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Location: Somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Occupation: BRPR (Bunrab public relations.)

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September 16-23, 2008


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  Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The rumble of trucks
and beeping of industrial vehicles provided the soundtrack to our al fresco lunch at the Marin Resource Recovery Center. Don't be put off by the fact that this place is a dump –this reclamation center is a great place to claim some tacos ($1.50 each).

I enjoyed the lengua and buche tacos so much on my last visit that I got another order along with a cabeza to round out my heady meal.

Chubby got his trio with al pastor, pollo and carne asada.

All of our tacos were satisfying, savory circles with onion and cilantro and served with slices of lime, pickled jalapenos and sliced radishes.

I asked the friendly woman who takes the orders what the big jar of pickled pigs skins:

... was for and she explained that they were served on their tostadas (I know what I'm getting next time.)

We enjoyed our meat mits in a shaded area where most of the clientele sit on the curb but we were lucky enough to grab the one an only bench.

Although we did not see any ladies who lunch, there is a certain level of decorum:

... one must follow when dining at this establishment (but I think shirt and shoes are optional.)

Ever since the taco truck that used to park at the 76 Station in Corte Madera got 86ed, we happily head to this car-nivore concession.

Taqueria Santa Cruz
Marin Resource Recovery Center
565 Jacoby St.
San Rafael, CA



If you think our lunch was inexpensive, check out the Hunger Challenge. Amy and other bloggers are endeavoring to sustain themselves on a buck a meal to call attention to those who go hungry in San Francisco on a daily basis.

The San Francisco Food Bank has recently been forced to scale back their operations cutting hundreds of senior citizens from their program. Check out their website for more information.




  Monday, September 22, 2008

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association's A Food Affaire took over Ruby Skye for this evening's aphrodisiac themed event.

Skyy cocktails accompanied a thorough feather dusting before we checked out Dan Scherotter's:

... huge zucchini, which he pierced with cured anchovies:

We are big fans of Bix and Picco Chef Bruce Hill's chow.

His beautiful garden of eatin':

... was filled with pristine produce including beets, avocados and ambrosial K&J Farms Panache figs. Each of these lilies was gilded with a splash of Cavedoni Balsamico.

Other sumptuous standouts included a delicious yellowtail crudo swimming in a parsnip and champagne froth dotted with osetra caviar from Chef Richard Corbo of Ducca, and a fig leaf panna cotta with red wine figs:

... cocoa crumble, and olive oil by Perbacco's Stefan Terje.

We caught up with Joey Altman about his soon to open Miss Pearl's Jam house and chatted with the Joe and Eddie guys as they served up boiled brisket 'wiches.

The chefs, DJ:

... and sassy hostesses:

... brought their X game and Aphrodite herself was in attendance.

A Food Affaire
Ruby Skye
420 Mason St.
San Francisco, CA



  Sunday, September 21, 2008

Amanda's is a fast food restaurant focussed on fresh, organic and low calorie chow. We stopped in for a quick bite before a movie and were surprised by their speed in delivering our meal.

The cheeseburger ($4.50):

... had a thin patty of naturally raised beef on a whole wheat bun lined with tomato, pickles, onions and a ketchup/mayo sauce. This bread dominant sandwich didn't satisfy that meaty craving due to its diminutive dimensions (but for this price I wouldn't expect it to be bigger.)

They bake their sweet potato fries ($1.75):

... which terres away their potatoey raison d'etre.

The veggie burger ($3.75):

... wasn't our thing. This mushroom and walnut sandwich needed more of a flavorful kick.

Apple “fries” ($1.50):

... were red apples cut into skinny strips served with a yogurt and honey dipping pool. I'm guessing that these are aimed at kids who are going through a parent enforced de-fry-ification outpatient program – sort of a methadone for potatoes that don't really get you off the hard stuff.

Amanda's isn't aimed at us since we like deep fried potatoes and meaty burgers and meals that have lots of calories. People who are into inexpensive, low calorie, sustainable, fast food are probably happy to have this option, it's just not our thing.

We both left hungry and headed to Pie in the Sky (which was closed) before doubling back for a couple slices with cheese ($2.75):

... at Arinell Pizzeria. We devoured these crisp crusted, cheesey chunks but wished that they put a little more salt in their dough.

Amanda's Feel Good Fresh Food

2122 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA

Arinell Pizzeria
2119 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA




  Saturday, September 20, 2008

InNate curiousity
Just Wondering

It has been our observation that Barbeque places:

... don't care about artisanal bread and the only pain that interests these establishments is the kick from their hot sauce.

Perhaps this perceived disinterest is actually my misunderstanding, I wonder if the slices of balloon bread are not meant to be considered to be a part of the meal, but they are to be regarded as an absorbent, edible napkin. Whatever the case, it's just a culinary convention that creates its own smokescreen within the low and slow universe.

I am willing to think of BBQ bread as an environmentally conscious move. These loaves sop up the oil slicks and degrade with a small carbo-footprint while building your body in 12 ways (coincidentally, all 12 are outward from your abdomen.)

My half order of pork ribs ($8.95):

.. were tender and smoky but the plentiful hot sauce was not the inspiration for perspiration that I had had here in the past.

These are impossible to enjoy without emerging from the carnage with a joker-style bbq sauce make up job.

On second thought, my dining etiquette can be blamed on how I was badly bread.

Big Nate's Barbeque

1665 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA

From our Bunrab email, Susan writes:

Hey Bunrabs,

Would you sum up Marin the way you did the East Bay? It would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Susan

Gutenberg draws a really deep breath, then replies:

Dear Susan,

Our Marin faves are Picco Pizzeria for their blistered 'zas, salads and soft serve ice cream, Picco Restaurant for their small plates, Table Café for their dosa and salads, Fish. for their grilled fish, vegetables and French fries, Hamburgers on Bridgeway for their takeaway burgers eaten across the street by the water, In N Out for their double doubles no sauce, ketchup and mustard instead with grilled onions (protein style during the summer) and an order of "extra well" fries, Sushi Ran for both their cooked and raw chow, Fairfax Scoop for their housemade ice cream cones, Sol Food for their chicken salad and their Friday fish special, Taqueria Bahia for their offal tacos, Om South Indian for their dosa, Farley's Bar at Murray Circle for their burger, Boca Steakhouse for Happy Hour or a steak at dinner, Cottage Eatery for dinner, Bubba's for bacon and eggs, Rustic Bakery for scones and Equator coffee or packs of their buttery cocoa nib cookies.

Also, we really like the taco truck parked in front of the Marin Dump.

Hope that helps,





  Friday, September 19, 2008

Eat like a pirate day

Ahoy, me bucko, did ye download yer pirate translator app in time to converse with yer mates on talk like a pirate day?

I had me a ration o' sea biscuit (but no rum) when I dropped anchor in Berkeley this mornin'.

'Tis nah exactly shokin' that Bunrabs fancy buns 'n rabs when combined in Acme Bread's rye raisin rabbit (95¢):

This molasses and raisin infested ration be good alone or wit' a bit o' tangy goat cheese. Arrrrrr…

Acme Bread Company

1601 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA




  Thrusday, September 18, 2008

We have passed the World Trade Club building:

... every time we have visited the Farmers Market, but we hadn't set foot inside this waterside structure until this evening's San Francisco Food Bank event. We were impressed not only by the food, but also by their organization in sating a large crowd.

I guess when it comes to fighting hunger; they have a lot of experience. In a clever move they had both appetizer stations and passed hors d'oeuvres which meant minimal (if any) lines and happy guests.

We spotted Daniel Scherotter of Palio d"Asti:

... who we met at another food event. Daniel cured anchovies which he topped with beets in this innocent looking, but unbeetable fish finger food:

Shanghai 1930 made minced duck in lettuce cups, Fifth Floor Restaurant brought a variety of masticatable morsels including these corn and crab profiteroles:

Thirsty Bear topped heirloom tomato gazpacho with coconut sorbet and mint, One Market served crab cakes with saffron aioli and Harris brought a "Steamship" cut from which they carved all levels of beefy doneness from this 65 pound thigh:

Drinks were flowing, jazz was playing:

... sushi was savored:

... but most importantly, we were reminded:

... of the important job that the SF Food Bank does and how the economy has hit them just as hard as it hit the rest of us except that they aren't operating with much of a buffer. Their senior program serves about 10,000 of the 27,000 who are eligible and the waiting list continues to grow.

Due to budgetary restrictions, they will have to close two of their distribution sites by October 1st which service those with a median age of 73 and income of $870 a month. The good news is that there are many people who support the Food Bank as demonstrated by the volunteers who contribute the equivalent hours of 35 full time staff members every year and the generous participants at tonight's bankable event.


San Francisco Food Bank
San Francisco Restaurants Unite to Fight Hunger


Mark your calendar

Demolicious '08 "Pig out the Vote" is the place to show your support for MoveOn.org. Elect to pursue happiness with a glass of wine and food from top-notch local restaurants including Bar Jules, Café Rouge, Zuni Café, CAV Wine Bar and Kitchen. Check out their website for the full list of restaurants and wine donors.

There will be a silent auction benefiting the "No on 8" campaign and Craig of Craigslist will be a guest speaker. Get your tix here.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008 6-9 p.m.
$75 suggested donation
Terra Gallery
511 Harrison St.
San Francisco, CA




  Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We didn't have any wait for an outdoor seat today at Pizzeria Delfina where we kicked off with some Fra'Mani, Columbus and house cured salumi ($7.00);

These savory slices of seasoned swine acted as gateway chubs to the fennel sausage pizza ($14.00);

... with mozzarella, tomato sauce, peppers and onions. This pie had a nice contrast of rich meat against the slightly crispy vegetables but was without any trace of juice logging. The cheeseatarian 4 formaggi ($13.50):

... with parmesan, mozzarella, pecorino and caciocavallo was a bubbly, blistery circle of grate-ness.

Both of these Neapolitan-style rounds had thin crusts with nice chewy edges. A condiment plate:

... of red pepper flakes, a sprig of dried oregano and some grated Reggiano sealed the deal.

Delfina remains one of San Francisco's best 'za stops conveniently located near a rite-teous ice cream parlor:

... where we kept with our circular theme to get some scoops to round out our meal.

Pizzeria Delfina

3611 18th St.
San Francisco, CA

Bi-Rite Creamery and Bakeshop
3692 18th St.
San Francisco, CA




  Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We only had a half hour to grab lunch so we went to The Sentinel:

Dennis Leary acted as sentry at this compact, counter-service canteen. Smoked salmon ($8.50):

... was screened with thin slices of fennel and cukes, spackled together with cream cheese – a fine fish choice whether or not you are bagel-phobic.

We both preferred the roast beef sandwich ($8.25):

... which was roasted to a perfect pink and served with Russian dressing, roasted onions and sliced mushrooms. The meat distribution wasn't as even as we would have liked (for splitting purposes), but the hot, crisp bread shell casing of this horseradish-kissed cow was still our kind of lunch.

The Sentinel is a sandwich sanctuary.

The Sentinel
37 New Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA





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