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Luka's Taproom
2221 Broadway
Oakland, CA


Hare of the dog

What kind of hairbrained half pint doesn't like a pub named after a dog? Not me. When this bunrab is at loggerheads, it's time to tap over to Luka's.

Friendly, efficient and well informed. There's a long list of beers on tap (hence the name) and they will help to steer you toward the one that will best compliment your chow.

Fun and funky. This casual pub has table or bar seating and pool or video games in back. They have live entertainment in the evenings.

Oysters Granite ($9.00):
Usually oysters arrive on ice, not visa versa. These raw, Point Reyes 'sters are topped with an cooling concoctions made with chopped cilantro and kaffir lime vodka from Hangar One. (link) A fun and tasty starter.

Watercress, blue cheese and fig salad ($8.00):
A well conceived dish that combines halved figs whose cut sides are coated with sugar and blowtorched, thin slices of Serrano ham, perfect little watercress leaves, crumbled Point Reyes blue cheese, slivered, toasted almonds circled with a port reduction. If the figs were fully ripe and more flavorful, this dish would have been a home run.

Cheeseburger and fries ($10.00):
A tasty patty ordered and received medium rare. The menu listed tomato as coming with, but none appeared on the plate. The only minor shortcoming was the lightness of the bun. It got a bit juice logged about half way before I finished it. It's clear that they put a lot of thought into fried potatoes here. They are thick cut and cooked to a nice degree of crispiness.

Shortribs ($19.00):
The beef was slow cooked to a wonderful, rich, savory, tenderness that melded with the mashed sweet potatoes and gremolata (chopped Italian parsley, garlic and orange rind - not lemon rind in this variation.) The green beans were cooked crisp tender and finished in a sauté pan with some minced garlic and olive oil. A tasty and homey dish.

Boont Amber on tap ($4.00):
The caramel malt and bittering hops paired well with the burger on a warm evening.

Maredsous 8 on tap ($5.00):
This beautiful brown tan capped brew was subtler tasting than it looks. I liked the hint of molasses in this shortrib friendly beer.


Two and a half carrots out of four

The majority of their produce is organic and they use local delicacies such as Fatted Calf sausages, Hangar One Vodkas, This is a fun place to kick back and enjoy a drink or a meal. They serve lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. There are some wacked out mixed drinks too.



Luka's Taproom Bathroom Rating

Reasonably clean and well stocked.

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