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May 1-8, 2009


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  Friday, May 8, 2009

The sashimi lunch ($19.50)
at Sushi Ran is my default daytime order. 5 varieties of fish (selected by the sushi chef) are arranged in a diveted plate for my riveted taste buds. These simple slices are a high water mark in quality without draining all of my liquidity.

I also hooked a Rainbow Roll ($16.00):

... filled with avocado and crab (not those ropey sea legs) and striped with a pousse café display of fish.

The Crunch Roll ($15.00):

... gets its verb bait-im from a pile of tobiko and tempura dandruff resting on the shoulders of spicy crab, eel and avocado.

The service was fine today (since they didn’t give me the bum’s rush this time.)

Sushi Ran has an appreciative group of regulars at this unicenter of rolling motion.

Sushi Ran

107 Caledonia St.
Sausalito, CA



  Thursday, May 7, 2009

We were Out The Door
at warp speed for a quick bowl of wide cellophane noodles with catfish ($14.00):

Tender, moist and flavorful fish chunks took a wok with green onions, red peppers, bean sprouts and were served with lemon and some red matter in the form of hot chile sauce. This quick and peppy meal filled our black holes before we made the Trek to the Metreon:

... where we met up with our pals to watch Spock get crazy.

Fans boldly explored this new film frontier (seemly unphasered by the wait) and appeared to prosper from the experience.

Out The Door

Westfield San Francisco Centre
845 Market St. #80
San Francisco, CA



  Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The San Francisco International Film Festival isn’t just about films - they have been known to throw a party or two like this evening’s event at the Temple Nightclub.

Among the restaurants serving up bites were Rose Pistola, Gitane and Cortez who made their crab and rock shrimp verrine with grilled ramp avocado cucumber, creme fraiche and kadafi:

Graham Leggat:

... was his usual gracious and quick witted self as he worked his way to the stage to announce the Golden Gate Awards.

The audience cheered on their favorite flicks fueled by Blue Angel based cocktails:

...even though this bar is a Temple, Shirley’s were nowhere in sight.


San Francisco International Film Festival

Temple Nightclub
540 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA


Mark your Calendar

Two of our favorite white meat men are teaming up at Bloodhound to demonstrate the proper care and feeding of pork-ofiles. Taylor Boetticher and Ryan Farr will show off their sharp skills as they hog the spotlight at a Babelicious butchery demo and barbeque.

Check out how these porchetta purveyors roll here and here and get your tickets chop, chop, since they are filling up fast.

Pig meat event

May 13th at 5:30 p.m.
Tickets $25 each
1145 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA



Matt Skinner will lead a tasting of Australian wines at the Jug Shop during a book signing of his Heard It Through The Grapevine (which will be available on site for purchase). South Food + Wine will also be on hand to give a demo of their tasty cooking.

Matt Skinner Event

The Jug Shop
Sunday, May 10th, 3-5 p.m
Tickets $10 each
1590 Pacific Ave.
San Francisco, CA



  Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We bypass the green beer on St. Patrick’s, but today’s cinco feeling drove us to a mayo clinic in our state of snacking suggestibility.


... (not to be confused with Jim Maser’s Berkeley taqueria of the same name) doesn’t have offal options and we were told that it is extremely rare for them to sell out of their chicharrone, but today’s celebratory crowd cleaned them out, so I got fish and chicken ($2.00 and $1.60):

... while Chubby went with chorizo, carne asada, and carnitas. ($1.60, $2.50 and $1.60):

Although the chorizo was on the salty side, our meal was not pueblamatic. Our local taco faves (the dump and Bahia) remain unaltered, but we were glad to quell our calendar-generated belly demands.

340 Bellam
San Rafael, CA



  Monday, May 4, 2009

A Frito pie recipe in a Deborah Madison book? Believe it. The founding chef of Green’s Restaurant and her husband Patrick McFarlin have written about the crazy chow that we jam in our frito holes when nobody’s looking in What we eat when we eat alone.

They surveyed their friends, associates, chefs and strangers to create a collection of fetish foods and their preferred method of ingestion (from sitting at the table to a newspaper-covered reclining position.)

Snob-free acts of hedonism include frying leftover spaghetti that’s stuck together with Swiss cheese and whipping up an omelet with crunchy buttered breadcrumbs. Even if you pass on the recipes and read this book for the stories you will rest assured that you aren’t the only one who leans over the sink when snagging a juicy bite (although covering yourself with newspaper may be a stretch.)

What we eat when we eat alone

Deborah Madison and Patrick McFarlin
Illustrations by Patrick McFarlin
copyright © 2009. Published by Gibbs Smith


Mark your Calendar

A little skin contact can produce a blush on wine as well as those with rosé filled cheeks at Pink Out!

This annual event is an unique opportunity to compare the bouquets of rosés from a number of wineries - pink wigs optional.

Pink Out! SF 2009
Tuesday, May 12th
6:30-8:30 p.m
tickets $35 advance, $45 at the door (but they may sell out)
Pier 33
San Francisco, CA




  Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ryan Farr was a superstar:

... at the Coffee Bar:

... during this evening’s debutchery.

We chomped on 4505 chicharrones:

... (that’s the name as well as how many we personally consumed) as Chef Farr shook his Red Wattle carcass to tunes spinning:

... in unison with the rotisserie:

The chef shared the happy news that there will be a new apple falling not too farr from the tree later this year (but we greedily hope that this doesn’t mean the chicharrone shortage since we also qualify as his dependents in the pork arena.)

We sampled sensational loin, saddle, ribs and slices of porchetta:

... with potato:

... and lettuce salads. A bacon topped peanut butter, chocolate, chocolate chip cupcake:

... capped off the pen-ultimate porcine pickings at this celebration of delicious food and fun company.

Chef Ryan Farr

Coffee Bar
1890 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA




  Saturday, May 2, 2009

We sampled the Amano Montanya and Ocumare bars when we participated as judges at the San Francisco International Chocolate salon so it came as no surprise that Amano swept up numerous awards including best dark and best milk chocolate bars.

A trio of Amano bars arrived at the cyberhutch today including the Jembrana milk chocolate in addition to the Ocumare and Montanya. The Ocumare’s smooth milk chocolate was fragrant with vanilla, the Jembrana had a creamy fruity flavor with a pleasing hint of bitterness and our favorite, the limited edition Montanya was rich and complex with a toasty marshmallow element.

These artisanal bars are not only single origin, they are single destination - my belly.

Amano Artisan Chocolate



  Friday, May 1, 2009

The sweet potato fries ($3.99):

... at Taylor’s Refresher are just the right thing to split when we have a little room left after dinner. These orange tubers are sweet, salty, crisply cravable grub with a chile edge that cover all the snacking bases.

Taylor’s Automatic Refresher

1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA


Check out this Diego Rivera mural at the City Club:

This was the first time we’d attended a party at this former stock broker office building from a buy (and sell) gone era. We got a serious case of Art Deco Distraction Disorder as we took in this beautifully maintained stack of bricks.

The City Club of San Francisco

155 Sansome St.
San Francisco, CA



Mark your Calendar

Chef Ryan Farr’s dismembering demos are like watching ice sculpture carving except with melt-in-your-mouth meat. This Sunday, there will be another Farr-ensic dissection of porcine portions at Coffee Bar.

You can chomp on chicharones during the butchering and enjoy Roasted Heritage pig when it red waddles off the grill. Check out the website for all the details on this Pig Out event.

Pig Out
Sunday, May 3, 3-9 p.m
Butchering begins at 3 pm, buffet begins at 6 p.m.
tickets $35 each (includes one beer or glass of wine with the chow)
email for reservations.

Coffee Bar

1890 Bryant St.
San Francisco, CA









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