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350 Harbor Drive
Sausalito, CA
415.331.FISH (415.331.3474)



What kind of bottom feeder doesn't like some reef freshment? Not me. When I heard about this upscale fish hut, I took the bait.

Queue at the register, place your order, take your drinks and your plastic number and wait at your table. They bring your order to you when it's ready. It's not a place to go in a hurry. They cook the dishes to order so you may need to wait a little longer than you might expect.

Some may balk at the prices, but it costs a lot to serve up sustainable, local and organic ingredients. Good fish ain't cheap (unless you catch it yourself.) And you can leave your American Express at home, just bring the clams (no credit cards.)

They list daily specials on the board and also serve up oysters, chowder and a very tasty burger. There is also a PB&J and grilled cheese for the people who come to a restaurant named "Fish" but don't like to eat it.

Casual. There are wacky looking people tiptoeing around dressed in Bicycling superhero gear as well as the jeans and t-shirt crowd. The sunny dining room has picnic benches and the deck has lots of seating near the sailboat dock.

Saigon Salmon Sandwich ($16.00):
They fill a pliable (rather than crusty) roll with a slice of grilled, wild salmon, grated carrot, ginger vinaigrette, and perky cilantro sprigs, In the past, I had remembered to order it extra rare, but even though I forgot today, it was still good cooked to their normal degree of doneness. I really like their coleslaw. They give you a big bowl of red and green cabbage, green peppers, minced jalapeno pepper, cilantro with a chili-lime dressing. Not that mayo drenched icky stuff, this is crunchy, spicy a great counterpoint to the sandwich.

Fish. cocktail ($15.00):
This parfait of the sea is layered with avocado, lime, cilantro, salsa fresca, crab, bay shrimp, cocktail sauce, tomatillo, and lettuce. Plunge your spoon to the bottom and troll through all the layers to get the full effect. This is the best fish cocktail yet.

Iced Tea ($2.00):
Paul Prudhomme made Cajun martinis famous when he served them in Mason jars. I love seeing that tradition being carried on. Forget the Riedel, it's Ball all the way. The tea is a lovely black tea served with a slice of lemon. My personal preference is always ice cubes, but this is a seafood restaurant so they have crushed ice. It dilutes the tea faster (you know, the ratio of surface area to mass) but luckily, I'm a fast drinker.

This place is great for an outdoor meal, but do not leave your fish tacos unattended (like my friend L did. ) She went in to get utensils and seagull divebombed her food (not an uncommon event I understand.)  


Two carrots out of four

I really like this place, it's everything an upscale fish hut should be.



Fish. Bathroom Rating

Exit the restaurant and turn left twice. These public restrooms are shared with the outside world so if you take that into consideration, they are not as bad as they could be. They have those hot-air blowing hand dryers mounted really low (which works for me.)

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