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January 17-23, 2010


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  Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ikea isn’t just a human maze constructed of Swedish disposable furniture, it is also a canteen:

... which sells pre-assembled portions of meatballs ($4.99 or $2.49 on Tuesdays between 4-8 p.m.):

... with mashed potatoes and lingonberries with a tang to Sweden the deal. This is the correct packaging material to insure that the walls of your stomach don’t scrape together, but as far as füd is concerned, it’s not a güd choice. The flat pack Greek salad kit ($3.99):

... had a bit of tangy feta but the mac and cheese ($1.49):

... was bland enough to be in keeping with Swiss neutrality.

The salt and pepper shakers:

... appeared to be the highest traffic items in the hall betraying the reason why this is not a dining destination.

I asked an employee if she ever ate the food here, she gave me a sad look as she shook her head.

various locations worldwide



From our Bunrab email bag, Cindy writes:

Hi, Bunrab -

I'm thinking of taking my older son out for dinner to eat some seafood. I'd prefer to stay in Marin; any recs? I think he's open to anything except sushi/raw fish, and since it's crab season, it would be great to have some of that as well. Thanks in advance!


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Cindy,

Fish. in Sausalito has excellent seafood if you are interested in a casual place. It’s pricier than you might expect for counter service, but the seafood it high quality. We’ve also had some luck at Yankee Pier in Larkspur if you want a table service option.




  Friday, January 22, 2010

Godfather's Burger Lounge is a Mafia monikered meatateria that pulled me back in for a pulverized puck of Angus capped with melted cheese ($8.50):

I was hungry enough to eat a horse's head so I got a side of onion rings ($3.50) which were taken out back to be battered, they were okay, but these limp loops aren't worth syndication.

The walls covered with mob and movie memorabilia get the juice flowing at this business of prime and crime.

Godfather's Burger Lounge
1500 El Camino Real
Belmont, CA



  Thursday, January 21, 2010

I made it to Santa Ramen for a noodley bowl of their "pork flavored" ramen ($7.95) and before they ran out of stewed premium pork ($4.50), like they did on my last visit:

These melting, meaty, morsels lived up to their reputation of deliciousness. I downed this wonderful warming antidote to the rain completely Santa-fied with a dish that has earned its place on the nice list.

Santa Ramen
1944 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 344-5918


  Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brain cells were stimulated and destroyed during the Science of Cocktails event at The Exploratorium this evening.

There were experiments:

... and demonstrations:

... relating to the chemistry of the quenching quaffables that were being crafted by some of the Bay Area’s top tipple talent.

Brandon Josie of 15 Romolo filled pastry puffs:

... with St. George Spirits Absinthe cream and chocolate tinged with mint while Tim Zohn of Alembic layered absinthe, coffee liqueur, maraschino liqueur and grenadine in Pousse Cafés:

... in a demonstration of specific gravities to fill your cavity.

No password was necessary to gain access to a drink from Bourbon and Branch’s Joel Baker. HIs Pear Sonata:

... combined 209 gin, elderflower liqueur, Meyer lemon juice, dry vermouth and pear eau de vie in this sensationally sound drink.

Liquid nitrogen:

... and foams were used to produce alluring elixirs. Bitters and sweets shared the spotlight which included a sensational spread by McCall Catering:

This beautiful buffet buffered the blood brain barrier while gummy bears soaked in alcohol:

... made the blood brain bearier.

The staff kindly offered to call us a cab on our way out, but we came to the scientific conclusion that our alcohol levels were in check after this marvelous mixer.

Science of Cocktails
3601 Lyon St.
San Francisco, CA




  Tuesday, January 19, 2010

House made bbq sauce offered some flavorful hydrating relief to the dry brisket ($13.95):

... resting on an open faced sandwich at BarBersQ. The last time we brisketed here, the meat was pleasantly fatty and didn't require moisture meddling, (so it’s possible that we just got a bum steer today.) Although not a reorder, we also appreciated the scattering of fried onions and crunchy slaw that cole-ided with this beefy bun.

The fried chicken ($15.95):

... was more our thing. This generous serving of moist, free-range fowl was nicely seasoned with crispy bits of coating shielding flavorful meat. Pepper vinegar was a nice counterpoint to this FC. Collard greens buttoned down with hammy hunks and mashed potatoes with a pool of creamy gravy nested nicely with this poul-treat

We smoked out some good 'que sine at this friendly grill where we particularly appreciated the inclusion of prices when the waitress recited the specials. The fried chicken is worth a fly by.

3900 D Bel Aire Plaza
Napa, CA



  Monday, January 18, 2010

This Just In:

Jardiniere is holding a special Haitian Relief benefit tonight (Monday 1/18). Mark Pasternak of Devil’s Gulch Ranch was in Haiti teaching farming at the time of the earthquake and has organized this event in partnership with Traci Des Jardins of Jardiniere.

This evening’s 3 course, $45 prix fixe dinner includes 3 wine pairings to go with this “nose to tail” pig meal.

They are also donating bar proceeds to the effort so if you can aide with an ‘ade to help spike the sum going to the cause.

Nose to Tail benefit for Haitian Relief

Monday, January 18th
Jardiniere Restaurant
300 Grove St.
San Francisco, CA

Fancy Food Show, Day 2

We found some wonderful Japanese wares at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show including an organic white shoyu from Takumi Shoyu Company. This lighter liquid is what you would think of as a wonderful “finishing” salt in the realm of soy sauce. The packaging is being developed, but they plan to have a ceramic vessel for this new product soon.

A block of freeze dried miso soup from the Kamata Soy Sauce & Miso Co:

... was mixed with hot water to produce the best rehydrated refreshment we can recall. Bonito broth studded with seaweed, tofu, and leeks didn’t compromise flavor and texture in this space age snack.

Antoine Amrani Chocolates:

... caught our eyes and our tastebuds with their gorgeous flavors, textures and appearance tempered by gift ready packaging.

After the show wrapped, Adam Seger shook up Hum cocktails:

... with Perfect Puree products at Bar888/Luce in the InterContinental Hotel.

These peppery, hibiscus, cardamom, ginger and pomegranate scented sips:

... coupled with Dominique Crenn’s appetizers were the perfect mixture of Luce and juice.

NASFT Fancy Food Show

January 17-19
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA



  Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moscone had a cream-filled center today:

... as the 35th Winter Fancy Food Show wheeled in cheeses:

... meats:

... and sweets:

Both halls brimmed with savory samples. There were popular porky products balanced by kosher counciling:

...fabulous foie gras:

... and tremendous truffles:

Devil’s Gulch (the latest, seasonal Cowgirl Creamery cheese):

... was present with its peppery plume over a pasteurized, core of cow-agulation.

Bellwether Farms’ plain, sheep milk yogurt:

... is friendly to those intolerant to lactose, but we like this cultured calcium cup without any need for supplementary shepherding.

There were a gagillion olive oils, but we took heed of the seed at Arette. They press organic Camerllia Oleifera (a cousin of the tea plant) to make a slick solution with a high smoke point. Perhaps they will choose to take our advice and expand their brand to include a cannabis oil blend, which they can call “tea-pot”.

We try to skip samples of goods that we already know we like, but we couldn’t swoop by Sausalito’s Dragonfly Cakes’ without nibbling on one of their light, delicate, chocolate petit fours:

The show continues tomorrow at this hub of culinary trends to come in 2010.

NASFT Fancy Food Show
January 17-19
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA









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