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January 24-31, 2008


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  Thursday, January 31, 2008

We are not strangers to the concept of a buffet, yet we managed to violate one of our own basic tenets - arrive early before the dishes start to chafe. Om South Indian Cuisine serves lunch until 2:30 and we were not om-present until 2:10.

We both wondered if we had made a bad decision as we regarded the depleted vessels, but we went ahead and filled our plates with lamb curry, spinach chicken, rice, fried lentil dumplings, beans and carrots along with a little bowl of lentil soup:

It was all good, but the real star of the meal was the dosa:

... which they make to order. You get your choice of a fresh chapaathi (flat wheat bread) or a dosa – a crisp, thin Indian crepe with a potato masala filling with a few curry leaves and sautéed cashews tucked between the bronzed folds. We got one of each and although the warm wheaten chapaathi:

... was very nice, it got dosa-doed by its in-bread, southern cousin.

We inhaled both of our carbo circles and the server kindly offered to have the kitchen make us more. We sheepishly asked for another of the hot, crisp, spud stuffed, nut filled discs which we ghee-fully ate. If you were to order a la carte, one of these crepes is the same price of a whole buffet lunch so this midday meal is a mega-deal (at $7.99 per person.)

They have their lunch buffet from 11:30 – 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday (They are closed Sundays) but you can also order a la carte if you aren’t in the impulse dining mood.

Don’t arrive expecting a large variety of buffet dishes. There were two soups, basmati rice and a spiced rice, two curries, vegetables, chicken, fried dumplings, condiments and rice pudding which is pretty extensive for less than eight bucks. Just don’t forget to order the dosa as your bread option.

Om South Indian Cuisine

1518 Fouth St.
San Rafael, CA




  Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Raw Food Police

You don’t have to put on the stove light
One-eighteen and over
You don’t have to heat the food past that height

Roxanne Klein was giving out samples from her new raw food line at Andronico’s this afternoon.

She had a variety of energy bars, trail mixes, sprouted nuts and a couple ice creams sweetened with agave nectar - that diabetic friendly cactus juice (think preemie tequila.)

Most items are priced between $6.99 and $10.00,

... which sounds expensive until you consider the high quality ingredients that she uses. Her chow is organic, gluten-free and non-dairy to sate the intolerant crowd and will be available at 45 stores including Andronico’s, Whole Foods, Paradise Market and Pacific Market. This food won’t satisfy cravings for Superbowl nachos and sliders, but if you are into live food, it may be your kind of takeaway.

If you want to give it a try, she’ll be at the Berkeley Andronico’s on University at noon tomorrow (Thursday) and the Shattuck branch at 4:30. Here is the full schedule of Roxanne’s tasting events.





  Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Raw Food Movement has hit Tacubaya.

No, I’m not talkin’ about Roxanne’s new food line - think tortillas. My glossy masashimi tasted just the way it looked. I showed it to the cashier who put in an order for a more radically radiated replacement. They delivered some cooked crop circles hot off the grill and I transferred the filling of my tartare ‘tilla to its new cozy corn cot.

I always get a little bunched up when I send food back, but it’s usually a good idea if there is clearly a mistake and not the way they usually roll (or press.)

We both got a taco de pescado ($3.25) with battered, fried snapper on a hay stack of cabbage with a chile aioli. This snappy treat was buttoned down with cilantro and zipped off our plates

Chubby got a taco al pastor ($3.25):

... with chunks of nicely seasoned Niman puerco topped with an avocado salsa.

My lengua met theirs in a beef tongue taco ($3.25):

... with tomatillo salsa. It was a perfectly good set of taste buds, but not one to get my tongue waggin’.

Tacubaya is a posh alternative to a truck. They use top quality ingredients in this bustling, counter service eatery. Weekend menudo and their churros are worth the trip, (but skip the raw tortillas.)

1788 4th St.
Berkeley, CA




  Monday, January 28, 2008

The transfat crown on my blueberry pancakes:

... greased our descent into breakfast at Lundy’s.

This fruit pancake special ($7.95) came with bacon and eggs.

I requested the strips extra crispy (which they were) and my scram to be soft (but it was cooked firm.)

The syrup had more than six degrees of separation from the bacon or a maple tree, but to be fair, their focus appears to be on plentiful and inexpensive rather than on producing flavorful dishes. This thought was reinforced by Chubby’s order of huevos rancheros ($7.95):

... which were competently assembled from low quality ingredients.

I can understand why Lundy's is so popular with the locals who want to fill up on comfort food for a low price, with friendly and efficient service, but it’s not our kind of place.

Lundy’s Home Cooking
1143 4th St.
San Rafael, CA





  Sunday, January 27, 2008

We hadn’t visited Amici’s in ages since Picco Pizzeria’s wood burning oven baked pies with market-driven ingredients are hard to beat.

We found ourselves in the Amici ‘nabe and dropped by to check out their extra thin crust pizza which they are marketing as “reduced carb.” I like thin crust pizzas, but have never been attracted to them for their weight loss properties. I wondered if it wouldn’t be better to simply add “thin crust” as an option rather than label it as some sort of diet special.

Before we got to our healthfood pie, we got an order of broccoli ($6.95):

... which is a simple plate of cold, steamed greenery with a lemony vinaigrette. They cook it a little more than is considered fashionable, but there is something we like about these old school veggies with a citrus kick.

We got a large “reduced carb” pie ($23.00):

...with mushrooms, caramelized onions and pepperoni (on Chubby’s half) I liked the outer rim’s singed crunch, but the other bready regions tasted like the cardboard that they use for takeaway. To be fair, these brick oven baked discs are better than Dominos, but you’re better off sticking with the stalks of brocs.

Picco’s status as Marin’s ‘za czar remains unchallenged.


1242 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA


From today’s Bunrab email Aaron writes:


I read through the recipe for those brownies and the nutmeg in the frosting struck me as incongruous. Did you guys use it? If so, was it noticeable and what was the effect? Looks scrumptious!


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Aaron,

The nutmeg worked great. It put the “b” in “subtle” but it was there in if you looked for it. Chubby decided that it would be best to cut them into mini brownies which would be poker friendly and tetris together during digestion.

You should try to make a batch of these.






  Saturday, January 26, 2008

According to the meat department at Whole Foods “it is impossible to get a bone-in ham” hmmmm…they could have said that they did not have any in stock or that they did not choose to carry this product at this time, but this emphatic answer sent our business over to the Berkeley Bowl for a porky treat:

... which we gave a mustard balsamic glaze Green beans, mac and cheese and a salad upped the ante when it was time to take a break from our poker game.

As we sliced up the leftovers for ham and eggs tomorrow, I shuffled the bone in the freezer for use in our next pot of beans (since they are impossible to come by.)






  Friday, January 25, 2008

Baking is the best way to heat up the house on a rainy day. I found this Dorie Greenspan recipe to make for our poker game tomorrow. Chubby and I had to cut off the end piece to shuffle into our mouths (cause you gotta know when to hold or fold a dessert card.) This peanut studded brownie base, topped with peanut butter and chocolate is like a Reeses peanut butter brownie:

Definitely worth a raise.


From today’s bunrab email, Liu writes:

i like the rabbit, expecially his teeth!


Chubby assumes that the writer meant HIS pearly whites:

Dear Liu,





  Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fort Mason Center
is the dell for zin fans this week.

The 17th annual Zinfandel Festival is underway and this evening’s event was the Good Eats & Zinfandel pairing.

Instead of some anonymous, big venue chow, each winery partnered with a restaurant or caterer:

... to create a food and wine yin and yang (which fit in with the hippy themed décor.)

We are big fans of Ridge Vineyards which was presented alongside salumi:

... from Santi Restaurant.

John Robert Eppler Wines accompanied meaty and flavorful Texas pork ribs:

... from North Main BBQ.

St. Francis Winery got stood up:

... by McCormick and Kuleto’s. Whoever is in charge of maintaining the Kuleto calendar must have an epic job…

The mood was kept festive with music, chocolate and a fun crowd.

We ran into a fellow hopping enthusiast, Marcia:

... who was busy keeping up on dish from the chefs.

Tomorrow’s Evening with the Winemakers is sold out, but there are still some tickets left for the Grand Zinfandel Tasting on Saturday. If venture out to Fort Mason for the big event, take a cab to Zin, seriously, the parking situation is a drag and what cop is going to let you off the hook when you give him a dark purple toothed smile when he pulls you over?

17th Annual Zinfandel Festival
San Francisco, CA




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