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August 9-14, 2008


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  Thursday, August 14, 2008

R&G had oxtails ($7.75):

... wagging among their lunch specials. Although my dining partners scrunched up their noses at the idea of eating an appendage harvested within prostate proximity, this fly swatter was reasonable repast with bok choy and a heap of rice. It doesn’t come close to their famous crab, but for a quick ox lunch, this was just fine.

R&G Lounge
631 Kearny St.
San Francisco, CA


Now that we've blown the pressure-cooking lid off the fact that Julia Child was a spy, it confirms my wurst suspicions that the famed "Culinary Institute of America" aka the "CIA" is actually the CIA. It's a hide-in-plein-site strategy that worked up until last week. I mean, doesn't "Greystone" sound all code-namey to you?

This diabolical scheme was masterminded to infiltrate fortresses of political power like hot knives running through Plugra. A well placed chef/assassination is only one pomme de terrorist act away from unseating a dic-tater and if it's true that an army travels on its stomach then a chef can easily flatten the tires of their transport system.

But our government does not limit its focus to foreign shores, domestic activity is monitored with similar scrutiny so I think that it's only fair to assume that all of San Francisco's top chefs are spies. They posses the intel to get better produce at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market than civilians and with all the open kitchens they can be on a stake out while they take a steak out. They are as adept with a large tuna as microfiche and have access to big industrial sized freezers…

You have probably gathered your own intel about Slow Food Nation coming up on Labor Day Weekend, but you may not be aware of the non-micro-films that you can see free.

One film that we love is Our Daily Bread by Nikolaus Geyrhalter which will show at 7:15 p.m. on Sunday August 31st at the Cowell Theatre at Fort Mason. Even though the shows are free, it's first come first served and require you to RSVP.




  Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There were 3 parties of two waiting outside:

... the full house at L'Osteria del forno at 7:30, but the first wave of diners started to leave and we were seated in 10 minutes. There was an even mix of locals and tourists enjoying rustic, Italian eats.

We started with carpaccio ($9.00):

... showered with lemon juice, olive oil and Listerine-strip-thin sheets of Reggiano to partner with red onions and capers. This simple, beeftacular display is what I consider a good raw food diet.

Without salt you will die, so we dodged the scythe by mowing through an anchovy pizza ($13.00):

... with capers and cheese. They make their crusts thin to reap a crisp, garlic non-tombstone pizza. Even though our tastes run towards the blistered beauties, L'Osteria offers a fine flatbread that you can also order by the slice. So if you aren't planning to rest in piece, at least you can order by it.

The service is friendly and efficient and the prices are low enough that you don't need a forno occasion to hook up at this hot spot.

L'Osteria del forno

519 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA



  Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Perhaps the cook at Just for You overheard me saying I wanted to blow (a few bucks on) lunch? Maybe they misheard the trend of bar-food?

Okay, it's not really fair to expect photo-ready sandwiches to be hurled in front of my spew-finder at this homey hash hut, but this green chili burger ($9.95):

... made me want to phone my friend Ralph to yak about the house baked bread that they use in loo of their less robust buns. Lettuce, sliced pickles and tomato peptoed up this ground up chuck meal (which was quite tasty despite its pukeculiar appearance.) I just wish they tossed in some cookies before we expelled ourselves.

Just for You
732 22nd St.
San Francisco, CA



  Monday, August 11, 2008

Pork chops and fried eggs ($9.95):

... may not stick to the creed of the food pyramid, but they certainly stick to my creedy ribs. To be fair, when entering a business called The Pork Store, one doesn't expect a health food hut, but instead, a swine dining establishment.

The thin cut chops and runny-yolked eggs with giant fluffy, double biscuits and crispy hash browns should probably be eaten at 5 a.m. before a day of farm work, but I got to eat mine at a more civilized hour and without the anticipation of hours of hard physical labor for dessert.

This place is about copious, carnivore comfort chow.

Here you will find cuisine that is less haute and more bloat to put down your throat for which you will not devote a large banknote.

The Pork Store Café
3122 16th St.
San Francisco, CA



  Sunday, August 10, 2008

We picked up a quick lunch at Bouchon Bakery:

... and plunked down at a shaded table for our ham and cheese ($6.50) on baguette:

It had a visit to the panini-izer to crisp the crust, but not to melt the Gruyere on this tasty Dijon mustard laced loaf. Little cellophane bags of crisp, salty, potato chips ($1.75) are labeled, "no, we don't make these here" in order to keep register mantras to a minimum.

The tuna nicoise ($8.50):

... was a ciabatta slippered foot of tuna salad with olives and bibb lettuce. A simple, inexpensive, Thomas Kellerized lunch is just the thing if you can't sandwich in a restaurant stop.

Bouchon Bakery
6528 Washington St.
Yountville, CA



  Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Tempranillo was flowing during the TAPAS Iberian varietal tasting at Copia today.

These domestically produced wines made for a wonderful sampling opportunity.

We particularly enjoyed the Six Sigma 2005 Lake County Tempranillo:

... with its complex cherry and chocolate charm.

One great feature of these events is the opportunity to talk directly with the producers.

Bokisch Vineyards brought both their Clements Hills and their Mokelumne River, Lodi, Albarinos.

The winemaker enthusiastically described the terroir that created the dramatic differences between these two whites.

We were happy to find our favorite fish flatterer:

...casing out contenders for Contigo.

TAPAS – Tempranillo Advocates Producers and Amigos Society

Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts
500 First St.
Napa, CA




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