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IN-N-OUT Burger
798 Redwood Hwy
Mill Valley, CA
(various locations)

Voted BunRab.com
2005 best fast food burger

What kind of double decker meathead doesn’t like a good fast food burger? Not me. And there’s only one to visit where you don’t have to order off the menu to get something divine.

Fast food chain. They keep it brightly lit, clean and well stocked. There are bussers constantly circulating, sweeping up and restocking. Even when it’s very busy, you can usually find a place to sit pretty promptly.

Order at the counter from one of the well trained and efficient counter people. They cook up the food to order so you only get your soda cups right away (for the self serve drink area.)

Your receipt has a number at the top. When they call your number, go to the pick up counter and claim your chow.

Altered Steaks

There’s the posted menu over the counter and there is the secret menu that you learn about from friends (or web sites.) I order the stuff from the secret menu:

Double - Double “animal style” ($2.89)
Two beef patties with grilled onions with special sauce and chopped pickles. The bun is grilled with the sauce on it. This is a fine burger. Next time I’ll ask for less of the 1000 Islandy “special sauce” and to hold the pickles.
Double - Double “Protein Style”, no sauce but mustard and ketchup instead ($2.89)
This is my favorite hot weather fast food. It’s like the best handheld beef salad ever. Two beef patties with melty cheese encased in big crunchy leaves of iceburg lettuce. Tomato, onions, mustard and ketchup round out this yummy summer snack.
French fries “well” ($1.10)
They cut their potatoes fresh before you eyes in a hand operated, sideways-playdough-fun-factory mechanism.
This is the ONLY way to order the fries here. If you don’t order them “well” you will be unimpressed, but if you do, you will be very happy indeed…
Choco-vanilla swirl shake ($1.69)
The best of both shake worlds. Move your straw over, it’s vanilla, over again, it’s chocolate. Like magic, only not.

Then there's:

Subliminal Religion:
There are hidden religious notes on the burger wrappers and cups!

On the back of the Double-Double wrapper is cryptically printed “Nahum 1:7” If that looks like a biblical chapter and verse, it’s because it is.
In the King James Version of the new testament that is:

"The LORD [is] good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him."

Gee, I wonder why they don't just write that?

Under the shake it’s "Proverbs 3:5" which according to King James reads:

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

There are more references on the soda cups and hamburger and cheeseburger wrappers too.

However, they carry atheist french fries without any biblical references, but you can make your own little DIY crucifixes out of them if you wish.
Overall Rating:

Overall: Two carrots out of four. This is a great place to grab a low brow burger although I wish there was a separation between church and plate.


In-N-Out Burger Bathroom Rating:

For bathrooms that have major traffic, they are kept pretty clean and well stocked.

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