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September 1-8, 2009


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  Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Smoke signals summoned us from the freeway to the recently opened branch of the burger chain, The Counter, in Corte Madera. The plumes blew into the parking lot and dining room creating a smoking section that was difficult to escape.

After we checked off our selections of meat, cheese, toppings and bread on the clipboard:

... we handed off our paperwork and received our customized meal after a brief wait.

We both got the 1/3 pound Angus burger ($7.95) with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and lettuce. Chubby went with the sharp provolone and wheat bun:

...while I had the Gruyere cheese and English Muffin:

...(which crumbled into unmanageable pieces as I ate.)

The peppercorn steak sauce was okay, but unnecessary while the caramelized onion marmalade lent a sweet, tangy, oniony boost to the meat.

Sweet potato fries, onion strings and fries are all offered independently or as part of a “fifty fifty” we asked if it would be possible to get 33.3% of each and were given an off the menu “trio” ($5.95):

...which arrived a little cooler than we prefer. The onions were good tucked into our burgers while the potatoes were lackluster. If we return, we’ll request them extra crispy.

This chain may not trump In N Out, but the availability of beer and wine is a plus and I’ll bet they figure out a way to manage the smoke issue soon.

The Counter
201 Corte Madera Town Center
Corte Madera, CA



  Monday, September 7, 2009

The highlight of Labor Day Weekend was hanging with pals at Ocean Beach:

... and going to K&J’s for a swell BBQ.

We devoured a gagillion delicious beef, chicken and potato skewers:

... and were introduced to a tasty tofu:

...produced with a preponderance of pepper.

Cleaned corn cobs concealed my gluttonous behavior (evidenced in the multitude of bare wooden spikes left on my plate) my conduct continued as I consumed ice cream with peaches and oatmeal chocolate chip and dried cranberry cookies before sinking into a holiday food stupor.




  Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hazelnuts filberted the gribiche sauce and cucumber salad and crowned the rainbow trout ($16.95):

... in a nut dominant cob-ination during brunch at the Tavern at Lark Creek.

Although the menu listed asparagus (rather than cukes), they must have run out and forgotten to tell me.

The boneless fish didn’t need the sauce (or any more nuts) but I wouldn’t have minded digging out the bits from the head if it had been capitated.

The corn beef hash ($13.95):

... had perfectly runny yolks saucing the dice of meat, potatoes and red pepper. Rye toast and coffee completed the effect.

The staff was very busy and we didn’t get refills until they brought the check, but it was a perfectly fine fueling stop on a Sunday morning.

Tavern at Lark Creek
234 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA



  Saturday, September 5, 2009

You won’t find the wood burning oven at Picco Pizzeria packed with pies even during a rush.

The intense heat requires individual dough-tage from the pizzaiolo to provide the proper blistering of these singed circles.

Although we enjoy the regular menu of cycle-centric carbonized carbs, we found that the Pizza of the Day ($14.95):

... is always a good bet. Friarelli peppers from Mariquita (of Mystery Box fame) were mild and flavor-packed scattered over mozzarella and parmesan. Red cherry and pineapple tomatoes were sliced to prevent roll-aways.

Cloves of soft, mellowed, roasted garlic alliuminated the bright flavors of this nightshade nosh.

We geared up with some house made charcuterie ($12.95):

... with a side of pickled peppers.

The Toscana, Lonzo, Mortadella, Guanciale and Coppa were paper thin portions of premium pork all performing to their palate pleasing potential.

We also went with a familiar order of the Specialized pizza ($13.50):

... which had a fennel fragrance to the funnel-shaped formations topped with house made sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, parmesan and basil and we never pass up their Caesar ($9.50):

...or say no to their Straus soft serve ice cream when we visit this ‘za zone.

Although we try to plan our visits during non-peako hours, when we do have to wait, we are never disappointed.

Pizzeria Picco
320 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA



  Friday, September 4, 2009

L. took me to nom at Nami Nami where I nibbled on the nimbly arranged nuggets in the Tsukiji Zen ($16.00):

This rice bowl topped with fish flesh was uni-laterally satisfying served with miso soup and one of those goofy Japanese Iceberg salads that meld kitch and yen.

I can see why L. nami-nated this Nippon nook for a midday meal.

Nami Nami
240 Castro St.
Mountain View, CA



  Thursday, September 3, 2009

W&L took us to Sakae where we sat down to a dinner of sushi.

Everything was good:

...but the salmon belly:

... was particularly stomachable with its fatty, flame-kissed richness making it the bacon of the sea.

A fun place to catch up with friends while putting some catch down the hatch.

Sakae Sushi
243 California Drive
Burlingame, CA




  Wedesday, September 2, 2009

My three tacos ($1.85 each):

... at Charlie’s Taqueria:

... were treated as sort of a uni-taco when it came around to the grilled onion and cilantro topping over my al pastor, carne asada and tender lengua. All good. All cheap. All gone.

Charlie’s Taqueria
725 S B St.
San Mateo, CA



Mark your Calendar

You vegi-might win a trip for two to Australia while dining on a wattleseed marinated, grilled pork chop with tomato jam. The Tavern at Lark Creek and One Market are among the men-us at work on this down under $35 dinner.

More deets on tucker, participating restaurants and chance at the travel package are here.

South Australia Comes to America
Lark Creek Restaurant Group
September 2009



If you are looking for a party on Saturday, some notable SF chefs are throwing a “random gathering” at Golden Gate Park.

Chef Ryan Farr is cooking up a stuffed pig and linecook415 will take Nopa-risoners along with a possible appearance by Corey Nead.

Bring food, six packs and hot chicks after you check out this site for all the deets.

Golden Gate Park
Saturday, September 5th



  Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our afternoon is filled with repast regret when we do not partake of the pancake special at Bette’s.

Cornmeal flapjacks ($10.95):

... buried blubes in the batter of this marvelous, maple magnet. Sausages with chunks of sweet potato and alchemizing bacon were gilded by the runny egg yolks of over easy eggs.

We are sad to see other nearby restaurants fall victim to the economy but glad that Bette’s remains a popular pancake pit stop.

Bette’s Oceanview Diner
1807 Fourth St.
Berkeley, CA



Mark your Calendar

Jeremiah the bullfrog may have had some mighty fine wine, but Jeremiah O’Brien will be the source of boat-dacious beer. The San Francisco Brewers Guild is holding their 6th annual Brews on the Bay on September 12th and 13th.

This ship shape soiree is a great way to tap into the local sud-sibility.

Brews on the Bay
September 12 & 13 noon to 5 p.m.
Tickets $35-45
21 and older
SS Jeremiah O’Brien
Pier 45
San Francisco, CA


Festa di Pesce

Hop on your Poggio stick and bounce over to the first annual Festa di Pesce which takes place from September 15th-19th.

Chef Peter McNee’s enticing menu will include traditional Italian dishes like salmon carpaccio with lemon confit and raw artichoke, pickled Monterey anchovies with avocado and heirloom tomato gazpacho as well as whole fish preparations.


Festa di Pesce
777 Bridgeway
Sausalito, CA









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