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August 21-31, 2010


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  Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We 86'ed the wait at our go-to 'shimi shop and ran over to 69 for some faster fish. We chomped on hamachi:

... and sake sashimi ($15, $14):

... uni and hotate nigiri ($8, $5):

... and a caterpillar:

... and negi toro roll ($10 each):

The sashimi had some faintly sinewy bits and the scallop had more wasabi than we prefer, but even with these blips, our seafood craving was satisfied.

Sushi 69

69 Center Blvd.
San Anselmo, CA

Mark your Calendar

Last year's Primal Napa included the sharpest meat manipulators in town and this year's line up includes muscle men Ryan Farr, Dave the Butcher, Peter McNee and Todd Humphries.

Whether you want to see a side of beef broken down while downing a Magnolia beer or chomp on chicharrones while sipping on sensational wines, you can sate your burning urges at this fun, fiery fest benefiting the Napa Fire Explorers program.

Primal Napa

September 25
2-7 p.m.
GA $75 VIP $125
Chase Cellar's Hayne Vineyard
2252 Sulphur Springs
St. Helena, CA




  Monday, August 30, 2010

The Mitsuwa Marketplace is more than a manju mecca, there is slurpable sustenance to be found at Ramen Santouka.

I placed my order at the counter of this Japanese chain. There was no English signage, but they had the requisite ramen portrayed in plastic for pointing purposes (although most of their customers were Japanese.)

My salt ramen ($9.94):

... had a deeply flavored, creamy broth bobbing with pork in a net of noodles. A rice bowl topped with green onion, nori and a boiled egg with a rub-on shoyu tan Cool Hand Luked into the last spot of my stomach.

After lunch, I took a shopping lap:

... fortified by my saline solution.

Ramen Santouka
Mitsuwa Marketplace
675 Saratoga Ave.
San Jose, CA


Mark your Calendar:

Dade Thieriot of DeeVine Wines is reasoning out the Rieslings which will accompany the 3 course, prix fixe Jardiniere dinner on September 13th.

Gulf shrimp crudo with green coriander and pork schnitzel in a smoked raisin jus are among the culinary curves that Thieriot will navigate. You can check out the details here.

DeeVine Wines Riesling Dinner
Monday September 13th
$45 prix fixe (includes food and wine)
Jardiniere Restaurant
300 Grove St.
San Francisco, CA
Reservations aren't required, but are probably a good idea for this dinner




  Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our pals took us to Dosa for some South Indian chow in Japantown.

Samosas and potato croquettes:

... arrived as a triangle and circle starter en-gendered with sweet and herbal enhancement from tamarind and cilantro chutneys.

A playful platter of uttapam:

... offered samples of pancakey permutations with coconut and tomato chutneys.

The paneer and pea dosa:

... had a nice bit of spicy heat to this triad of mash-dication.

Cauliflower curry with coconut rice:

... was a craveable crowd pleaser.

A pillow of bhatura:

... popped into our mouths flavored with lentil soup with chunks of carrot. We devoured this dosa-dough along with the rest of our delectable dinner.

Dosa Restaurant
1700 Fillmore
San Francisco, CA



  Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spottswoode's summer garden party was an idyllic afternoon strolling the grounds of their swell estate.

We sampled several Cabernets including their sumptuous 2000 Spottswoode as we enjoyed jammin' cats:

... and reveled in a risotto:

... that Panevino stirred up in addition to their grilled goods and smoked mussels:

All of the chow was designed to mingle masterfully with the spott on glasses of grapes.

The sips, snacks and setting made for a superior Saturday.

Spottswoode Estate



  Friday, August 27, 2010

Scallops ($14.00):

... sat on pedestal of pureed cauliflower surrounded by a moat of caper raisin sauce. This hefty helping of seared seafood circles combined with the liquified vegetable matter to heighten the richness and sweetness of this scallop-etizer.

The pimento burger ($10.00):

... is their famed formation of brioche bun and beef combined in a squishy, pepper and slaw-strewn setup. It's not going to appeal to those seeking a standard-style specimen, but we find ourselves returning for this soft serve sandwich. We devoured the terre-iffic pommes which complimentoed this can-I-has cuisine.

Brick & Bottle
55 Tamal Vista Blvd.
Corte Madera, CA



  Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rosamunde Sausage Grill's
Mission Street outpost is bigger than their Haight hideout, (without the symbiotic situation of a neighboring bar in which to devour their dogs.) This location doesn't do the Tuesday burgers and (unlike its sister station) has ample seating (although it was pretty empty at 12:30 today.)

We checked out the dogs in the window and picked a Spicy Italian ($6.00):

... and "Mission Street" ($6.50) model:

Both came on soft French rolls on which our pups perched with a choice of two toppings. I got grilled onions and hot peppers on the Italian job. This snappy, pork tube had a pleasantly coarse grind and nice seasoning.

The "Mission Street" was knockwurst wrapped in bacon (which melded into the beef baton like swiney shrink wrap.) Grilled onions and sauerkraut had a knock on effect to this wurst.

Both Rosamundes are worth visiting. Being a Toronado fan, I would haight to pass up their beer selection, but the bacon-wrapping is a mission accomplishment.

Rosamunde Sausage Grill
2832 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA



  Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It was a 2 dog day beginning with a spicy wiener ($3.50):

... from Tommy's Dog House:

This tube steak wasn't particularly spicy, but it was still a reasonable way to fend off hunger before my visit to Flamin Dogs Deli.

The frank ($3.50):

... from Flamin:

... was a diminutive dog served hot off the griddle. Both vendors delivered their goods on unappealingly cold buns, but Flamin's 'furter had more snap and flavor than Tommy's, elevating it the best in this double dog show.

Tommy's Dog House
3174 Campus Dr.
San Mateo, CA

Flamin Dogs Deli
465 Convention Way #4
Redwood City, CA



  Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taylor Boetticher:

... buttechered a 180 pound heritage hog:

... during this evening's Meatlocker event while pork-parazzi snapped up pictures and bites of this fine beast at Bloodhound.

The hardwood grill was searing sensational swine:

... while meaty treats like pork with salsa verde and mini bahn mi:

... circulated around the bar.

We cooled off with beer and a refreshing Vieux Carre at this potion and protein party where all the guests were carnivorous and cocktailivrous.

We chatted with Taylor about his upcoming San Francisco shop opening next month - we can't wait to step into his brick and mortar to grab some Fatted Calf saucisson sec, porchetta and whatever else Toponia directs our attention towards.

This sold-out, porky chop up:

... was a pure pleasure increasing our fed-ucation at this fantastic function.

Fatted Calf Charcuterie

soon to open at:
320 Fell St.
San Francisco, CA

1145 Folsom
San Francisco, CA



  Monday, August 23, 2010

"I'm sorry but the bartenders don't know how to make that"
the waitress informed me when she returned from a second attempt at getting my Vieux Carre, but to be fair, I was fine with the Sauzerac that I ordered off the drink card at Tavern at Lark Creek.

We snacked on Serrano and melon ($9.75):

... with a tumbleweed of arugula and almond brittle. This ham salad was a nice salty, sweet and refreshing snack.

Heirloom tomatoes ($4.75):

... with onion and blue cheese bits had a similar fresh and salty contrast.

The new chefs have kept much of the menu the same, but the tofu tempura ($14.25):

... with a bean ragout was one of their additions. These vegan vittles had a nice crisp batter over the soy center. It's not the sort of thing we normally order, but it was an imaginative entree for the meat averse (and we ate the whole thing.)

The GM was checking on tables and I asked if he would consider adding the V.C. to their beverage options and he very cool about the feedback.

Tavern at Lark Creek
234 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA



Mark your Calendar

Karen Palmer of Daily Candy will be guest bartending at Jardiniere this Wednesday, August 25 from 6-8 p.m. She'll be shaking up a special "Sweet Tart" cocktail with gin, Campari and Prosecco. Guests can chat with this e-lebrity while nibbling on Hoffman Ranch chicken and Cheddar sliders ($9.00) that the kitchen is making to pair with this peppy potion.

Jardiniere Restaurant
J Lounge
Wednesday August 25, 6-8 p.m.
300 Grove St.
San Francisco, CA



  Sunday, August 22, 2010

The recently launched Rocketfish Lounge
has been open for a little over a month in their corner Potrero Hill pad where Chef Kenichi Kawashima:

... is taping into both tapas and sushi.

Walu carpaccio ($10.00):

... was a sashimi of butterfish sauced with jalapeno vinaigrette, dotted with capers and lemon confit. This sensational starter had a subtle heat with tangy citrus and saline hits.

Mozzarella agedashi ($5.00):

... was a crazy combo of fried mozzarella in a tentsuyu sauce. This juxtaposition of Italian and Japanese was delicious with grated daikon and ginger.

Sunomono ceviche ($6.50):

... was a refreshing, summery bowl of octopus, seaweed, cucumber, pineapple, clam and mango with a rice wine vinegar dressing.

But it wasn't all about fusion fare, there was traditional nigiri. Hirame, hamachi, sake, white tuna and maguro ($4.95-$5.25):

... were well sourced, fresh and flavorful. We rocketed through this fish with gusto.

Rocketfish is a well priced, fun stop where Chef Kawashima is dishing out his creative cuisine. We'll have to check out their cocktails next time we rocket by.

Rocketfish Lounge

1469 18th St.
San Francisco, CA



Mark your Calendar

Dominique Crenn of Luce, Bruce Binn of Thermidor and Nick Balla of Nombe are among the celebrated chefs taking part in Plate by Plate SF coming to the Terra Gallery.

Guests can place bids during the silent auction while sipping on wines from vintners such as Grgich and William Cole.

Live entertainment will accompany this tasting benefit for APA Family Support Services. Check out all the deets here.

Plate by Plate SF

September 18th
7:30 - 10:30 p.m.
VIP Reception 6:30 p.m.
tickets $150 - $250
use promo code "sfpbp" to get for $125/GA and $225/VIP pricing

Terra Gallery
511 Harrison St.
San Francisco, CA



  Saturday, August 21, 2010

is finishing up their second week of nu-ness in San Francisco where they are be-stowing diners with Asian influenced chow made by Chef Corey Lee.

SOMA-lier Yoon Ha steered us through the tricky tides of complex couplings after our glasses of Gonet-Medeville Rosé Champagne.

Buckwheat lavosh were pasta machine-thin papers of nori and sesame flat breads filed in a carbo cabinet:

These munchable memoranda were the start to our groat cuisine experience.

Geta were laced up with cubes of apple gelee with marcona almond and almond milk in a crunchy, fruit jiggler with cilantro sprouts:

A preserved quail egg was upholstered with black truffle ragout and served in tandem with a molecul-orb of tomato water with a skinned tomato in a wading pool of dashi en-cumbered with pedals:

This textural travel through ancient and new was an enticing entrance to the tasting menu.

Flounder flapped in fermented pepper with a mini brunoise of mountain yam. The micro morsels of this crispy tuber subdued its mucousy nature in this crudo served alongside a dish of caramelized anchovy gelee:

Crisp bites of lily bulbs illuminated this peanut and "jelly" fish dish.

Sweetbreads grenobloises:

... were complemented by a 2008 Laport Sancerre. These crisp-shelled thymust have items were strewn with mini florets of cauliflower in a preparation that would make the offal-averse reverse.

Next came a bottle of beer and a cigarette. Hitachino white ale offered spliffy support to an eel and avocado feuille de brick:

The spicy, softly bubbly brew was a joint effort with the crisp cylinder lit up with lime creme fraiche and a 2007 Prinz Hallgartener Jungfer Riesling.

House made brioche toast transported a faux gras of monk fish liver:

Apple relish ramped up this marvelous, mustard-mingled torchon.

"Sharks fin" soup:

... had a Jinhua ham enriched broth over a truffle custard. This jaw dropping faux-mulation went swimmingly with the inspired pairing of a 2007 Verdelho Madeira.

Uni in a sea foam of corn sat on a mound spudded with corn kernels, cilantro sprouts and celery:

This dish called out urchinly for the 2002 Kiuchi Dainjon Osake.

A 2007 Domaine Paul Pernot white Burgundy washed down a rice porridge with abalone and chicken:

Razor thin slices of scallion fooled us into thinking the dish was strewn with fennel fronds.

We swirled spaghettini:

... with a 2005 Reversanti Barbaresco. This tomato marmalade and Reggiano parmesan powdered nest of garlic sheets spun us towards a 2006 Cote Roti served with a Cipollini onion capped pork belly:

A wilted iceberg lettuce shawl covered this olive and cherry coulis-cradled midsection with a spiced sugar which swayed this towards the sweetness of the swine.

Beef rib cap:

... was seared after a sous vide bath. A 2005 Chateau Potensac Bordeaux buoyed these tender bovine bites which were partnered with a spam-like parallelogram, bluefoot mushrooms, mizuna and a pool of pine needle honey.

An array of melon morsels shone in a sake soup:

This bathed our buds in a reset for dessert.

A 2005 Domaine Jo Pithon wound around compressed strawberries and strawberry sorbet:

Granules of buckwheat shortbread added rhyme to the grain that began our meal.

La Mill coffee came in pots with insulated handleless cups. We sipped on our brew as we marveled at the bespoke box that displayed our chocolates:

All of the custom created dinnerware had a tactile temptation. The African blackwood utensil rests had the feel of silk while the weave of the napkins had a grip. There was great care taken to create a minimalist surrounding to spotlight this fantastic and fun dining experience.

We thanked Chef Lee:

... for creating such a swell dinner before we shuffled off to hibernate.


22 Hawthorne Lane
San Francisco, CA









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