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March 1-10, 2010


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  Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We have cut by Espetus Churrascaria:

... on our way to Zuni, but have never insulated our stomachs with Espetus until today's visit to their San Mateo meating place.

The Gauchos got top marx for steering slices of pierced protein to our plates. Although the pork loin was parched, the beef and chicken were pen-ultimate and the chicken hearts were unbeatable.

Their extensive salad bar:

... was a nice notion, but the carnivorous cavalcade quashed our cravings for the lighter competition. We flipped our green table indicator over to signal our sirloin cessation to the flesh flingers. Lunch ($25.00) didn't cost a Brazillion dollars for this noshbuckling, nap-inducing, fire-roasted fare.

Espetus Churrascaria
701 S B St.
San Mateo, CA




  Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I tackled a box of fish products at Joy Sushi.

Although sea legs made me want to walk, it wasn't difficult to fathom why this Sushi/Sashimi lunch combo came to 3 fins ($14.95):

This was a step up from supermarket sushi, but perhaps a more clever a la carte order would have netted a superior result.

Joy Sushi
30 S B St.
San Mateo, CA



  Monday, March 8, 2010

Sushi Ran's bar annex:

... brought out the loud in the drunken table neighboring ours, but we rolled with the rowdiness and scrimmaged with a salmon citrus roll ($15.00, formerly known as the "49er roll"):

This seafood cylinder suffered some shrinkage since its first down (several seasons ago), but it was still worth an interception. An order of hamachi sashimi ($8.50):

... was also downsized to two slices of greed-inspiring, buttery, yellowtail.

The amaebi ($9.50) was sweet, fresh and delicious, but their cooked heads lango-ished in the kitchen and were delivered disappointingly cold.

A helping of Hotate ($8.00) and dos uni ($9.50) were a fine roe to ho. We also eelected to eat some unagi ($8.50) tako ($6.50) katsuo ($9.50):

... and a negitoro maki ($14.00):

... with a core of chopped fatty tuna and grilled green onion.

Despite the cooler (shrimp) heads that prevail, we'll still walk back to this brain food business to drop our fins.

Sushi Ran
107 Caledonia St.
Sausalito, CA



  Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baumé Restaurant is named after a chemist, but Chef Bruno Chemel is an alchemist when it comes to molecular gastronomy.

We sat down to a Baume-itini:

... with sparkling sake dotted with passionfruit pearls and paper-thin sheets of nori flatbread:

... before our 10 course menu ($108, $178 with drink and wine pairings.)

Our bouches were amused with spoons of dayboat scallop flecked with espelette pepper with tamari and passion fruit pearls and seaweed.

A 2008 Jazz viongier provided a baseline for an extraordinary plate of asparagus with parmesan and hollandaise pearls:

A sprig of burnt rosemary perfumed a celery and lime shot:

... served with a delectable sous vide egg with celeriac foam and a black chanterelle fricassee.

Brown rice, carrot and ginger foam, seaweed, salsify, carrots and celery with a lace of mizuna tempura:

...paired with a 2008 Domaine Séguinot-Border white Burgundy had Asian roots with French shoots.

A perfect portion of Atlantic striped bass rested on a fennel panna cotta raft in a pool of saffron bouillabaisse capped with a purple potato chip and a saffron pearl:

... went swimmingly with a 2007 Ridge Chardonnay.

Lavender foam took a dip in liquid nitrogen before creating a dragon-like puff of steam from our nostrils as we bit into this intermezzo.

Maui Blanc pineapple wine from Hawaii rode a tropical wave along with seared foie gras with a crisp pineapple chip, pineapple sponge and a miso-apricot sauce:

... followed by a pineapple beer chaser:

Eel River filet mignon with whole orange puree, leek and a cipollini onion tart:

... with a 2004 Chateau Larruau Margaux was an inspired combaux.

Tete de Moine was served in a panko coated, orb form over a yuzu compote and a spiral shaved carnation fromation:

... with the panache of a 2006 Martella Grenache.

Spoons of lychee with cocoa and passion fruit pearls with dried strawberry:

... provided a rhyme with the beginning of our meal before we sipped on strawberry ice cream sodas:

... with a strawberry gelee encasing a bubble of almond milk:

A chocolate tarragon ganache with burnt almond and strawberry ice creams and chocolate financier:

... were further gilded by house made framboise chocolates:

This 22 seat restaurant has only been open a matter of weeks, but this elegant eatery already runs smoothly with a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

We look forward to checking out their 15 course menu on our next visit.

Baumé Restaurant

201 S. California Ave.
Palo Alto, CA



  Saturday, March 6, 2010

We could only put down Marcia Gagliardi’s new book “the tablehopper’s guide to dining and drinking in san francisco” long enough to take this picture:

This imbible and feasting folio hits the spot by giving ingestion suggestions based on the context of your excursion. No clue where to take a fun client or how to locate a lovely lesbian lunch? Just check the corresponding section of this gastro guide and you’ll know the best spots to nurse a hangover or breakup with a nurse. There are a lot of cool tips all written with Marcia’s wit (and excellent taste) making this an essential eat-dition to your dining digests.

the tablehopper’s guide to dining and drinking in san francisco by Marcia Gagliardi

$16 paperback
available March 9th



  Friday, March 5, 2010

The remotely located, cafeteria-style Pacific Shores Cafe is a canteen for corporate customers tethered to both their offices and their orifices.

The salad bar and entree special looked standard issue so I queued at the grill for a cheeseburger ($7.50):

... hogmented by a criss cross of bacon. Onion rings were surprisingly non-toxic as was my made to order burger which had a soft sesame seed bun and dull meat dressed with condiments from a self serve station.

There was a crowd of lunching workers leading me to believe that isthumus be a business with a captive clientele.

Pacific Shores Cafe
2000 Seaport Blvd.
Redwood City, CA




  Thursday, March 4, 2010


The couple that run the Pantry Restaurant:

... have created a hospitable grub hub where I dug into some standard issue over easy eggs and ham ($5.95):

They have a sign touting their titanic take on breakfast so I opted to change course from the viceberg of hashbrowns and toast to a harbor of sliced tomatoes. Slightly dry biscuits were served with jelly blister packs to lube these cubes. Although I didn't flip for anything on my plate, this cozy café was a friendly fueling stop. Next time I'll have to check out some of the Filipino offerings at lunch.

The Pantry Family Restaurant
3799 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA



  Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Across the street from the Pez Museum in Burlingame is Christie’s Café:

... which dispenses compressed rectangles of meat (aka hamburger “steaks”). I pushed back my head to fill up on a breakfast ($9.75):

... of over easy eggs and a beefy brick presented with A-1 steak sauce (rather than the pezant potion of ketchup.)

Chunks of fruit and rye bread toast squared off my spring-loaded meal among a collection of locals at this place to push down the pellets.

Christie’s Café
245 California Dr.
Burlingame, CA



  Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The hashbrown sandwich ($7.00):

... at Art's Cafe is a mashination of magnetism with a thin spudder web providing a nightshade for Cheddar, two over easy eggs, sausage, spinach, onions and mushrooms.

This totted up tuber is the sort of funky fetish food that liberates the diner from thoughts of sensible eating as it condemns your personal food pyramid and labels it for demolition. Fortunately, it is worth the carbo-load due to the alchemizing array encased within its lacy layers which inspire customers to queue for this specialty of the house.

Art's Cafe
747 Irving St.
San Francisco, CA



  Monday, March 1, 2010

Buffets appeal to my sense of greed as they dish up the chafing combo of hunger and impulse shopping.

The Las Vegas/cruise ship variety and Asian soup based ones have hot pot-ential while the value driven variety are more of a crap shoot.

The selection of dishes at Clay Oven included an ordinary array of the expected Indian chow:

... including a tandoori chicken that focussed more on visual impact than to dye for flavor...but to be fair, this was a $9.95, self-serve lunch.

Clay Oven

78 E 3rd Ave.
San Mateo, CA









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