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Name: Gutenberg

Location: Somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Occupation: BRPR (Bunrab public relations.)

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July 1-7, 2006


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Friday, July 7, 2006

I was in the mood for sushi and went to check out the goods at Lin in San Rafael. This two week old restaurant is a casual Japanese lunch and dinner spot.

Their sushi lunch ($11.00):

... comes with a bowl of miso soup. The 5 pieces of nigiri sushi displayed good knifework on the fresh tasting, pristine slices of fish.

When I order a set meal, there are usually items that I wouldn’t ordinarily request, like cooked shrimp or spicy white tuna maki (which has more to do with personal preference than the quality of the dish in this case.) I tend to prefer makis without mayo and shrimp that’s raw, but when you order a package deal, you agree to what the list says.

The people are friendly and efficient in this tidy little sushi stop. I will definitely come back to try some of the rice bowls, sashimi, and maybe even their burger over rice. (Yum!)

810 3rd St.
San Rafael, CA

From today’s bunrab email bag A. Clezio writes:

Is it your intention to maul the english language in nearly every review, are you using sloppy grammar to match up with an every-man, lackadaisical, non-threatening style--or do you just not have an editor, a proof-reader, or anyone around with a college level understanding of writing? No, really, this is not a flame, just a request to please re-read, spell and grammar check... otherwise no one's going to take your reviews seriously.

A. Clezio

Gutenberg replies:

Dear A.,

Here at bunrab.com we take being taken seriously very seriously. You astutely point out that we "maul the English language" (we like to capitalize “English” here at bunrab.com.) Nothing could be closer to the truth. We aren’t sloppy by choice. Due to acts of discrimination, cartoon rabbits are not permitted to attend college (where we could learn skills necessary to appeal to you, our loyal reader.) So the answer to your question is: no. We have no one with an understanding of writing. But we don’t let that hold us back! We hop right back up on that bucking bronco of seriousness and hold on with all the force we can muster.

Best Regards,

-G. (aka - a blue, half naked, cartoon rabbit whose website you find engaging enough to write a letter.)






Thursday, July 6, 2006

I had been chomping at the Bit O’Honey to check out what the folks from Kitchen at 868 would do with a bar they acquired just across the street.

They are still finishing up the mural on the back wall, but other than that, it’s looking pretty good. The dark wood paneled bar area has big booths where you can spread out for a meal or bar seats to grab a cold one. Familiar faces from Kitchen at 868 were serving up lunch today.

Hmmm…if someone gets drunk at the new bar, I wonder if they “86-8” them?

I ordered the burger ($10.00):

... and was amazed that they were able to sell a half pound, prime, grade A beef burger with your choice of cheese and a heap of fries for a tenner (I guess that’s where the liquid revenue enhancement of a bar kicks in.)

I appreciated a bun whose circumference was equal to the patty (no bread-only bites) but the Kaiser roll had a delicate crumb and became slightly waterlogged. I made the pilot error of choosing the wrong cheese. My curiosity got the best of me and I went with the buffalo mozzarella option which was not to my taste (with it’s reluctance to integrate.) It’s subtle flavor and texture stood alone.

The shoestrings tasted (not surprisingly) like the ones that they serve across the street. Crisp delicate borders to a starchy middle. Nicely salted and peppered, they are dispensed generously.

This pub is just what Novato needed.

They have bar food with a twist, like chicken wings with mango and cumin, sesame crusted fried oysters and grilled flatbreads (all under $10.00.)  In addition to salads and sandwiches they have entrees from the cow, pig and chicken groups as well as (what I plan on getting next time) Guinness battered fish and chips. Entrees range from $10-$23 and the desserts go for $5.00. The list of sweets is limited to cheesecake, cappuccino mousse cake, and organic ice cream from Three Twins Ice Cream in San Rafael.

There is a small, sunny, patio in back and a couple of tables on the sidewalk. If you’re a sports fan they have flat screen TVs, if  you’re a kid, they have a deflavorized, diminutive  menu and  the best thing is that they are “open 365 days a year.”

Finnegan’s Marin
877 Grant Ave.
Novato, CA






Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Sleepwalking out a window and breaking your back is one way to grab the attention of  fellow bloggers. Not only did we get a commemorative t-shirt, but we learned of Mr. X Blue Bottle’s new home at a local coffee roaster, Ecco Caffé.

I ordered my Organic Ethiopia Yergacheffe:

... on the day it was roasted and it appeared on my doorstep two days later. I ground up this fragrant, light roast and brewed a well balanced, fruity pot of fair trade jo.

For $15.72 including shipping, it was a good deal. 

Ecco Caffé
P.O.B. 15254
Santa Rosa, CA

His back has healed up and he’s up and about. I guess this Ecco tonic’s coffee borne antioxidants are partially to thank.







Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Meat and Sugar

Two great tastes that taste great together. Especially at a cool Forth of July BBQ hosted by those who know their way around these building blocks of American chow. The North Carolina style pulled pork:

... was roasted and smoked. K told me that the name of the crispy bits on the piggy periphery are called “bark.” All I know is that they were barkin’ good. Alongside crunchy coleslaw, corn pudding and slow cooked beans, it was a declaration of independence from boring chow.

Dessert was a difficult choice among the very patriotic sand castle cake:

...fruit, ice cream, apple pie or peach pie.

So I had some of each (which you are entitled to do on a holiday.)

The Forth of July is like Thanksgiving with it’s celebration of food and friends, only this holiday includes larger sales of dog tranquilizers.


From today’s bunrab email Perko-the-Koffee-Klown writes:

Hey Gutenberg,

How do you hand set all that little lead type with no opposable thumbs? That's talent!

When I was in Mexico City recently the locals warned me not to eat from the street taco stands, delicious as they looked. When I asked them why, they said that at the end of the day they took all of their pots down to the river behind the street to wash them. Just FYI, next time yer in that part of the hemisphere... You're the Best, BunRab!!!!!


Gutenberg is delighted to respond to his old buddy Perko:

Dear Perko,

While I leave the composition of movable type to my famous ancestor and eschew the whole paper-and-ink thing in favor of the information superhighway, I nonetheless have chosen to evolve prehensile thumbs in order to touch-type more effectively. As you can see by my picture, I'm not a hunt-and-pecker.

I realize that evolution of this sort usually takes millennia, but I find that I can accelerate beneficial mutation by drinking lots and lots of coffee. This is a trick that I learned from you, Perko, on one of our many on-the-road trips while I was getting my career in journalism going.

Thanks for the tip about the street vendors. I've always avoided certain street-food stands. A good rule of thumb is if there is no access to running water at the stand, it may not be as hygienic as you might require. Even if pots are being cleaned in a river, who knows what's happening upstream?

Great hearing from you my evil-clown friend,







Monday, July 3, 2006

A late start to the day meant lunch after 3:00. Luckily, Las Camelias is open straight through 'til dinner.

The Burrito del Mar ($13.95):

... might not have been the most inspired selection on the menu, but I thought I would check out this flour tortilla duffel bag filled with sautéed mushrooms, tomato and onion along with small chunks of red snapper and salmon. The salsa de jitomate was a tomato and chili sauce with a shower of chopped cilantro. It was all okay, but Chubby made a superior choice.

His Enchiladas diablo con pollo ($15.95):

... had a nice hot kick with it’s spicy devil sauce. Tasty corn tortillas cloaked moist and tasty, organic Rocky Jr. chicken in this hearty, picante preparation.

The prices may seem high for tortilla-based chow, but they source high quality ingredients so your money appears on the plate.

Friendly service and late afternoon access make this a good place to keep in mind if you are in nabe' and want to eat something the size of your forearm.

Las Camelias
912 Lincoln Ave.
San Rafael, CA





Sunday, July 2, 2006

When the Buckeye Roadhouse opened, there was always an excruciating wait that was eased by a top shelf margarita while standing at the crowded  bar. Over the years, the waiting periods have gotten shorter (as more competition opened their doors) and there have been good and not so good meals as it fell off my restaurant rotation.

It was well past lunchtime and I was about to digest my own stomach, so Chubby and I pulled off the 101 to put on the feedbag at this old haunt. Luckily, there was no wait.

My Nicoise salad ($15.95):

... had tuna that was cooked beyond the promised “seared” but the ahi  had a tinge of pink at the center and wasn’t as dried out as it’s grey appearance led me to expect. Some of the green beans were too mature and tough, but most were crisp and were served both whole and in the chopped mixture of green beans, red onions, capers, olives and little crunchy cubes of potatoes. Not perfect, but not bad either.

Chubby got the BBQ beef brisket ($14.95):

... which was served over a slice of rustic toast and covered with a slightly sweet barbeque sauce and a white snowcap of horseradish cream. The meat was cooked to a melting tenderness and would have inspired a string of m’s if only the mashed potatoes weren’t so grainy and watery. They looked promising freckled with freshly snipped chives, but these spuds could have been nixed.

Despite my picky issues, it was welcome (and mostly tasty) chow just off the freeway with no wait. Although most people come for the signature items like Oysters Bingo and S ’more Pie, the best stuff tends to come out of their huge brick smoker.

I’m not big on the thin cut onion rings, the artichoke or mac and cheese, but  their simple fish and chicken preparations are a good bet.

Buckeye Roadhouse
15 Shoreline Hwy.
Mill Valley, CA




Saturday, July 1, 2006

During the Saturday Farmer’s Market, there is always a loooong wait at the Blue Bottle coffee stand. If you want a quicker cup of BBC, go inside to Out the Door (the Slanted Door to go stand.) As I was waiting for my coffee (it takes about 5 minutes to drip) I spied these unusual looking pastries:

Justine’s scones ($2.50) are made with a light hand, they have a nice crusty exterior which yields to a crumbly biscuity belly filled with currants. Their faint sweetness and their pronounced orange perfume make this a perfect compliment to the freshly brewed jo.

About the last thing anyone thinks to order at a Vietnamese take out counter is a scone, but get some in the morning before they are Sai-gone.

Out the Door
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA

From today’s bunrab email Robert writes:


How do you eat all of this food and not get heartburn? Or do you?

Robert D.

Gutenberg replies:

Dear Robert,

Bunrabs have a pretty high metabolism so we tend to burn through the calories…well, maybe not so much for Chubby.

The only rule we live by (to avoid heartburn) is no inversion boots for at least an hour after dining.





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