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June 22-30, 2010


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  Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I ordered the obvious
at Philly's Cheese Steak Shop:

... which resulted in a greasy, ground, grinder with grilled onions ($4.99):

This unappologetically unphotogenic portion of pulverized protein with provolone was a fine, fetishy lunch (supplemented by a seminar on pop protocol):

... served up by friendly counter staff who tempered the surly cooks - a good combo all round.

Philly's Cheese Steak Shop

729 California Dr.
Burlingame, CA




  Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We hit the Brick and Bottle:

... for a Blood and Sand ($9.00) which was bloody good and we were pleasantly surprised to find a Vieux Carre ($9.00) on their list.

I ryely asked about the unusual presentation (not on the rocks) and the beverage director explained that they are taking traditional cocktails and presenting them with a twist. Even though it was a carrezee creation, I enjoyed this tasty 'tail which led us to some swell swine.

Slices of la Quercia ham ($12.00):

... were good enough to speak for themselves, but parmesan and rocket fueled this lunching pad. Peaches weren't primed for this pork plate, but as the season progresses they will probably wed well.

A grilled cheese and short rib sandwich ($11.00):

... was a grown up take on a comfort classic. Crisp and toasty slices of bread encased melted white cheddar and shredded short rib in this satisfying sandwich accompanied by their sensational fries. The menu listed tomato soup, but none appeared (and we were happy enough that we didn't really care.)

Brick and Bottle is a good place to hit for both bites and 'bations.

Brick and Bottle
55 Tamal Vista Blvd.
Corte Madera, CA



  Monday, June 28, 2010

Knock off pinata:

... were beckoning to be knocked on, but instead, I knocked next door to Las Cazuelas Taqueria:

... for some unabashedly cheap chow.

My tacos ($1.25 each):

... were filled with toothsome lengua and chirpy chicken shepherded together with an al pastor. Onion, cilantro and salsa spackled in the carne cracks over crispy edged, corn tortillas

A mustachey guy with a gun ate up the tv screen:

... as I ate my frugal, fleshy, flaps at this tacotainment 'teria.

Taqueria Las Cazuelas

517 E 4th Ave.
San Mateo, CA



  Sunday, June 27, 2010

We filled our mouths with Boca Pizzeria's burrata ($8.75):

This cloud of creaminess was showered with olive oil and had a cumulous say-leaning effect from the combo of tapenade and fleur de sel (so we applied the olives economically.) Crisp crostini conveyed these re-orderable curds awhey.

Our prosciutto pizza ($14.50):

... was plucked from the wood burning oven pleasingly blistered. San Marzano tomato sauce and mozzarella melded with the chewy crust which was strewn with thin slices of prosciutto and showered with rocket when it left the oven. The bread band was a little wider than we prefer, but it was still the best pie to be found in Novato.

Brussels sprouts ($4.50):

... with olive oil, pancetta and pecorino were a little undercooked for our tastes, but still okay.

The popular patio seating, nice nosh and welcoming staff means we'll have to return to this new North Bay pizzeria once they've had a chance to settle in.

Boca Pizzeria
454 Ignacio Blvd.
Novato, CA



  Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where to go for Chinese in SF with adults and kids? Old Mandarin Islamic covered all debases with dumplings, noodles and fortune cookies for the younger sters and hot pot with spicy broth, green beans and spicy lamb for the rest.

This funky frontier of Eastern facing eats was worth mandarin down to the Sunset.

Old Mandarin Islamic
3132 Vicente St.
San Francisco, CA



  Friday, June 25, 2010

Pride partiers prevailed at this evening's celebration at 12 Gallagher Lane.

This benefit for amfAR and the James Beard Foundation garnered the gracious support of such celebrated chefs as Traci des Jardins, Gary Danko, Craig Stoll and Emily Luchetti.

Beef tenderloin with herb spaetzle, cipollini onions and king trumpet mushrooms:

... was a divine Danko dish.

Yang Sing's diminutive, sumptuous, dumplings:

... were devoured along with sweetbreads saltimbocca:

... and Jewish artichokes with lemon and aioli from Delfina's Craig Stoll.

2009 Hall Sauvignon Blanc and Miura Cava were topped up by a toned tender:

... while SKYY Vodka basil gimlets were made by a dude wearing a shirt:

Bunrabs were the bouncy backdrop:

... while Chef des Jardins and her assistant plated.

Everything was hunky dory:

... at this stylish soirée with a festive flock

The San Francisco Pride Soirée
12 Gallagher Lane
San Francisco, CA



  Thursday, June 24, 2010

After two strikes, I finally caught a fly bowl of ramen ($13.00):

... at Hapa during the Ferry Building Farmers Market.

A coil of dente dough provided slurpable strands splashing in a pleasingly porky broth. Chicken karaage and its sous vide offspring made a nest in this nori nudged, pig-mented dish.

The pork hogged the spotlight as it lazily surrendered its swiney succulence in this selection of souper ate meatdia.

Hapa Ramen
SF Ferry Building Farmers Market
San Francisco, CA




  Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We wandered through the organic garden:

... which supplies Poggio Trattoria during this evening's soirée:

... where we got to see the palette that Peter McNee draws from for his Northern Italian cuisine.

This terraced oasis is part of the home of Larry and Debbie Mindel:

... (Larry is Poggio's managing partner) and served as the perfect backdrop for Chef McNee's:

... grilled figs with prosciutto and radicchio, coils of sausages, lamb and asparagus.

The latest release of Poggio's hand crafted wines:

... wedded with house made salumi and antipasti:

... as guests drank in the scenery and were consumed with conversation.

Chef McNee's al fresco feast was a fierce as his restaurant renderings at this festa-monial to seasonal celebration.





  Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A pool of Boulevard-wise talent has infused the Infinity building with street-smart chow. Nancy Oakes:

... Pam Mazzola, Kathy King and Ravi Kapur will be the driving force with Scott Carr steering as GM at Prospect.

This evening's preview of this 120-seatery spear-headed by Chef de Cuisine Ravi Kapur gave us an idea of what to expect once they officially open for business on June 29th.

Brooke Arthur:

... continues to widen her range with lush 'lixirs like her rye-based "Prospector", "The Whaler":

... with great white tequila and a refreshing "Candace":

... louped with melon and vodka over Kold Draft cubes.

We nibbled on hamachi crudo:

... potato dumplings:

... braised pork cheeks and Elise Fineberg's:

... tasteful desserts:

... which provided pleasing pastry punctuation.

The party gravitated towards the kitchen:

... where this team worked as a cohesive crew (making it difficult to believe that their opening day is still on the horizon.)

We plan to loop back to the base of the Infinity building for more swell drinks and chow.


Prospect Restaurant
300 Spear St.
San Francisco, CA










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