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October 1-8, 2009


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  Thursday, October 8, 2009

Burger Hack

The delicious booty from our five heirloom tomato plants:

... have inspired a burger hack.

We nab Double Doubles at In N Out (with ketchup and mustard instead of their “spread”) and swap out their pale pedals:

... with our colorful collection of marvelous maters:

An order of taters ordered “extra, extra well done” complete our hybrid haul.

If you have superior tomatoes, and hate to leave well enough alone, try it!





  Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chubby got a gift card in the mail from Quiznos for their new “toasty bullets” which we loaded into our chambers at high noon.

These fired rounds of generic sandwich meat and homogenous bread were improved by the addition of jalapenos and clever naming conventions such as “Big Kahuna Tuna” but were ultimately what you would expect from this chain of wicheries.

These hammo and cheese chunks are targeted at cocky clientele who want to muzzle up to a surplus of sandwiches:

... (at $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00, but we were thankful to bite the bullet without blowing our dough.)

After sampling all 5 of our selections, we were thankful that they did not live up to their names by possessing projectile properties (but we aren’t Russian back.)



From today’s Bunrab email Dr. B. writes regarding yesterday’s meaty meal:


Mack's Smoked Barbecue? AHHAHAHHAH, smoked barbecue. Reminds me of a sitting chair or "with au jus". I'll be havin' muh smoked barbecue on muh sitting chair, add me some with au jus on side.

Sheefuh. Biggles

Gutenberg replies:

Dear Dr. B.,

I guess you aren’t a regular diner at La Maison de la Casa House then?





  Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We sat on the deck at Mack’s Smoked Barbecue where we dug into their pulled pork sandwich ($6.49):

We hogged this huge helping of sauced suuuee atop a soft, unremarkable, bready trough. The meat was good but I wouldn’t have complained if there was a stronger smokey scent to this pig portion.

The half slab of pork ribs ($13.99):

... had tender meat which adhered firmly to the bone. They were fine, but nothing that I am adam-ant about.

Mac and cheese ($1.99):

... elbowed its way into this meal with a boost from bacon but the cornbread was lackluster in flavor and a little dry. There were paper towels attached to the shoots of the tables:

... to para-solve any soppage from the higher moisture content condiments.

This pen of pig was a good place to grab a sandwich, but not all the swine flew as high as the pulled pork.

Mack’s Smoked Barbecue
1541 Laurel St.
San Carlos, CA



  Monday, October 5, 2009

The holiday season is upon us and business are cleaning up on our annual need to advance the borders of buying. After spotting a row of Christmas merchandise at the drugstore, I found myself stocking some pork at Santa Ramen:

I waited my turn for Santa in the long line leading to the counter where I placed my order for my claus-trophobicly arranged bowl of pork ramen ($7.95):

... which arrived in about 10 minutes. I sleighed this slurpable, swiney soup with satisfaction as I put a dente in the noodles which I ordered with an add on of crunchy, spicy kimchee ($2.50) and a boiled egg ($1.00) which went down my hatch like a lump of coal (due to it’s ova-cooked yolk.)

While the thin slices of roast pork were a little lean for my taste, the rich broth, noodles, kikurage mushrooms and green onion were enough to bowl me over.

There was noel-ement of Scroogey portions or spirited hospitality - big bowls balanced by basic business behavior reined at this tidy hall decked out with cool Japanese posters.

This ramen workshop is worth putting on the nice list.

Santa Ramen

1944 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA



  Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Buckeye Roadhouse:

... isn’t a pivot point of innovation - it’s an unvarying vittles venue where consistency trumps risk taking.

The dining room:

... was upholstered with mostly mature Marinites inhaling cocktails or breaths from their oxygen tanks as we tucked into our baby back ribs ($18.95):

... slathered with BBQ sauce and flecked with chives. These smoked spokes were perfectly good (but not sock looseningly so) with a side of slaw with carrot and onion and grilled corn.

The flattened “brick” chicken ($19.50):

... came with a gypsy pepper oozing with melty cheese, guacamole with chunks of jicama helper and corn mush to spackle in the gaps.

After my fowl mouthed assessment, I shook some saline over this crisp-skinned, chili and lime-licked, poultry portion that has become my de-fowlt order at this reliable repast rest stop.

Buckeye Roadhouse

15 Shoreline Highway
Mill Valley, CA



Mark your Calendar

Order your doggie tranqs and get ready for those Blue Angles to freak out all the unmedicated pooches in your nabe during Fleet Week. If you want to calm your nerves during this display of military might, you can make your own flight pattern of wines at the Treasure Island Wine Fest. You can check out the aerial and aerated goods of Lodi Wine Country with hors d’oeuvres from Wine Valley Catering.

Treasure Island Wine Fest
Sunday, October 11 1-5 p.m.
tickets $55 advance, $65 at the door, $25 designated drivers (or pilots.)
21 and older
Pavilion by the Bay
291 Avenue of the Palms
Treasure Island
San Francisco, CA



  Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chef Scott Howard’s kitchen roasted Mary’s air chilled chickens to a moist, tender, perfection:

... but the duck:

... was our favorite of the fowl Fall brunch offerings at Thentic’s tasting event at the Hotel Shattuck.

It was tempting to have a lat of Latkes:

... but we conserved room for Frog Hollow’s preserves and fruits:

Margie Goolan combined Frog Hollow Warren pears, lavender simple syrup and lemon juice with Square One Botanical Vodka:

... to produce an a-pear-tif needled with rosemary and lightened with seltzer.

We made lap around the room while sipping Domaine Carneros sparkling wine, nibbling on pie portions as well as crunchy (and nicely named)18 Rabbits granola:

... on top of tangy Straus yogurt:

Not a bad way to start our Saturday.

Thentic Fall Brunch Social

Hotel Shattuck



  Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicken. Pot. Pie. These three words probably have more appeal to college students individually rather than grouped in this culinary cluster cluck at the University Café.

Their take on chicken pot pie ($10.00):

... had a puff pastry protrusion sitting on top of an assemblage of asparagus, chicken breast chunks, peas, carrots and mushrooms. It was more like a crouton crowned soup than a pie:

... but it was an okay bowl of chow. The greens had taken leaf of their salad days and didn’t add a fresh turn to this tureen.

Although I plan to transfer to another institution on my next visit to University Avenue, the place was full of customers who appeared to have a major interest in commencing with their meal.

University Café
271 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA



  Thursday, October 1, 2009

My reef-freshment of choice at Old Port Lobster Shack:

... is their lobster roll, but I was in the mood to claw through my meal so I bi-passed that crust-acean creation and shelled out 4 fins for a version without the bready bedding:

If you net two of these armored animals, you get a break of a few bucks ($40.00 for two compared with $22.75 individually.) We cracked the cases on our ‘staceans and were rewarded with sweet meat which we bathed in a drawn bath of butter. We poured this gilding goop over our cobs which we slayed along with a slaw. The accompanying fries were a little soggy, but the cup of New England style clam chowder ($5.75):

... was spud-tacular enough to distract from this root-amentary shortcoming.

Belmont brewed Devil’s Canyon Root Beer ($3.75) was a delicious, agave and honey sweetened beverage to sip on at our shell strewn picnic table at this friendly counter service shack.

Old Port Lobster Shack
851 Veterans Blvd.
Redwood City, CA










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