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860 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA


Folsom of the people Oola the time

What kind of Dough boy doesn't like exotic tea and fa out food? Not Mi. When I want to rays my spirits, I say so long to my dough at oola.

Service: Friendly and efficient

Atmosphere: Intimate and clubby. There are guys in suits and in jeans (not at the same time though.) It's a good place to eat at the bar if you are dining solo (or it's busy and there are no tables) and sit on one of marshmallow shaped barstools.

Chicken and Foie gras ravioli (appetizer size $10):
These little pasta pockets of truffley chicken are served in a bowl of rich chicken stock infused with truffle oil with some black truffle shavings topping things off for good measure. Luxury for ten bucks.

Baby back ribs (appetizer size $10):
The sticky sweet soy based sauce is balanced out by the addition of cilantro and ginger. Tender and flavorful these 3 little riblets come with a tasty slaw of cabbage with apple. I could have eaten the entrée sized plate of these ($18)

House made pork sausage ($10):
This little swine coil makes me swoon. Nicely seasoned and cooked perfectly, this parmesan and herb accented chub was served with flavorful, roasted, cherry tomatoes.

Fig tart (Not Pictured $12.00):
This ornate little appetizer is required eating. Goat cheese stuffed, Mission figs are arranged on a round of pastry baked with camelized onions. Thin ribbons of proscuitto are draped on top. A wonderful balance of bold flavors and textures.

Cheeseburger ($12.00):
This tasty burger is made from natural black angus, creekstone farms beef. They are vegetarian cows (so none of that mad cow disease.) The high quality of the meat is apparent in this truffle cheese topped sandwich. You get these nice condiments alongside including house made aioli. The brioche bun holds up to the meat and the condiments balance the dish out well. A tasty burger cooked medium rare (as requested.) The haystack of truffle oil infused French fries were dusted with parmesan. These spuds had a high umami factor.

Filet Mignon (28.00):
Ordered medium rare, served very rare (which is fine by me since it was good meat.) The green peppercorn sauce was gilding the lily on this savory, grilled steak. The little fingerling potato salad had a fresh taste from the perfectly cooked tubers tossed with shallots and garlic.

White jasmine tea:
Yes, the coffee here is very good. They make it in a French press and do it just right BUT don't order it because you would miss out on the incredible teas. When you ask about the tea, they bring the box to the table containing big bud balls, teeny rolled up balls, dried flowers and chopped leaves. They take this little air dried jasmine bud, pick it early and roll it up so that it magic rocks out in your clear teapot. It's cool to look at when it's all anemoned out. Feels like you are drinking an overheated aquarium (in a good way.)


Two and a half carrots out of four

I really like this place. Not only is the food fantastic, the prices aren't crazy and they have a nice wine list. This is also a good place to pop in for a drink and some of their delicious appetizers at the bar.



Oola Bathroom Rating

Two unisex bathrooms in the back. They are lined in shiny, buldgey, black tile that has a grandma's quilt meets S&M parlor look. Clean and well stocked.

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