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July 1-8, 2007


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Sunday, July 8, 2007

If it’s the weekend, you know there are going to be menudo breakfast possibilities. The only problem is when you get a late start you miss out. The nice lady at the Francisco Blvd. Taqueria Bahia was out of this weekend special but she called their other branch to confirm that I could fill my belly with belly.

We took the short hop to B Street and I got my menudo ($8.00):

... which came with chopped white onion, dried oregano and fresh lime so that I could customize my soup. Tender chunks of tripe:

... swam in a light tomato broth. It didn’t top the version at Tacubaya, but it still hit the spot and I ate every bit.

Chubby got the burrito de camaron ($6.00):

... with black beans. This prawn bundle was good for what it was but our favorite dishes at Bahia remain their delicious lengua, tripa and cabeza tacos.

Taqueria Bahia
1013 B Street
San Rafael, CA





Saturday, July 7, 2007

It could be that we arrived at the Larkspur Landing Farmers’ Market too late in the day to enjoy its full bounty but for whatever reason, this diminutive shopping experience didn’t take long to peruse.

They had strawberries galore as well as cherries, peaches, apricots and veggies but ultimately, my scale of expectation has been tainted by the other San Francisco Bay Area markets.

Today’s finite food display acted as a scolding reminder of the my lazy weekend ways.


Larkspur Landing Farmers’ Market
Larkspur Landing Circle
Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.




Friday, July 6, 2007

Before I watched the Robert Rodriguez 10 minute cooking school breakfast taco video,
I had only made tortillas with Masa Harina. But after making his crime-inspiring Puerco Pibil recipe, I thought I would give his flatbreads a try.

Robert Rodriguez’s Grandmother’s Flour tortillas

2 cups. flour
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon baking powder
¼ c total butter or lard (or combo of the two)

Mix all ingredients in mixer until coarse, cornmeal texture add 3/4 cup warm water to bind.
Knead for a couple of minutes until smooth and elastic
Form 8-10 golf ball sized balls
cover with damp cloth or plastic wrap and let rest 15 minutes
flatten into discs and roll them out
give one last roll before putting on preheated griddle

cook for 8 seconds (it should be browned on the blistery spots by then, if not, your heat is too low.) Flip and cook for a minute to a minute and a half pressing edges as they continue to cook

Place cooked rounds in a towel lined pot or tortilla holder to keep warm







Thursday, July 5, 2007

We went to check out Cici’s this warm evening.

This Mill Valley gelato shop:

... is all about organic, seasonal treats.

We each got a small ($4.50) cup:

Chubby got half chocolate, half chocolate chip and I got half chocolate, half espresso. When I ordered, the counter person asked if I had had the espresso before and cautioned me to try it first. I can see the wisdom in this approach since those expecting a coffee ice cream might be put off by the intensity of this java-lato. It may not be the thing to order for the kiddies, but I liked my caffeinated dessert.

Chubby was happy with his slivers of chocolate chips in his cup but went back to the counter to get some plastic gelato spoons since the wooden paddles were nicer to look at then use. The wood has a teeth-against-the-chalkboard feel in this context whereas the plastic is all about reinforcing the smoothness of the experience. I know that the wooden, mini-tongue depressors have nostalgia on their side, but I think that nostalgia is often best heightened by not trying to relive it. I’m glad that they offer tongue anti-depressors as well.

Gelateria Cici
17 East Blithedale Ave.
Mill Valley, CA





Wednesday, July 4, 2007

S. had a great 4th of July party in  Bolinas:

This was the only gathering that we have attended where down the street neighbors arrived by rowboat:

Ribs, dogs and corn on the cobb came off the grill:

... and onto our plates:

... with an assortment of salads including a bread and tomato one that was cravable.

Dessert was not overlooked:

... and some to the kids decided it was a good idea to bypass the whole sucrose deficient arena and cut to the chase.

It was a day of tasty chow in a great setting with fantastic people






Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My pie craving came too late in the day to take advantage of the fresh fruit pies at Sweet Adeline but they still had lemon meringue (which I don’t classify as a fruit pie since there is no chunkage- just juice and rind.) My sunny, yellow slice ($3.50):

... was cradled by a crisp, flakey crust with an eggy cloud hovering over the sweet (but not cloyingly sweet) curd. My personal preference falls on the puckery side of the lemon pie fence with the meringue offering a sweetened counterpoint but this may not be to the neighborhood taste and this is truly a community gathering spot. I got the last available table in what appears to be a home for wayward laptop owners. If squatter’s rights were in play I think that the bakery’s ownership would be in question. During my visit, these office-less people didn’t budge. I just hope their purchases justified this timeshare arrangement.

Sweet Adeline Bakeshop
3350 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA





Monday, July 2, 2007

My habit of tucking into lunch at 3 o’clock often limits my ordering to bar menus. This was the case when I dropped by Luka’s and got a burger ($9.00):

Architecturally (and alphabetically) speaking, this was better than O.K. Sesame seed buns have a habit of collapsing under juicy influences and they cleverly construct these with an iceberg moisture barrier at the bottom so that even the tomato water doesn’t devastate it’s doughy base. A generous patty topped the stack of sliced red onion and tomato. A decent burger at a good price especially when you consider that you get a mound of their Belgian fries along with your beefwich. You don’t need to specify that you like them crispy here, they cook up their thick cut spuds with a golden brown armor.

Luka’s Taproom has a great neighborhood vibe:

There are sports enthusiasts watching the flatscreen and beer lovers slurping up some suds. If you come in on a Monday, you can get buck a shuck oysters. What’s not to like about this funky, casual snack spot?


Luka’s Taproom
2221 Broadway
Oakland, CA





Sunday, July 1, 2007

M. hiked us to the top of a hill where we could see Mt. Diablo:

... and Yosemite while J and D played pool and C swam in the lake. Then it was time for one last session of poker before ending our weekend full of good chow, laughs and some of our favorite people.

Heading back to the cyberhutch, we got a craving for ‘za and decided to pull over at Nizza la Bella in Albunny:

As we approached our dining destination, we noticed that the House of Bread has gone out of business.

That’s too bad because the folks who ran it were so nice and really enthused about bread… but I guess it takes some to make some.

We musseled ($12.00):

... our way into dinner with a bowl of aioli crowned bivalves opened up in their woodburning oven. I sopped up the extra aioli with some of their housemade bread.

We split a Lombardi pizza with house made mozzarella ($18.50):

Fennel sausage, also fabricated on site, added an anise kick to this pie. The thin crust had a chewy, blistered goodness which made it disappear quickly.

Nizza la Bella has great service and tasty chow from their tree-fueled oven. They have live jazz on Thursday nights in this casual, cozy little bar and restaurant.

Nizza la Bella
825 San Pablo Ave.
Albany, CA





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