tasty meal from folks who are working hard and fast. They may put a dirty plate they are bussing on the counter in front of you so that they can grab a credit card from the person next you, but, hey it’s a super casual place.

Atmosphere: Small, casual French diner. There are a few elevated tables, but it’s really a counter place. There are many French regulars who come for the good food and kind words in their native language.

Ham. Cheese and egg crepe ($9.00):
They make buckwheat crepes to order. The egg is fried sunny side up and placed on top of the folded crepe. It was good, but the other selections look like they could offer more excitement (like the four cheese or the tomato, prosciutto and camembert.)

Basic Burger ($9.00):
Chopped parsley is blended into this tasty beef patty. Lettuce, tomato and onion top a burger which was ordered medium rare, but served rare (that’s okay, undercooked better than overcooked as far as I’m concerned.) The bun has the right density and a chewy crust for this sandwich. The aioli marries all the elements together for a satisfying burger experience.

Important tip: order your fries extra crispy and you'll be glad that you did. (Actually, there are very few places that you shouldn't make this specification.)

Iced Tea: Fine


Two carrots out of four.

A good place to grab a bite if you’re in the nabe.



Chez Maman Bathroom Rating

You go through the small kitchen/prep area to get to their one teeny WC. It’s an older building so the plumbing isn’t state of the art (not a turbo powered flush on the apparatus, but it works.)

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