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Vik's Chaat Corner
724 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA


Delhi Food

What kind of pariah doesn’t like to drum up some good food? Not me. Whenever I come to this no frills, snack haven, I join the chaat line.

Queue up at the register, give your order and name. They call your name over the PA system when the dishes (not your whole order) is ready.

Forget tablecloths and carpeting - it’s a converted warehouse.

This place started years ago as a mini eatery in the back of the store next door. It got so popular that they opened this larger space. I used to come in and order a chaat and a main course, but the chaat was always the highlight of the meal. I have since adjusted my ordering habits to be chaat only. I also really like the Dahi Bata Puri and Missi Roti, but am less of a fan of the Samosa Cholie. They have good lassis to drink too.

My recommendation is to drop by and order a bunch o snacks. Enjoying a variety of their flavorful and nicely spiced chaat before heading next door to shop in their little market. The shop carries a great selection of spices and herbs (they have fresh curry leaves too.)

Bhatura Cholle ($4.95):
A giant edible balloon. This XXL puffed puri hovers over a plate of garbanzo curry. Rip off a piece, scoop up some curry and top it off with the mango pickle – deeeelish.


Dahi Papdi ($3.50):
You can’t see them, but there are little discs of crispy (even in yogurt) puris under the garbanzo beans, lentil dumplings, potatoes, tamarind and mint. I pry them out with my spork (they don’t have forks, spoons and knives here, just sporks) and pile the other ingredients on top before gobbling these down.


Pakori Chaat ($3.50):
Lentil dumpling in yogurt with mint chutney and tamarind. Tasty, but given the choice, I’d order the Dahi Papdi for my yogurt, tamarind fix (cause I really like those crispy discs.)


Pani Puri ($3.50):
This is one of my favorites. Bust open one of the puffed puris, spork in the fillings and pour the mint water over the top. Yum. It’s like a flying saucer filled with delicious tasting aliens.

Fresh Coconut (about $2):
They machete open chilled coconut which goes nicely with the chow. It's strictly for drinking the delicious liquid inside, you toss the rest.
----- Overall Rating: -----


Two and a half carrots out of four.

Unusual and delicious snacks make Vik's a standout for the casual crowd. Lots of bang for your rupee.



Vik's Chaat Corner
Bathroom Rating

Two unisex - One in the front, one in the back. Both spacious, well stocked and acceptably clean (considering the high traffic.)

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