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Name: Gutenberg

Location: Somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Occupation: BRPR (Bunrab public relations.)

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September 24-30, 2008


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  Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Terra Gallery was filled with the fed up citizens at this evening’s Demolicious “Pig Out the Vote” event.

This one party system was shelling out and slurping down some tasty morsels:

... benefiting Moveon.org and the NO on 8 Campaign.

A citizen from the land of cake as well as Orson, Elizabeth Falkner:

... made parmesan puddings with piquillo peppers, cocoa nibs, olive oil and unflavored pop rocks:

... which sparked enthusiasm for the silent auction:

CAV made ity rounds of squab galantine:

... with apricots and pistachios and topped with squab aspic and bulls blood beet micro-greens.

I’ll bet that they pulled the right wings off these birds before creating this offally tasty forcemeat. There is no squabbling about the ruling power of these regal rounds.

Laiola brought their delectable chorizo stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates which we absolutely love.

These rich, sweet, salty, dense, fruity lumps were the perfect caucus cocoons which we appointed head of date.

Unlike the current administration, Todd Spanier (aka the “King of Mushrooms”) has morels...as well as lobster mushrooms which he combined with ricotta in his rally-worthy ravioli.

Even when times are tough, the San Francisco Bay Area hospitality industry is incredibly generous.

And don’t be fooled by the ferocious appearance, the DJs:

... and entertainers all donated their time and efforts as well.


Terra Gallery
511 Harrison St.
San Francisco, CA



  Monday, September 29, 2008

You don’t have to be Monsieur Ricky Bobby:

... to appreciate really thin pancakes and nobody needed to twist my arm to race over to Ti Couz:

... for a crepe complete ($8.95):

... with ham, cheese and egg. It has been years since my last lap around but Ti Couz is the automatic choice for a pancake pit stop.

Ti Couz
3108 16th St.
San Francisco, CA



  Sunday, September 28, 2008

We got to the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market after the earlier hardcore shoppers. We willingly exchanged our extra z’s for fewer options when it came to marketing and snacking.

Luckily, our late arrival didn’t cause us to do without, there were still many options left at the Tru Gourmet organic dim sum stand where we asked for one of each of the remaining items.

These dim-inuative dumplings (4 for $5 or $1.50 individually) had fish, chick and vegetarian fillings in their steamed cocoons.

The pork bun was a little too sweet for me and the chive pancake verged on oily, but the rest of the sum were brighter bites. These enjoyable snacks were nice to have at the market but don’t touch our heart like a visit to our SF carty-ologists (but to be fair, they aren’t meant to preempt a parlor purchase.)

Tru Gourmet is a nice addition to the market and we’ll definitely roll around to this Canton-teen for more sum-tuous snacks on our next market run.

Tru Gourmet
Marin Civic Center Farmers Market


••••• Mark your Calendar •••••

Don’t forget to flex your political and jaw muscles at Demolicious ’08 “Pig out the Vote” at Terra Gallery this Tuesday.

Bar Jules, Cafe Rouge, Citizen Cake, Laiola and Zuni cafe are among the ‘licious participants serving up change at this Democratic fundraiser.

This Moveon.org benefit includes a silent auction for the “No on 8” campaign.

So fight for your rights and party at this show of sensible solidarity.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008 6-9 p.m.
$75 suggested donation
Terra Gallery
511 Harrison St.
San Francisco, CA



  Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today’s sunny weather caused a great migration to Fish. in Sausalito for cold drinks and sustainable seafood.

Queueing at this cash only counter-service concession can be like swimming upstream:

... but we managed to get our order in during an ebb in the flow.

“Po’ Boy” does not describe the Marinites who shuck over 17 clams for the oyster Po’ Boy ($17.00):

... at Fish. but this anachronistic name did not detract from the Acme torpedo roll armed with deep fried, crispy, cornmeal coated, Miyagi oysters and detonated with remoulade sauce and a thin ham fuse. Although Mr. Miyagi does not wax on about violence, his oystery bretheren aggresively launched this submarine in the vicinity of the cilantro-dominant coleslaw:

This cabbage and onion salad cleared our gills with its crunchy, vinegary astringency.

The tuna melt ($13.00):

... looked like it might be on the bready side, but the thick slices of Acme pain de mie were filled with a generous wad of some of the best tuna salad ever. This fish spread was scaled up with celery, red onion, olives, capers and lemon zest with a slice of melted white cheddar. A sea of shoestrings tied up this marine alba-corps operation.

We’ve had many hits and a few misses over our many Fish. expeditions, but their high quality brain food keeps us throwing ourselves back towards these rocks.

350 Harbor Drive
Sausalito, CA



  Friday, September 26, 2008

The rabbity representative at Crixa Cakes got us hopping into this Hungarian hutch of buttery baking.

Chubby was hungarian for a fig and walnut bar ($2.80):

This nutty newton did not subscribe as heavily to the law of gravity as its appearance let us to anticipate. A jacket of tender, flakey pastry filled with a softly spiced, nut infiltrated, Mission fig filling caused this object to stay in uniform motion with the aid of applied force and coffee.

My piroshki ($3.25):

...was filled with mashed potato in its buttery flakey flour fleece. This Rorschach-inspired, tater-knot was a twice baked spud done right.

Our pastries helped turnover our initial woes of pie not being available until 11:30. I guess there isn't enough of a demand for pie breakfasts in Berkeley.

Crixa Cakes
2748 Adeline St.
Berkeley, CA


In today's Bunrab email, Mike writes:


Was that Balboa burger really a burger? It looks like an excellent prepared steak sandwich (almost said well done).


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Mike,

It does look a lot like a steak in the photo (but it was absolutely a burger), perhaps the grind of the glass of my camera lens and the grind of the ground beef cancelled each other out.




  Thursday, September 25, 2008

The waiter at Mill Valley's Balboa Cafe warned us that this was their second day of serving lunch and that our patience would be appreciated. He was right, there were several glitches, but all of them seemed to be learning curve related and no big deal.

The Balboa burger ($11.50):

... has shrunk since our last one in SF (no doubt due to rising food costs) and though it's tomato season, Plumpjackians continue to forgo the red fruit on this baguette bordered beef burger with pickled onions and lettuce. Next time I'll ask if I can order a side of tomato since they appear in the salad portion of the menu.

The fries were good, but their waffle cut potato chips that came with the pork sandwich ($10.00):

... were far more spud-tacular with their excess of surface area crispened in the frying process. A soft egg enriched bun cushioned shredded pork in this sweet-sauced swine sando.

They will be serving from their lunch menu for daytime dining this weekend, but will shift to the brunch menu beginning on October 4th.

The cuisine may not be a brave departure from their San Francisco mothership, but BCMV will keep locals milling around their full bar and munching on their Marin-compatible chow.

Balboa Cafe Mill Valley

38 Miller Ave.
Mill Valley, CA



  Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We were full of Falafel ($5.95):

... from the Falafel Hut when we discovered that today was the first day of lunch service at Balboa Café Mill Valley.

The Mill Valley menu is the same as the SF Balboa café except for the omissions of the seared ahi salad, smoked salmon and "bar burger" (which is served on a round bun in SF) but Mill Valleyians get a French dip sandwich and roasted salmon added to their options and of course, they have their famed Balboa burger on the menu.

They serve dinner daily and plan to serve brunch soon.

We'll have to come back when we aren't so fala-full.

Balboa Café Mill Valley
38 Miller Ave.
Mill Valley, CA




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