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Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
765a Center Blvd.
Fairfax, CA


Up the Spring with a paddle

What kind of foam head doesn't like house brew? Not me. When I heard that there was a place to get some pub grub in Fairfax, I sprung into action.

Accommodating until it came to questions about the food (I asked if the pastrami was Niman ranch and got a slippery answer.) I guess if you think a customer is casing you out too closely, it's natural to get a little wary.

Casually upscale pub. Family friendly with outdoor seating when the weather's nice. There is a bar area to take in a brew while you watch the game as well as restaurant style seating.

Paddle of beer ($6.00):
Pick 6 house brewed beers to compare and contrast. I chose (from right to left): Kolsch - light and summery with a pleasant bitterness. Shining Star - more effervescent than the kolsh. This pale ale has a hoppy, malty edge. Amber - gorgeous in color but flat in the fizz dept. IPA - fabulous depth to it's bitter flavor with a long finish. Station 19 Porter -It's deep color promises flavor that it doesn't deliver. My least favorite. Fairfax Porter - This delicious porter has coffee and hoppy affiliations. Yum.

Cheeseburger ($9.45 plus $1.95 for gumbo substituting for fries):
Ordered medium rare, delivered medium rare. This Black Angus Beef patty had a nice flavor and texture. It came with the normal tomato, onion and lettuce. The soft sesame seed bun soaked up the juices making it a little mushy, it would be nicer to have a slightly more robust bread vehicle.

The gumbo looks like chili but a quick stir exposed the grains of rice and chopped green peppers. This was like eating overly thickened gravy with some leftover Spanish rice mixed in. Not my fave, it would have been better to just have gone with the fries.

Rueben sandwich ($8.95):
Lean pastrami topped with sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing and melted Swiss cheese was very tasty indeed. The fries were good, but next time I'll ask for them "well done" which will maximize their crispy factor.

The flip side of the pub is the "brew" part. One of the special aspects of Iron Springs is that much of the beer that they serve is made right there. That means that on the way back from the john you can check out a mini beer factory. Not as cool at a tour of the Anchor Steam factory, but kinda sweet nonetheless.


Two carrots out of four

It's fun to go to the source and get a paddle of beer. Have a beer and a Rueben sandwich and then take a walk to Fairfax Scoop for an ice cream dessert.



Iron Springs Bathroom Rating

Industrial and featureless. This well stocked bathroom is shared by the businesses in this complex so you have to take a hike through the back of the pub and down a hallway if you need to make room for more beer.

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