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January 9-16, 2010


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  Saturday, January 16, 2010

My plate lunch ($8.00):

... at L&L Hawaiian BBQ:

...had bone-dominant short ribs and heavily sauced beef with a mayonnaisey mac salad that weren’t my idea of poi-fection, but I welcomed the juicy chicken over sticky rice on this Hawaiian heap of chow.

This cheap and cheerful counter-service chain:

... of spam slingers may not be worth a detour, but is fine when you feel meh-hollow.

L&L Hawaiian BBQ
94 E 3rd Ave.
San Mateo, CA



  Friday, January 15, 2010

The Residence has taken up at the bar formerly known as Amber.

They grised the gears at this booze-tique with warm and welcoming decor:

... in concert with a collection of interesting intoxicants.

We sipped on Snow Queen Vodka from Kazakhstan, American potato Blue Ice vodka (which is good for gluten free gulpers) and we were newly zealous about 42 Below, a 84 proof, New Zealand vodka.

Imaginative, internationally-influenced, ‘tails with a twist:

... are on offer at this intimate place to dwell over a drink (among an agreeable collection of customers.)

The Residence
718 14th St.
San Francisco, CA



  Thursday, January 14, 2010

The first annual Tasty Awards were held this evening at the Sundance Kabuki:

... where culuminaries were applauded for their contributions in both food and fashion.

Leslie Sbrocco, Debi Mazar:

... and Anita Chu:

... were among the poised presenters at this television, web and film focussed fete.

The after party at the New People building:

... offered a chance to mangia:

... next to manga as we chatted with friends in this Japanese art space.

2010 Tasty Awards




  Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We drained our beer while neighboring diners (who placed their orders after ours) filled their pieholes at Howie's Artisan Pizza.

We were eventually presented with our nicely blistered pizza ($15.00):

... with chunks of house made pancetta, slivers of red onion and mozzarella. The thinly sliced Fresno chilies were hot enough to override our ability to accurately assess the tomato sauce, but through the Scolville sear, it was still a good 'za with a chewy crust. 

The red wine was served a little warmer than we prefer, but we cooled off while splitting a soft serve Straus ice cream:

... that was generously comped to swirl away our intolerance of our wait with lactose and chocolate goodness.

Howie's Artisan Pizza
Town & Country Village
855 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA



  Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disinfectant perfumed the air as we walked past the restrooms in the office building style entry hall at Jason’s.

We sipped on margaritas ($10.00) garnished with tired, browning, lime wedges as we poked through ahi ($14.00):

... which was seeded with sesame and enough sesame oil to dominate this cukey fish-tini.

The Margherita pizza ($14.00):

... had a higher cheese to crust ratio than we prefer. We scoped out other tables and determined that (although we wouldn’t reorder either of our selections) the ribeye looked like a better choice.

Even though this isn’t our kind of place, the clientele seemed to be composed of mostly regulars, so Jason’s must scratch a niche.

Jason’s Restaurant
300 Drakes Landing Road
Greenbrae, CA




  Monday, January 11, 2010

We bellied up to the bar:

... for some trotter cakes ($7.00):

... at 15 Romolo:

This trio of tricky toeses were crispy crusted porky pucks of fatuous fabulousness with a vinegary pickled salad to cut through the rich rounds which were preceded by a round of their quenching ‘tails.

I got an “el flaco” ($10.00) which was a tequila, pear liqueur and lemon liquid lightened with seltzer and a stir stick of mint, while Chubby went with the “rio grande” ($10.00) with a hot, sweet and salty periphery ‘round a reservoir of repasado, bourbon and citrus:

Both beverages were excellent preludes to beer. We particularly enjoyed the Firestone Union Jack IPA ($5.00) with our chow.

The grass-fed beef burger ($6.00 + $2.00 for “dirty south style”):

... could have used a less spongy bun, but it was still a nice meaty mit with a dose of shredded, smoked pork (which earned it the “dirty south” designation.)

15 Romolo will be one of the participants in the upcoming, sold out, Science of Cocktails event at the Exploratorium on the 20th. If you are lucky enough to be a ticket holder, you can check out the St. George absinthe puffs that they are going to produce for this upcoming mixer.

15 Romolo
San Francisco, CA



From our Bunrab email bag, Roberta writes:

Well, Susie Cakes finally made it here. We (my husband,kids and in-laws) enjoy all the treats when visiting the in-laws in LA (brentwood area). I am especially fond of the whoopie pies...big enuf for 4 people!. The homemade cakes are incredible...uhhhh-ohhh starting to salivate just thinking of the marble layer cake with chocolate icing. Thanks for letting me know that "Susie" is here.


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Roberta,

We’ll give those whoopie pies a try (but we’ll probably greedily split it in two rather than four.) Thanks for adding to the cake-cofiny.





  Sunday, January 10, 2010

This evening’s party at Hall Winery:

... was an unveiling of Thomas Monaghan’s oil painting:

...for the 2010 Napa Valley Mustard Festival. Guests nibbled on hors d’oeuvres:

... at this kick off party for the annual celebration of Napa’s superior sustenance.

We enjoyed the citrusy Hall 2008 Sauvignon Blanc:

... so much that we purchased some to bring back to the hutch.

2010 Napa Valley Mustard Festival

January 30 - March 27




  Saturday, January 9, 2010

Susie Cakes chain rolled out the red velvet today at their latest opening in Marin.

We picked up a chocolate cupcake ($3.00):

... which had a moist and light stump topped with way too much chocolate frosting. We preferred the chocolate chip cookie ($2.00):

... which was buttery, crisp-edged and far superior to the doughy circles you get at the neighboring Peets.

This macho-resistant mecca of dainty dough products seems like perfect pacification for monied mini-Marinites and their parents.

Susie Cakes
310 Bon Air Center
Greenbrae, CA










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