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Crixa Cakes
2748 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA


Hungarian for a cake?

What kind of hot cross bun (rab) doesn't like a good coffee? Not me. When I heard about this cute bakery/café in Berkeley, I decided to get down to the crux of the batter.

Place your order at the counter, pay, take it to your table.

Cute intimate little bakery/café. There are a few students, but mostly just grown-ups ducking in for a coffee and pastry. The place has a rabbit for its logo, so you know it's alright by me.

Rhubarb pie with crème chantilly ($3.95):
This pie had the perfect amount of sugar to coax out the flavor, but not enough to interfere with the lovely tanginess of the singed stalks of rhubarb. I was worried that the cream and liquid given off the rhubarb would make the crust soggy and limp, but they served it up fresh so that there was still a buttery crispness to the pastry

Chocolate Pave with crème chantilly ($3.65):
Think brownie-light, but with good ingredients. I only wish it was cooked a teensy bit less so that it had a more moisture, but hey, that's what the whipped cream is for right?

Ginger cake ($2.95): The first time I had gingerbread with fresh ginger I was grossed out that there was hair in my snack. Now when I see those lovely fibers waving their flavorful greeting to me, it is a salutation of salivation. Frosting or powdered sugar would only interfere with this unadorned, moist ode to ginger.

Coconut Oatmeal cookie ($1.40): Like a macaroon with oatmeal. Chewy and delicious.

Traditional molded cookie ($1.85): I could definitely see this as transporting someone back to their childhood memories. These cookes have a lovely perfume and appearance, but they still can't steer my mind away from the ginger cake…

I like the coffee they serve here. Rich, fresh and flavorful. Order a large (since there aren't refills.)

Check their website for their daily specials and don't be bummed out if you miss a particular item cause they have a lot of tasty options.


Two and a half carrots out of four

This Hungarian bakery has exciting pastries that won't Gabor you.



Crixa Cakes Bathroom Rating

One unisex shared by all the businesses in the building. Get the key (attached to a metal mug) off the hook and go out the side door. It was well stocked and clean.

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