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Name: Gutenberg

Location: Somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Occupation: BRPR (Bunrab public relations.)

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June 24-30, 2008


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  Monday, June 30, 2008

It was time to get metal water bottles (since we discovered that our reusable plastic ones were trying to kill us.) Boccalone stainless steel flasks ($20.00 each):

... come with lifetime refills of their chilled, purified still or sparkling water (regularly $1.00 per serving.)  Boccalone is currently the only Ferry Building business that sells water that isn't bottled off site. Perhaps their keen canteens will lead to a turning of the tide.

Waterworks aside, the real reason to go to Boccalone's new Salumeria:

... is for dehydration treatments via their salty swine. We are happy that we can now have a steady supply of their nose (to tail) cones and other meaty morsels.

Not only do they sell salumi whole and sliced:

..., there is also currently a selection of three sandwich options.

The Lonza ($9.00):

... had thin slices of fennel cured pork loin, delicate moon shaped slivers of peach and fragrant mint. This meaty mosaic was retrieved from tea-party-land by paper-thin ribbons of snappy red onion and an Acme bun.

We pecked at the pickled peppers and arugula in the Italian sausage sandwich ($7.00):

This fennel laced, butterflied meat tube was a hearty and satisfying pick that didn't Peter-out (or we would have pipered up.)

The proscuitto cotto sandwich ($7.00):

...was a ham and cheese done right. They smear Acme sweet baguette with some of their house, whole grain mustard and slap on some lettuce over thin slices of their meat and caciocavallo cheese.

If you want to roll you own, you can select your salumi and pick up other picnic items at Acme Bread, Cowgirl Creamery, the Ferry Building Wine Merchant and some fruit at the produce store. If you forgot a basket, pick one up at The Gardener. The chow circuit is now complete.

Boccalone Salumeria
San Francisco Ferry Building


From today's Bunrab email, Anne writes:


Thanks for the great Pride Parade photos! Did you see Charo?


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Anne,

We saw lots of Charos!




  Sunday, June 29, 2008

The award for the least dynamic performance on a Pride Parade float goes to this group of zenned-out meditators:

... but to be fair, the great thing about this annual parade is that it includes everyone (whether or not they "bring it" or even know if "it" even exists…)

Fortunately for us, there was some diversity on display at San Francisco's event of the year.

There were the expected politicians, community leaders:

...and naked people but the icing on the cake was the recently recognized rights that some were engaged in exercising.

Not only were there plenty of bi:

... but there were many quadra-peds:

... gaily making their way down Market Street where leashes were popular:

... with the well heeled (as well as those who needed to be reigned in.)


38th Annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade




  Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taylor Boetticher wasn't to be found at his Fatted Calf stall when we picked up some porky products at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market this morning. We rounded the corner to find him engaged in an Iron Chef style battle with Chris Borges of Taste Catering:

Taylor grilled up some squash with olives, garlic, basil, shallots and spring onions macerated in sherry vinegar.

He plastered a paste of mustard and rosemary on his perfectly grilled hunk of lamb:

... which he served over a base of Rancho Gordo beans enhanced with peppers, garlic and tomato as well as the lamb jus runoff :

It then got the runway treatment as it was displayed to the salivating sidelines.

Even though Fatted Calf isn't a restaurant, Taylor has both his pork and cooking chops.

Fatted Calf Charcuterie
San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers' Market



  Friday, June 27, 2008

It's like living in a giant bong. This whole California-on-fire thing has gotten old and burns down my normally luxuriantly expansive fuse. It makes me want to deny dogs access to their own brand of organic froyo, and reel with sticker shock at the $250 cost of the new SF trans fat free decal.

I suppose I should just look at the current atmospheric conditions as an acclimatization warm up exercise before inhaling all the exhaust from the dykecycles on Sunday, but I feel sorry for the Mikecyclists since they will be huffing lung lining while they pedal their goods in the soft focus parade.


... had a controlled burn in their wood oven when we pulled off the 101 to have the 101 of pizzas – the margherita ($11.50):

This Neapolitan-style 'za had a nice blistery circumference encircling mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil. While good, it was still slightly blonde for our taste but it was a step up from the Cesar salad ($8.00):

This bowl of savaged Romaine, shaved Parmesan and stale croutons won't have us Roman back for more rabbit food, but next visit we'll ask for a pizza done in what is now California style – not blonde, but scorched.

Piatti Restaurant
625 Redwood Hwy.
Mill Valley, CA

From our Bunrab email, Shuna writes:

Hello Bunrabs.

Lovely review on Brown Sugar Kitchen. But I see you were remiss in ordering dessert. Why? I see in one of the photos Homemade Caramel Cake and from scratch Sweet Potato Pie. Wasn't there mint lemonade and biscuits? I can't imagine nothing tickled your fuzzy fancy.

... shuna "da fish" lydon

Gutenberg replies:

Dear Shuna,

We kicked ourselves when we realized that we had missed out on some of your creations. This brings up an interesting dilemma – how do you portion entrees that leave room for dessert but don't get people (who equate size with value) whining about stinginess?

We will definitely have dessert next visit.




  Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forget teenage pregnancy pacts, the latest fad is far more disturbing – DIY drive thru restaurants.

The customer always has the right of way when they plow their car into a grub hub. Corte Madera Café was the trendsetter of this new motor-lectable gastronomy movement and San Rafael's Sol Food had a new grill delivered along with some rims earlier this week.

Sol Food replaced the impacted glass windows with a Stephen Colbert green screen challenge wall:

...(which doesn't mean that the food is comped) and went back to their tire-less work.

We ordered our usual ensalada con pollo ($11.75):

... with perfectly ripe avocado, red wheels of tomato, crunchy, piquant, pickled onions and a couple flattened chicken thighs pulled together with a hefty dose of their vinegar pepper sauce from a bottle that adorns every table.

We also a tanked up on a sandwich ($6.50):

... which merged organic fried eggs, ham and Swiss on a paninified soft roll. We also accelerated this breakfast lane fare with an injection of hot sauce.

Sol Food is a good place to make a pit stop for a quick morning tune up at their smaller hut up the street or a midday refueling, or just to read their hate mail.

Sol Food Restaurant
901 Lincoln Ave.
San Rafael, CA



  Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When we're hungover from too much to drink, we have some hair of the dog, so we figured that the remedy for our current Bay Area smoke-infused environment was some air of the smog in an Oaky smoking section.

Everett and Jones Barbeque in Oakland:

... bears no resemblance to their more humble Berkeley branch. We took a seat in this funky, knick-knack filled, airy dining room:

... and tucked into a plate of marinated brisket ($7.35):

... topped with their hot, house made bbq sauce. This tender beef and fiery tomato and vinegar pepper concoction made us forget about the smoke that wasn't coming out of our ears. We also gnawed on a plate of pork ribs ($8.90):

... which we also requested with a red blanket of their hot que dew. These slow smoked meats were served with an ice cream scoop of old school potato salad and soft wheat bread for belly packaging material.

The distracting properties of this Scoville excursion were just the firebreak that we needed.

Everett and Jones

126 Broadway
Oakland, CA



  Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We decided to get some fresh fish for lunch at 99 Ranch:

The monger:

... monged a Tilapia over the head after he fished it out of the tank and presented it for our approval:

We asked for a "number five":

... which means cleaned, scaled and deep fried:

... (all at no extra cost.) This process takes about 7 minutes which is enough time to purchase a couple leaf wrapped pork and rice packets ($2.20) each:

We got one with mushrooms and peanuts:

... and one with mung beans and sweet pork sausage. We preferred the shroomier version of these fortified sticky rice bricks.

Our crispy skinned, moist fleshed, Tilapia:

... set us back $5.41. We really should have gotten two but they look deceptively large when they are animated:

...I guess we'll have to wait til our apia tite strikes again.

99 Ranch

3288 Pierce St.
Richmond, CA


From our Bunrab email the Slow Food Nation organizers announce:

"Beginning Tuesday, July 1, the lawn in front of San Francisco's City Hall will undergo a transformation from grass carpet to edible garden, as dozens of Bay Area organizations join together to plant the Slow Food nation Victory Garden. On Saturday, July 12, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Slow Food Nation founder Alice Waters and more than 100 volunteers will plant the first edible garden in the City's Civic Center since 1943."

Gutenberg reacts:

How cool is that? It will be ready to harvest during the Labor Day event.

Check out their website for more info.





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