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July 9-15, 2007


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  Sunday, July 15, 2007

We arranged to meet our pal L at Picco Pizzeria at 3 today hoping that the crowds would have thinned by then. Unfortunately for us, it was a mob scene so we hopped over to Pizza Antica instead.

We have found that it’s not really possible to compete with Picco’s ‘za in Marin, and even though we missed their delish chow, we got to sit in the cool breeze and catch up over a salad and some  thin crust pizzas. We chomped down a broccoli, onion, cheese and pancetta ($10.25):

... and a goat cheese and anchovy ($10.00) pie:

We didn’t have to vacate quickly and could linger over our lively conversation. Sometimes the runner up can be just fine.

Pizza Antica
Strawberry Village
800 Redwood Hwy. #705
Mill Valley, CA




  Saturday, July 14, 2007

The steroid of the food world is chocolate. It gives an edge to culinary performance that creates an uneven playing field. We conducted random screenings throughout today’s Fort Mason food event:

... and found that most subjects tested positive for  this performance enhancing substance.

All doses were administered orally and placebos were not a part of this study. Subjects developed symptoms including: accelerated heart rate, mood swings and pimples.

We participated in this study for the sake of scientific advancement. Here are our findings.

We discovered the most effective flavor delivery systems were produced by Charles Chocolates:

...XOX truffles, Coco-luxe:

and Poco Dolce . These aren’t cheap generics; they contain pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with a focus on organics. For alternative treatment, there were smokey blue cheese truffles:

... rolled in chopped almonds from Lillie Belle Farms.

Single origin beans, pepper, tea, wine and spirit fillings and specialty salts are all prescriptions for deliciousness in this two-room event.

There were those contemplating:

... whether to kick in the co-pay ($20 per adult) HMO’s won’t cover this form of therapy but those with a cocoa deficit disorder will have a chance to visit tomorrow If they want to self-medicate.

San Francisco International Chocolate Salon
Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA




  Friday, July 13, 2007

I went to one of my favorite restaurants today and had a disappointing meal. It’s bound to happen every now and then, but it still bums me out.

When I walked into O’Chame it was mid-lunch rush and it was a long while before I was approached for my order.

I requested my seabass ($16.50):

... “very lightly grilled” but it arrived overcooked and dry. There is nothing quite as sad as good ingredients that are abused. A vibrant bed of wakame and spinach cushioned the blow. There was a scattering of string beans that would have benefited from a more abbreviated cooking time, but they were still good.

To be fair, I ate the whole thing and it wasn’t exactly torture, it’s just that I have such high expectations that are usually met at the O.C.

Usually when I have my picky cooking specifications, the runner will ask if the doneness is as requested, but there was no such inquiry today. Perhaps all of this can be chalked up to the logjam of customers. Maybe the lesson is that I should stick to their delish bentos during busy lunch hours and leave the hot fish for a leisurely dinner.

1830 4th St.
Berkeley, CA




  Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yuet Lee has always been our default position for late night chow but I can’t ever think of a time before today that we have had lunch in this bright green eatery.

The fish tanks looked less lively than usual:

... so we opted for a simple lunch of broccoli with oyster sauce ($6.00):

... which was fresh, crisp and a healthful counterpoint to our fried pepper salt squid ($11.75):

This is a dish that we never fail to order here. Not only are these crispy, salty, tentacle-icious chunks of sea protein addictive, the little crispy bits that gather at the bottom of the plate must be spooned over your rice to give it a peppery, garlic boost.

This is not the place to go for atmosphere, but it’s open til 3 a.m. and has some good fetish food.

Yuet Lee
1300 Stockton St.
San Francisco, CA





  Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We had our hearts set on a couple of Justine’s scones from Out the Door but were saddened to learn that they are only baked on the weekends. While trudging away, we stopped at Acme Bread:

... for a couple of turnovers to ease our pain de mie.

I got the apple ($2.45):

... and Chubby got the ham and cheese ($3.25):

These buttery bundles were flakier:

... than Paris Hilton with psoriasis in a snowstorm. My apple triangle had a nice cinnamony influence and Chubby’s smoky ham chunks and Gruyere was a pocket of savory goodness. The pastry dandruff reminded us of some high falutin’ TetraMin fish food (which ounce for ounce costs about the same.) I always wondered why fish got so crazy when they saw it sprinkled in the tank, and now I know.


Acme Bread
San Francisco Ferry Building #15
San Francisco, CA





  Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Churro Station:

... is a new franchise that has an outlet in San Rafael. We checked it out and found that it wasn’t our thing:

...(but to be fair, the seriously popular Beard Papa doesn’t ring our bell either.) This new chain specializes in plain and filled churros. We got one plain (45¢) and one filled with chocolate ($1.25):

Suffice it to say, we didn’t get off at Churro Station.

Churro Station
26 Medway Rd. #3
San Rafael, CA




  Monday, July 9, 2007

Several weeks ago, while walking off a dinner at Om South Indian Cuisine, we happened upon Citrus and Spice and decided to pop by next time we were hungry for some Thai inspired California chow.

This new eatery took the place of Paradise Vietnamese. The C&S people decorated (what used to be a bare bones room) with orange and brown hues, bamboo and fabric to create a warmer and welcoming vibe.

We began our lunch by sharing an order of Tom Ka Gai ($6.50):

... which they call “coconut milk soup”. This toothsome, lemongrass, ginger and cilantro scented liquid was buttoned up by a layer of bobbing ‘shrooms over tender chunks of chicken.

The Pad Thai lunch  special ($9.00):

... came with two fritters – one corn and one taro. These crispy starchy discs added to the carbo-load of noodles in the peanut, chicken and tofu punctuated dish. Although this isn’t my favorite version of this eggy preparation, I did eat it all.

Chubby got the warm duck and avocado salad ($9.00):

... which was dressed in a chili citrus vinaigrette with walnuts, radishes, carrots, pears and red onion. The avocado was ripe and the duck was ducky. This was a tasty combo.

This cheap and cheerful eatery is a welcome addition to 4th Street. There are the expected Thai items along with sandwich wraps, curries and salads. With just a couple exceptions, all of the dishes are priced under a tenner.

Citrus and Spice Restaurant
1444 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA





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