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October 1-9, 2010


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  Saturday, October 9, 2010

The ice cream at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous is worth dashing out for, but the house made salted caramels ($1.00):

... should not be overlooked. Cylinders of singed sucrose have just the right amount of give in these log rhythmically luscious, infectious confections.

It would be easy to burn through a batch of these buttery batons so it's probably dentally dutiful that they sell these individually.

Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous

699 22nd St,.
San Francisco, CA



  Friday, October 8, 2010

The San Francisco Marriott Marquis was the site of malt eased flacons during this evening's Whisky Fest.

We luxuriated in the elegant Gordon & MacPhail Strathisla 1963:

... savored the citrusy Glenrothes 1985:

... and sank into the sensational smoke signals of the A.D. Rattray Bowmore 18 yr.


... kept guests from tippling over while seminars allowed for seated sipping.

St. George Spirits:

... was pouring their White Dog.

This puppy had a playful personality beside its big brother - the 6 month "toddler" Bourbon which was housed in new charred American oak.

We 'bibed the AOK, K&L barrel selection before whisking our way back through the crowd of grainiacs.

There were excellent expressions in the glasses and faces:

...during this kilt-driven:

... drinking event.


Malt Advocate
WhiskyFest 2010



  Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blind tastings:

... folded together perceptions with deceptions at the kickoff party for the 2010 Chocolate Adventure Contest at Orson Restaurant.

Our favorite Tablehopper:

... collaborated on this Tuttifoodie and Scharffen Berger tempered event where we sipped on cocktails:

... contailing bruleed beets and noshed on Orson's notable nibbles.

Cupcakes contented the merry making media mass:

... celebrating a contest to concoct a petite treat that defeats. This baking battle includes ingredients like bee pollen, adzuki beans, and chili pepper among possible batters up. Check out the rules and prizes here.

Our bittersweet departure was boosted by booty bags crammed with cocao to send us off to continue on our chocolate adventure.

The 2010 Chocolate Adventure Contest



  Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tender chunks of lobster
took the sting out of working through lunch with a tremendous takeaway attache of seafood.

My Shack Louis salad ($22.75):

... from Old Port Lobster Shack had a hefty helping of de-crusted eaceans. Chopped romaine and cukes shored up this salad. The egg was overboiled, but not sulfurously so. Overall, this oceanic offering was a tidey touchdown.

Old Port Lobster Shack

851 Veterans Blvd.
Redwood City, CA



  Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taste in Mediterranean & Italian Cuisine is a little noshing nook in Burlingame.

Their red lentil soup came with the vegetarian falafel lunch special ($6.99):

It is the kind of legume I like to consume.

It pulsated with well spiced, balanced flavors as a prelude to their fab falafel.

I was garbanzo about the big, crisp-shelled chick-a-licious bean balls dressed with tahini-yogurt sauce in a hummus lined pita pocket with a fresh snap of cukes and tomatoes.

Mint lemonade looked like wheatgrass juice but was a pleasing potion with a twang of citrus and herby freshness.

This cheap and cheerful deli/bakery has a friendly staff:

... a few tables, counter service and swell chow. I'll have to swing back to Taste in.

Taste in
1199 Broadway unit #1
Burlingame, CA 94010



  Monday, October 4, 2010

The idea of Japanese-style Chinese food sent me to Yu-Raku Restaurant:

... where East meets East in a fusion of 'fuscious.

Lunch special A ($9.50) came with a bowl of shoyu ramen:

... which had a mild broth, nice noodles and a marinated egg.

An omelet flecked with snow crab sat on a mound of steamed rice:

The eggs were sweeter than I prefer, but still good.

Chinese-influenced red decor enveloped the bustling dining room where everyone else was carrying on conversations and slurping in Japanese.

I'll have to double back to try more at this authentically inauthentic eatery.


104 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94401



  Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sweet Breams is chibi taiyaki production parlor:

... where we tanked up on a "half school" (six for $3.50) of their little filled caked that they mold into fish forms.

You can eat your brain food while perusing the artwork and toys for sale if you are in the mood for knick knacks and snacks.

They make these hot on the spot or you can migrate them home and refresh them in the oven.

We netted a vanilla, chocolate, nutella, azuki (2 of these) as well as a "catch of the week".

The special was filled with mint custard and sprinkles were stirred into the batter to produce a fin-fetti effect.

These soft, custard cradles were a tiny bit sweeter than the versions we've had in Japan, but this eat-quari-yum seems to be getting along swimmingly by putting their own spin on these breamy bites.

Next time we'll drop some code words from their secret menu.

Sweet Breams

220 2nd Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401
T 650.347.3509



Mark your Calendar

Last year's WhiskyFest was a distillation of both our favorite producers and drinkers and this year also promises to bring out a surplus of sensational sips.

In addition to the over 260 whiskies, there will be cognac, rum and other spirits to lift yours. Pour over the list of libations here.

Easy speakers will give tasting tours, debate and educate in the salons while producers pour in the main room.

The VIP passes are already sold out, but regular admission tickets can still be had.

WhiskyFest 2010

October 8, 2010
6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
General Admission tickets $110
San Francisco Marriott
55 Fourth St.
San Francisco, CA




  Saturday, October 2, 2010

Habitat for Humanity threw volunteers a pro bono with a swell picnic today that also accomodated staff members and families that have moved into Habitat's rejuvinated houses.

This fine portable establishment:

... provided bacon hot dogs: fuel sack races.

Shaved ice got a paint job:

... with a pallet of potions that were all done to code.

More generic provisions from the local big box store:

... supplemented the made to order delights. It's hard to say no to a chocolate chip cookie regardless of its origin.

There was even a nifty raffle:

Habitat for Humanity is an excellent organization that understands that as important as a roof over your head may be, bacon has its place too.




  Friday, October 1, 2010

4 huge, thick slices of bacon beckoned from my "bacon and eggs" breakfast ($8.75):

... at Nini's.

These swell swine strips sweetened the deal on my morning meal. Smooshed potatoes got a lacy layer of crisp crust with a chopped top of peppers and onion. The scram was slightly overcooked for my taste, but this radiation rate wasn't enough to put me off my nosh at this funky and friendly diner.

Nini's Coffee Shop
1000 N. Idaho St.
San Mateo, CA









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