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Hangar One
2601 Monarch St.
Alameda, CA


Spirited Away

What kind of hung up 12 stepper doesn’t like to drink vodka? Not me. When I heard about the new tasting room at St. George Spirits I bellied up…

Take the trip out to this cool decommissioned Naval station and bring a designated driver (so you don’t decommission yourself.)

They pour tastes of all of their products with the purchase of a $10 tasting glass. When you are done sampling their wares, hop over to the counter by the door and buy some bottles to take home.

The tasting room is brand new, elegant and beautiful. It sits on one end of the most post-military spaces you’ve ever seen.

There are displays inset into the wall of the tasting room that make it like a museum. The buddahs hand looks like weird aliens pickled by some mad scientist.

The rest of the building is functional, industrial and full of boxes, supplies, and has the coolest big copper still I’ve ever seen.

Straight Vodka –Don’t leave without buying a bottle of this. Consider it a staple.

Pear eaux de vie – take a gagillion pounds of pears, distill them and this is their essence. This is Aqua Pear-fecta indeed.

Some others that I tried:

Cherry eaux de vie – subtle fruit with almond finish

Raspberry eaux de vie – this is the fun party girl of the bunch (date the raspberry; marry the pear)

Grappa – smooth zinfandel byproduct. This stuff will straighten out your nose hairs.

Buddah’s hand vodka – citrusy perfume with a pleasantly aggressive flavor. Talk to the Buddah’s hand ‘cause the face is drinkin’.

Mandarin vodka – it’s faint violet tinge contrasts with it’s orangey scent.

Kaffir lime vodka – oriental mystery in a glass.

Raspberry vodka – Girly, but good.

Single malt Whisky
– I didn’t know that Whisky is distilled beer did you? That’s just wild. This smooth, oakey beverage is a must for the brown liquor crowd.

The folks there said that they don't see many rabbits come into the place, and pulled out some unreleased, private, concoctions like:

Chocolate vodka – like those cartoon fragrance waves (that make you float closed eyed to the source) I couldn’t stop sniffing the glass, it was the best smell ever.

Coriander vodka – earthy rocket fuel. The fumes alone can produce foggy thinking.

Lapsand Souchong tea, vanilla, honey vodka – earthy smoky, with sweet vanilla finish.

Hangar One is worth the trip. How often do you get to taste your way through exotic and delicious distillations while gazing out onto the factory floor? It’s off the beaten path so your local friends will wonder how this place escaped their radar and out of towners will wonder where the hell you’re taking them. You’ve gotta check this place out.

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