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Small Shed Flatbreads
17 Madrona St.
Mill Valley, CA


disc in forno

What kind loafer doesn’t like to flatbread? Not me. When I heard that there was a new fangled pizzeria in town, I sped to their shed.

Friendly and helpful. These folks are very nice.

Family friendly casual. Local artist’s paintings on the walls, Gorgeous wood burning stove.
Mad River (top - $12.50):
A thin, crisp, crust is brushed with tomato sauce and bits of sausage, tomatoes, onions, shrooms, cheese and parsley dot the top. It needed an extra kick from the pot of red pepper flakes. It may look big, but one pizza is about right for one rabbit.

Boquerones “low tide” (bottom - $12.50):
The beached anchovies were delicious along with the cheese and herbs that washed up in the tomato sauce. I greedily wished that there were even more of those dead fish dotted on the top for their bursts of flavor on an otherwise more subtly flavored terrain.
Blue Bread ($12.50):
This was the best of the bunch. It had tangy French blue cheese, tomato, herbs and proscuitto. I’d order this one again.
It’s easy for the flavor of these delicate flatbreads to get lost for a couple of reasons. They are so thin that an optimal ratio of topping to bread demands that the topping deliver some major flavor potency. Also, you don’t cram a bucket load in your mouth all at once and grind it into every taste sensor in your mouth, you take normal sized bites and it’s less than your deep dish conditioned brain is used to so you have to recalibrate.

One by-product of these flatbreads being, well, so flat is that the heat retention factor is very low. So if you are used to a pipin’ hot circle of mouth scorching, tongue deadening heat to radiate from these pies, think again.
Other Goodies:
The iced tea is fresh tasting and delish. The warm bowl of olives is a yummy surprise starter. The heated olives’ texture is softer and the flavors more intense than their cold counterparts.


Two carrots out of four.

Tasty and light pizza alternative. Funky cool Marin atmostphere. A nice place to pop in for a casual snack.



Small Shed Flatbreads
Bathroom Rating

The privacy factor was a little questionable with the ground level window open, but I didn’t see any peepers. It’s dimly lit, but clean and well stocked. The lock needs fixing, but I saw a note that they were working on it.

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