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Name: Gutenberg

Location: Somewhere near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Occupation: BRPR (Bunrab public relations.)

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January 17-23, 2009


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  Friday, January 23, 2009

Chateaux owners were on hand to answer questions as they poured their 2006 vintage Bordeaux during the Union de Grands Crus de Bordeaux event at Le Meridien Hotel.

The crowd was a balanced blend of local sommeliers and wine merchants, who took stalk of how to spend their deaux during this appellation appreciation assessment.

We ran into the always gracious Gregory Castells who blew our minds by remembering our wine preferences from his days as sommelier at the French Laundry. We asked Gregory and his business associate, Matthew Wilson:

... for recommendations and we loved their selections of the Chateau Larcis Ducasse and the Chateau Poujeaux:

...a case study of why their business endeavor, Soutirage is such a good idea.

We recognized K&L’s Champagne specialist, Gary Westby:

...from the Tour de Champagne event and he was also kind enough to steer us towards his faves (note to self - always attend wine events with experts nearby.)

There were also a number of UC Davis Viticulture and Enology students spitting out their homework (in a way that is not typical of college students in an alcohol-related setting.)

This horizontal huddle of regional realizations kicked the Bord out of the front deaux.

Union de Grands Crus de Bordeaux

Le Meridien
333 Battery St.
San Francisco, CA



  Thursday, January 22, 2009

The dining room was filled before opening time at Mission Street Food for this evening’s Inauguration Gala dinner. Those who didn’t arrive at the twilight’s last gleaming streamed out the door:

... in a silent pledge of allegiance to Chef Anthony Myint:

... and Guest Chef Ryan Farr’s:

... judiciously delicious amendments to the traditional U.S. bill of fare.

Lemonade with soju ($4.00):

... had a nice puckery hit of lemon with kaffir lime and mint leaves suspended in this icy and bracing beverage.

A mini chicken sandwich ($6.00):

..of buttermilk battered and fried chicken strips with crunchy coleslaw was more shining than KF sea, but the bun didn’t do anything to support its general welfare.

The home made dog ($8.00) over chili:

... was good, but the wieners were the BBBLT ($6.00):

... which was a flag MSF’s famous flatbread starring braised Benton’s bacon stripes, baked tomato, lettuce and garlic mayo. They ran it up the pole and we saluted this crisp shelled savory sustenance.

Another capitol selection was the Sichuan glazed ribs ($9.00):

...which bolstered our constitutions with tender and succulent meat that surrendered to the touch of a fork. Supremed satsumas cut through the richness while complementing the birds eye chili strewn rice.

We elected for a scoop of Humphry Slocombe’s Baracky Road ($3.25):

... which had home made, chocolate dipped marshmallows balanced in a rich chocolate ice cream. This inauguration ball bounced into our oval orifices without a thought of Biden our time.

Warm Granny Smith apple pie ($6.00):

...had a tender and flaky crust infused with star anise and pepper and topped with whipped cream. This congress of apples, spices, pastry and cream enacted forces in our governing body to order seconds.

The meal militia who serve up these rations heed their call to duty by maneuvering this munching minefield without regard for military precision, but with a shock and awe strategy.

We paid our bill of bites and received a bag containing both a delicious snack and some social engineering. Ryan Farr’s famous chicharrones:

...with be available at Elixir tomorrow. If you haven’t had these salty, crisp, cirrus clouds of critter covering with a hint of pepper you are missing out on one of the most addictive San Francisco snacks. It is unclear to me whether the illustration on the label is meant to be the ingredients or the recipients.

Mission Street Food

Lung Shan Restaurant on Thursday nights (cash only)
2234 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA

Chef Ryan Farr



  Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All the tiresome talk juxtaposing Wall Street and Main Street reminded us to bundle up and take stock of our preferred Tiburon option, Cottage Eatery.

They sold their sole ($23.00):

... with crispy potatoes. This perfectly cooked petrale was the beneficiary of underlying watercress puree and creme fraiche.

The branzino ($23.00):

... was secured by a margin of black truffle sauce which bolstered this farro trade commodity with clams and mussels. Wilted greens were apropos in this delicious deed which we consider a blue chip investment.

A side of Brussels sprouts ($7.00):

... yielded little assets that hadn’t been rolled over to a larger (less flavorful) maturity. Share-y vinegar insured their flavorful returns.

You can speculate on the 3 course prix fixe ($29.00) or the Wednesday night burger topped with applewood smoked bacon, Gruyere cheese, balsamic onion spread and a fried egg on a brioche bun with fries. At fifteen bucks, we place a strong buy recommendation on this cottage cattle commodity.

You can go broker at other derivative firms in Tiburon, but you won’t find one more worthy of your investment.

Cottage Eatery
114 Main St.
Tiburon, CA


From our Bunrab email, Moreland writes about yesterday’s crowded party:

This event was horribly disappointing! Not only did several of us pay $75 and up for this event, but we were standing outside to the entrance of the city view terrace view for over 45 minutes just to get in, once we got in things were chaotic and unorganized.

The appetizers if that's what you want to call them for those who didn't have VIP tickets were more like samples you would get if walking around a Costco store to say the least. The drink tickets that came with the purchase of a ticket were for water and 1 glass of champagne, which they failed to disclose early on.

There was little to no seating, so many people had to either pay to reserve a table ahead of time or get a seat on a first come first serve basis. Needless to say many of us left because our feet were tired, we were hungry and they only showed a portion of the live inauguration festivities with volume!

Many of us feel for the price this event sucked and were disappointed that KBLX would attach their name to such a poorly planned event. For such a historical event, many of us would have expected something much more classier in honor of our new 44th President! I express the sentiments of many who I attended with and met the night of this event.


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Moreland,

After comparing the ratio of high heels to chairs; we wondered about exactly what you experienced. It seemed like everyone showed up in a celebratory mood but by the time many of the attendees made it through registration, they needed more than a glass of Chandon to get their party on. If nothing else, some of the dough went to some local charities, but we hope that the next eight years are free from log jams and that the future is more appetizing!




  Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today's excited crowds were not limited to the National Mall:

... the Inauguration West event at the Metreon had a major turnout:

... of voters who elected to party at the City View Terrace.

Once everyone registered:

it was time to enjoy the entertainment:

... drinks and chow.

Culinary Chairman, Victor Scargle (of Go Fish) reeled in a line up of chefs including Mark Dommen of One Market:

... whose crab cakes:

... were snapped up as soon as they were done-geness. Silverado Resort’s Peter Pahk rolled in with a beef roulade and the Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen/Mustards crew:

... filled heads with some tasty smoked trout lettuce cups in the popular VIP tent.

Those ready for their close up were never far from a camera:

... while the terrace:

... was the spot for those seeking to sip their drink in peace with a city view.



Mark your Calendar

Treasure Island will live up to its name during the Wine and Wishes event on February 7th. This benefit for the Make A Wish Foundation includes some of the Bay Area’s best chefs and wineries. The Dining Room - Ritz Carlton SF, Perbacco, Ridge Vineyards and Hangar One Vodka are only a few of the stellar participants. Check out the full list here.

Wine and Wishes
February 7, 2009
5:00-7:30 p.m
Food and wine tasting tickets $150 each
Treasure Island
Building 180
must be 21 or older



  Monday, January 19, 2009

One of our guests had a dietary restriction of cow dairy so we selected a recipe lacking tation from David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop. His recipe for chocolate sorbet:

... was so rich, creamy and delicious that everyone had bowls cleaner than a hound’s tooth after we scooped up seconds. We doubled the recipe and wouldn’t consider making the smaller amount that he proposed because we are sensible hedonists. An added bonus is that this recipe shouldn’t require an extra trip to the market (at least for those who keep good chocolate on hand at all times...)





  Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Fancy Food Show filled Moscone Center:

... with a creamy center of cheese, drenched in chocolate and served with a healthy dose of tea on this first day (of the trio) involving treat-filled triage.

The crowds maintained a manageable level:

... (compared to previous years) and we maneuvered through Moscone with ease while editing booths out of our sampling scenario to preserve precious stomach real estate and chatting with friends that we bumped into between bites.

We loved La Quercia’s applewood smoked speck, spicy prosciutto piccante and pancetta:

Herb and Kathy Eckhouse:

... make some fine swine at their Iowa speckhouse.

Valerie Confections’:

... rose petal petits fours:

... are delicate vanilla bean cake squares layered with rose ganache, covered in white chocolate and topped with a candied petal. A box of a dozen of these could be the perfect biteable bouquet unless the recipient is rigorously into mortis in which case you should go with the chocolate skulls:

... from this LA sweet shop.

If you demand your petits fours maintenant, fly over the bridge to pick up some cheerfully-adorned quadra-cornered comestibles:

... from this nice couple at Dragonfly Cakes:

... (you could make a side trip to Heath Ceramics for some dishware since it’s a stoneware’s throw from oven to kiln.)

We loved the Yakami Orchard:

... pure Sudachi juice with its lime and pepper flavors as well as the Kabosu with its strong and clean lemony, mint and cucumber complexity. They are both perfect for cocktails as well as cooking.

Snake River Farms:

... had us Wagyu-ing our tails as we tasted their tender and flavor-filled packets of protein from Idaho.

Vosges knows how to hop up their varied products to even higher levels by appealing to their rabbit base:

Not only do they honor their long eared friends by lagamorphing chocolate into appealing profiles, they also created a delicious line of “wink of the rabbit” caramels.

If you want to play Russian Roulette with your tastebuds, Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled collection:

... contains beans that look the same but are either “good” or ones flavored as vomit, rotten egg, pencil shavings or an assortment of other unappealing options. Sadly, we have already played this game (involuntarily) during visits to some of the city’s more tourist-oriented restaurants.

It must be some union rule that keeps the Moscone food concessions open:

... while the floors are flooded with food and beverage samples...or maybe these areas just become a refuge from partaking in the popular practice of a piecemeal meal.

No matter what, we always find things that we love and things that leave us scratching our heads at this colossal collection of sweet, savory and schizo sustenance.

34th Winter Fancy Food Show

Moscone Center
January 18-20, 2009
San Francisco, CA




  Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Port Room at the SF Ferry Building was filled with Stilton as a the raw and the cultured made rounds at a party hosted by Cowgirl Creamery and Tomales Bay Foods.

This evening was also a launch celebration for Culture Magazine:

...which is a grate publication filled with gorgeous photos and engaging articles for both the uninitiated and the curd nerd.

A toast was made to Clark Wolf’s:

... new book, American Cheeses which is a tomme de savoir faire. This whey-word book arrived at the cyberhutch earlier this week and we enjoyed the profiles of the cheese makers, recipes and the introduction which has produced the unfortunate effect of making us balk at cheese cut into cubes:

... (which Mr. Wolf discusses in his cutting remarks about this practice.)

A Bunrab fave, the Montgomery’s Cheddar:

... from Neal’s Yard Dairy, was the inspiration of Cabot Creamery and Jasper Hill Dairy’s Clothbound Cheddar. This coagulation collaboration involves Cabot’s cheese production and Jasper Hill’s affinage (that’s fancy talk for nurturing a cheese through the aging process.)This rubix cube of flavor (but not in the bad cubey way) was hidden away in the back corner of the gathering with a Stichelton:

... which is a member of the blue cow group (but without the muted-man factor.) This raw milk, stilton-walker bleu us away.

There were long tables laden with luscious, lovingly-ladled lactose lines (including Cowgirl Creamery’s:

... commendable comestibles.) This bounty of bacteria was befitting of this cheery cheese ball.


Mark your Calendar

It’s a fair bet that most visitors to the cyberhutch know which CIA we are referring to in the matter of gastronomic intelligence gathering. The Culinary Institute of America’s California campus in St. Helena will be the center of covert OP-itites during Mustard Magic, the grand opening event of the Napa Valley Mustard Festival which kicks off on Saturday, January 31st. Food, wine, dancing and a silent action will be headquartered at this St. Helena hub of hedonism.

Napa Valley Mustard Festival

Mustard Magic
Saturday, January 31st 7 p.m.
Tickets $150 in advance, $175 at the door
The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
St. Helena, CA




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