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Name: Gutenberg

Location: Somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Occupation: BRPR (Bunrab public relations.)

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February 16-21, 2007


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It’s Reigning Cats and Pugs

We padded by The Hungry Cat for a simple, fancy feast. 

I got the fish tacos ($14.00):

... which were a fusion dish that didn’t start with the “con” (that most of them do.) Lightly battered, tempura style halibut had a delicate and crisp shell against the creamy avocado on a grilled corn tortilla. The jicima salad with cilantro was a fresh and crunchy counter point.

Chubby got the PUG burger ($14.00):

It is named after (and contains no) canine, (but it did cause his stomach to pooch out afterwards.)

The bun to patty diameter matchmaking dilemma is addressed by their bespoke tailoring of the brioche. It is cookie cuttered to match - very clever. Even more clever is the criss-cross of thick cut, smoky bacon over blue cheese with sliced red onion and mesclun. Pots of mustard, ketchup and aioli allow for customization of this delicious sandwich.

The tangle of skin-on fries were seriously good. They arrived extra crispy (although he didn’t specify this in his order as he often does.) These herb and salt tossed, strips of pommes de terrific deep fried wonders were worth the trip based solely on their merit.

Unlike the other entrees served in this establishment, this is a hearty meal on its own. No appetizers necessary.

I must take my hat off to the chef at The Hungry Cat. It’s just the kind of chow I like, unfortunately, it isn’t a well kept secret and there is a fe-line out the door much of the time.

Hungry Cat Restaurant
1535 North Vine
Hollywood, CA







Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Katsu-ya had a jammed entry way and we were happy when our thirty minute wait quote turned out to be more like ten.

We sat at the sushi bar:

...and made quick work of our ice cold beer as we washed down the most buttery hamachi sashimi imaginable:

This yellowtail must have been a regular at the French Laundry to get so rich and flavorful. When I start with something this good, I am almost bummed out that the rest of the meal couldn’t possibly have anything else to add.

Fortunately, we were presented with some of Mr. Yellowtails former dining companions. The hotate was like a fish flavored panna cotta. Three little tongues of uni stuck out from my sea urchin roe boat:

These sweet and impeccably fresh egg groupings were the ones to order for people who think that they don’t like this type of thing.

Spanish mackerel was mackin’ it. The bluefin tuna on crispy rice:

...sounded like a new savory take on Rice Crispie treats, but it turned out to be little scorched pillows of rice topped with slices of not-so-sorry Charlie.

We got another dose of blue fin:

...on our maki that was filled with crab and shrimp and bundled together with said tuna. This completed our delicious fish dinner.

Katsu-ya is a fun and funky place with efficient service as well as fabulous chow. It is also unusual in the number of women sushi chefs behind the counter.

11680 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA






Monday, February 19, 2007

I must have passed by Taqueria Bahia:

...a gagillion times without thinking to check it out. We found ourselves in the area at lunchtime and decided to grab a bite.

After perusing the extensive menu, I asked for a tripa and a cabeza taco, but was denied on both counts. No heads or stomachs today. The counter person stuck out her tongue as she suggested lengua. I took her cheeky advice.

My lengua taco ($2.25):

...had me biting my tongue with delight. This dice of enunciator was tender and flavorful topped with chopped white onion and cilantro. A squeeze of lime finished this tongue licking good meal. I would definitely order this again.

Chubby got the pollo asado torta ($5.00):

...which was on a soft roll that got a little juice logged, but was still very tasty due to the jalapeño boosted chicken with shredded lettuce and slightly anemic tomatoes.

The décor centers around a huge flatscreen television set. There are booths and a few tables.
They also serve breakfast all day so I may have to come back to check out the huevos and watch the hypno-screen.

Taqueria Bahia
1013 B St.
San Rafael, CA


We’ve had a lot of good luck in the chow department lately and Chubby has been busy importing into his analog cereal port rather than sitting at his computer. Luckily, Perbacco inspired him to Bacchus up his actions with words. Check out his latest on this new and exciting San Francisco Italian Restaurant.


From today’s bunrab email, Dr. Biggles writes about yesteday’s supper:


Holy crap those geese look GREAT !!! The goods look delightful and everyone is wearing a smile.

Ah, good times.


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Dr. B.,

I have never had goose that delish. Truly masterful on the part of the shoppers and the cookers!

I hope your flu is migrating South unlike those tasty honkers,








Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thanks to Shuna and Dr. Biggles for getting us all together for dinner at the home of B&B.

When a bunch of food bloggers assemble:

... there never seems to be a gap in conversation and you can count on some good chow.

A flock of geese:

... migrated to the table where we toasted Biggles, Shuna and our hosts for this beef-of-the-air feast.

Everyone pitched in for a fun evening that felt like Thanksgiving (only better.)

In case this isn't enough information about eating geese, check out Shuna's KQED posting about the event too!

Get well soon Guy!







Saturday, February 17, 2007

One benefit of being back in the Bay Area is our Saturday visit to the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers’ Market.

The sun brought out the tourists and the locals for produce shopping and snacking.

The queue at the Rose Pistola stand:

... moved pretty quickly but they dished out so much chow by the time we got to the counter that they were out of both asparagus and prosciutto. This meant that I had to rough it with streaky bacon instead of ham on my scram ($8.00):

They usually cook their eggs a little softer than today’s but they were still good in their firmer state. Wilted arugula rocketed up the texture of this yellow chick-interrupted meal.

The potatoes were well seasoned, but devoid of the (ever sought after) crispy bit factor.

Chubby got the egg sandwich ($9.00):

Bacon, mozzarella and basil were bracketed by grilled bread in this tasty hand held oval. Spuds filled out the plate of this bread bound breakfast.

We perused the market for inspiration and were lured by the coiling hypno-buds of the cauliflower:

...which we swooped up for dinner tomorrow.

San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers’ Market

One Ferry Building
San Francisco, Ca






Friday, February 16, 2007

Pizzeria Mozza is Mario Batalli's insanely popular, Hollywood pie hut.

We sardined ourselves into the entry area as we eased our hour long wait with a couple of glasses of Dolcetto d'Alba.

The nifty paper placemats range from Italian comic strips to pizza trivia and Italian hand gesture definitions. A paper sack holds flatware and paper napkin.

We nibbled on grissini while we waited for our apps.

The list of antipasti all looked good, but we managed to decide on the arrancine alla Bolognese ($8.00.)

These mini "oranges" of fried risotto had a crisp "peel" that concealed its creamy grain center. They rested in a pool of chunky tomato sauce.

Small Brussels sprouts ($8.00) were room temperature and dressed with a garlic vinaigrette. Prosciutto influenced breadcrumbs added crunchy texture to this cabbagey treat. I would definitely order these again.

Chubby got the Coach farm goat cheese pizza ($14.00):

...which had a wonderfully blistered crust. Leeks, whole cloves of slow-roasted garlic (a.k.a. the anti-tic-tac) and bacon combined to make a mightly tasty pizza. It was darned good (but when bacon is involved, you know it stands a better than average chance for success.)

I got the rapini and tomato pizza ($13.00):

...which had plump, sweet, cherry tomatoes that were roasted until they softened up.  The crust wasn't as good as Chubby's. It became wetter from all of the veg juices and had a less blistery,  doughy consistency.

Although the anchovies and pitted olives contributed their flavorful share, this didn't inspire as many "mm"s as the goat cheese and bacon number.

The service is warm and efficient at this casual 'ria. The prices are lower than I would expect for this quality. In addition to 'za, they serve panini, bruschette, charcuterie, salads and a piatti del giorno. Chef Matt Molina is making some tasty ciao which is worth the wait.

A certain ex-footballer celebrity chef with a reputation for cruelty was seated at a table next to ours and he was extremely polite to the servers and very affectionate to his wife. Did the television lie?

Pizzeria Mozza
641 North Highland
Los Angeles, CA







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