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January 9-16, 2009


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  Friday, January 16, 2009

Burnt caramel almonds sound good, but the bitter truth is that Recchiuti’s alchemized almonds’ insidious deciduous deliciousness has me picking up these prime bags:

... at $11.00 a pop. I doesn’t take long to burn through 4 ounces of these cocoa dusted, dark chocolate coated, crunchy nuts:

Their scorched sugar tails out to alert my vice monkey that it’s time to screech for more.

Recchiuti Confections


Mark your Calendar

January is on its way out and wine is on its way Zin. Time to briefly ditch those tidy tooth whitening treatments and darken your dentata with the fruits of the room at Fort Mason.

The Zinfandel Advocates and Producers (aka ZAP) are holding their annual
functions from January 28-31st.

The big tasting on Saturday is an opportunity to farm out your faves in this zin dell filled with fans.

Check out the full list of events here.

ZAP Zinfandel Advocates and Producers



  Thursday, January 15, 2009

Customers who arrived at 6:08 were met with a full dining room:

... and a wait list:

... at Mission Street Food this evening. It’s worth coming for the PB&J’s (pork belly and jicama) alone, but Anthony Myint cleverly adds innovative guest chefs to collaborate at his breath of fresh Myinty aire respirating Lung Shan Restaurant on Thursday nights.)

Guest chefs this evening were Ryan Ostler and Katharine Zacher from Broken Record who produced a groovy platter of smoked brisket ($9.00):

... with a flip side of fennel, caramelized onions smoothed out with avocado and sleeved in a house made bun. A daikon and red radish salad kept tempo with crisp notes against the choppy, beefy baseline.

We got both offerings from the beverage list, a green tea-sake cocktail ($3.00) and a Tecate ($2.00) to wash down our burrata ($6.50):

... with crunchy pinenuts and drizzled with rosemary infused oil. We pledged allegiance to the orange flags of yam chips as we saluted these salty, crispy, delicate tuberific strips.

Chopped macadamias added a nice crunch to the farro salad ($5.00):

... dressed in verjus vinaigrette with halved grapes and lots of beech mushrooms. This craveable textural variation was also found in the VSF rice ($6.00):

... which had a tempura batter encasing little cubes of tofu over olive oil dressed rice with shitakes and cauliflower.

Humphry Slocombe provided the creamy and delectable dessert ($3.25 per scoop):

We got the balsamic caramel and “secret breakfast” aka bourbon and cornflakes which had crunchy cereal with added kix (the non-kid tested, mother approved variety.)

This is not a synchronized swimming service venue. Dishes arrive willy nilly, glasses sit empty, and please keep your fork between dishes. But if you come here to have fun eating a tasty meal, you will leave happy.

Mission Street Food

Lung Shan Restaurant on Thursday nights (cash only)
2234 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA


Mark your Calendar

Jesse of Beer and Nosh is organizing a fundraiser for the SF Food Bank as part of SF Beer Week.

Chef Jen Biesty of Scala’s Biesty-row (who you may remember from Top Chef and Coco500) is creating a 5 course menu to go with Jesse’s beer pairings.

You can see what’s brewing as this event comes to a head.

Beer and Nosh SF Food Bank Fundraiser

February 11, 2009 6:30 - 10 p.m. $100 per person (all inclusive - dinner, beer, tax, gratuity and donation)

Scala’s Bistro
432 Powell St.
San Francisco, CA



  Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By night,Theresa & Johnny’s is where some wolf down Mexican food in its altered state of Yucachubis at the s’witching hour of 5 o’clock. By the light of day, the knick knacks:

... chow and hot brown fluid filling our mugs seemed like what you might find on a road trip stop somewhere in middle America.

A square of orange cheese melded hom-oniously into the grit-uitious maize of mush on our breakfast plates with bacon and scrambled eggs ($7.25):

... and over easy eggs with a beef patty ($7.50):

The food was retro with a novelty appeal and even though they don’t knock Bubba’s out of our Marin breakfast rotation, from the looks of the other diners at this cash only comfort food cantina, they keep their regulars happy with big portions and friendly service.

Theresa & Johnny’s
817 4th St
San Rafael, CA




  Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bin There

“Seriously, you go to the dump to eat?” E. asked us at the Meatpaper party. Sure, it’s not for everybody, but if you are in the mood for some taco truck action north of the GGB, this is a superfun site.

We’ve worked our way through a number of their menu items with varying degrees of success and found the tacos ($1.50 each) and the sopes ($2.50 each) are orders worth recycling.

Chubby got a battery of taco C-cells - carnitas, chorizo and cabeza:

... which leached into his system globally warming his emotional climate.

I requested cabeza and buche on my sopes:

... which were fried, rimmed, masa discs landfilled with queso fresco, shredded lettuce, salsa, pinto beans, lime, pickled jalapenos, cilantro and radishes. They put the peppers on the side, but it would be a waste not to give the sopes a treatment with this plant.

The residents of this reclamation station:

... (aka unprocessed taco toppings) were blissfully unaware of our car-nivorous conduct and eagerly greeted us until they realized we had no offerings of slop:

There was no sign of peacocks today, but we spotted some of the roosters:

... who supplied musical accompaniment (along with the trucks and heavy machinery) to our meal.

Those with more delicate sensibilities should probably stick to establishments without a garbage themed atmosphere, but if you are into an industrial-realism setting:

... with the opportunity to confront your protein in person, this refuse refuge should not be rubbished.

Taqueria Santa Cruz
Marin Resource Recovery Center
565 Jacoby St.
San Rafael, CA




  Monday, January 12, 2009

When the host at Sushi Ran asked me to relocate from where he had seated me (beside an empty seat) at the bar for a party of two that had just arrived, it sounded perfectly reasonable.

When I was shown my new spot with a vacant seat beside mine (in a less desirable piece of sushi bar real estate than I was evicted from), it was clear that I was viewed as unworthy. It was then that I reflected upon my poor planning in allowing my Yakuza membership to lapse this quarter.

Annoyed, hungry and reeling from their cast system, I smoothed my ruffled flying fish feathers with some miso and tea which came with the sashimi lunch ($19.50):

Fresh and delectable slices of Maguro, Sake, Hamachi, Striped Bass and Albacore and a bowl of rice were presented beautifully (even though, by this point, I half expected them to throw the raw protein on the floor for me to hastily jam in my mouth, shackled, behind bars before getting the hose again.)

The rest of the staff was very nice and didn’t throw me out the service entrance after I paid my bill. I have had many pleasant meals here and they have even done a wonderful job of catering an event for me, but they should consider that if their clientele to lose face, sepuku cuts down on repeat business.

Sushi Ran
107 Caledonia St.
Sausalito, CA



  Sunday, January 11, 2009

Word got out:

... that Meatpaper Magazine was throwing a shindig at Acme Chophouse where Chef Ryan Farr dug into shins as he reaped his sow into manageable morsels:

His signature chicharrones were passed among the sporktators who couldn’t get enough of the light strips of salty goodness.

Chef Staffan Terje sliced up a selection of his delectable charcuterie:

... which he makes and serves at Perbacco. For those who can’t separate their sweet tooth from their meat tooth, he brought blood pudding with chocolate and pinenuts and lard crusted apple bites:

... along with some s’more-worthy bacon marshmallows with candied pistachios:

Sam White, Chris Kronner and Jerome Waag of OPENrestaurant cooked up a nose to tail beef presentation as Acme Chophouse Chef Thom Fox pitched some tasty curve balls in the form or rotisserie meats with his home field advantage.

Leif Hedendal made these delicious beet and radish crostini:

... for those who prefer their food without a face:

This carnivore cotillion was impacted with molar manipulators and elbow elevators in this cocktail-centric crowd:

... comprised of meat-dia magnates:

...cute couples:

... and cuisine corespondents:

Meatpaper Magazine

Acme Chophouse
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA



  Saturday, January 10, 2009

With so much focus on Ponzi schemes and credit default swaps it’s important to scrutinize all financial events whether it is an analysis from Warren Buffet or of the breakfast buffet.

We uncovered a questionable commodity investment in the pricing of pancakes at Bobby’s Cafe. If you bundle two of these cooked liquid assets, you will pay more than buying two individually:

They are obviously flipping these quickly in order to take advantage of a market where they are selling like hotcakes. When we pointed out that this accounting didn’t stack up, they took our griddling with a sense of humor.

We don’t enjoy their coffee, but both of our breakfasts on this visit were actually okay.

They cooked our eggs and pork the way we like them.

Nothing artisanal at this hit and miss cafe, but if you want to place your nest egg in pork bellies this is a secured investment.

Bobby’s Cafe
1617 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA



  Friday, January 8, 2009

The only thing fresh at Fish. today was the coat of paint as a chalkboard sign:

... caught and released the big eyes of customers. After a little theatrical display of dismay, it was time to exit stage right to Piccolo Teatro.

The salumi plate ($7.00):

... was a reliable encore of our last visit’s meaty playbill while the oxymoronic “flight of eggs” ($3.50):

... eggsentuated with mustard, salumi and tuna were okay, but I wouldn’t get a reorder ovum.

The savory pork panini ($9.00) was as enjoyable as it was last time with melted smoked mozzarella and broccoli rabe pesto while the prosciutto piadine ($9.00):

... with blue cheese, pear and arugula was good, but not as craveable as its porky predecessor.

A pot of Equator coffee hit our equators and perked up our latitude as the curtain came down on our spawntaneous meal.

Piccolo Teatro
739 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA




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