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December 1-10, 2010


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  Friday, December 10, 2010

Bona feeds

There were lots of Poles electing to eat at Bona Restaurant:

... where they nail Polish cuisine with pickle cream soup ($2.95):

...a dillicious demonstration encumbered by chunky potatoes in this magnetic pole potion.

Hunter's stew ($6.95):

... was a mushroom, beef, pork and sausage solution (with the requisite cabbage) in a creamy construction possessing a pleasingly sour edge spudded with two scoops of mashed potatoes.

It has been a while since our Warsaw visit, but Bona was a fine reminder with its dance-worthy pole-ish cusine.

Bona Restaurant

651 H Maloney St.
Menlo Park, CA




  Thursday, December 9, 2010

David Tanis' past cookbook inspired us to make some ducky delicacies which made us eager to take a gander at his latest book: heart of the artichoke and other kitchen journeys.

After reading through this wonderful work it was difficult to decide on which recipe to start with, but the rain inspired an agoraphobic answer - something that didn't require a trip to the market.

The author wrote of a time he found himself housesitting (at a site with little in the pantry but a box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix) and the improvised supper that resulted. His adaptation required a little adaptation on our part (to avoid leaving the hutch).

We put a tablespoon of white vinegar in a cup of milk (to stand in for the buttermilk) and used shallots instead of onions but even with our modifications, the results were delicious. We ate the finished products standing by the stove, pulling them hot from the pan and tearing apart each gilded, savory frisbee one by one - our idea of a great dinner.


Jalapeño Pancakes


1 cup all purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup buttermilk
1 egg, beaten
1 Tablespoon melted butter or olive oil
1/2 cup thinly sliced onion or scallion
1 or 2 jalapeño chiles, sliced thin
1/2 teaspoon toasted coarsely ground cumin

Mix up the batter, and stir in the onion, jalapeños, and cumin. Heat up the griddle, and make your pancakes.

Excerpted with permission from
heart of the artichoke and other kitchen journeys
by David Tanis
Artisan 2010




  Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We shot upstairs at Epic Roadhouse to the Quiver Bar:

... where we targeted some tucker at this luxe lounge located on the waterfront. After we Embarc'ed our deros on a couple of the mafia boss worthy barstools. Our plush perch was a safe vantage point for viewing a guy who believed he was truly hysterical (and his shrinking business associates.)

A rare pork porterhouse ($27.00):

... was decked with discs of fried jalapeno rings and slices of elephant heart plums. This cut was massive enough to port the balance to our house (where we later enjoyed it in a snack of fried rice.)

Mince is manufactured in house for their Roasthouse burger ($20.00):

This double fisted deal comes with a pint of draft (we went with the Speakeasy IPA):

... and a brownie for afters:

The brioche bun was a tender, enriched roll that resisted disintegration under the juicy influence of the cow prodding. Gilding goods included whole grain mustard, aioli, bacon, corn and 'shrooms:

Steak fries anchored this marvy meat mitt before we dug into our chocolate sauce strewn brownie.

Next visit we'll have to check out the tartare that we witnessed being prepped barside for our neighbors.

Quiver Bar

Epic Roasthouse
369 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA



  Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking for gift basket grub? Here are our reccos for loot to fill your holiday hampers:

Cowgirl Creamery's Pierce Pt. cheese:

... with some Rustic Bakery flatbreads:

The Cowgirl's cool curds have an affineurty with Rustic's dough plateaus.

June Taylor Marmalade:

June Taylor brings flourish to fruits with her apeeling spreads.

St. George Single Malt Lot 9:

A well-priced, chocolaty chug of Alameda Airstrip terrior.

Rancho Gordo Desert Island Sampler:

The is a collection of 5 heirloom bean varieties that you can count on.

Au cour des chocolats:

Assorted chocolates from this Redwood City chocolate shop cannot be missed

Fatted Calf fegatelli. These upscale Slim Jims are hankerable hand held Corsican-style sticks of garlicky pork with red wine and spices.

Estrallita's Snacks spicy plantain chips:

We are bananas for these crunchy, spicy, yellow wafers.

The Chef's Press:

Bruce Hill's stainless steel surfaces offer cooking enhancement by providing an even, accelerated browning or work to keep pickling products in the briny deep.

Recchuitti burnt caramel almonds:

We crunch on these dark chocolate coated creations focusing on the idea that they qualify as healthful.

Equator Coffee. These San Rafael roasters do custom blends for some of our favorite restaurants but provide brewables for the privacy of your own home.

Le Sanctuaire minis:

Back in the day, you would have to walk away with a portly packages of spice at this flavorite shopping spot. Now you don't have to cart away kilos of seeds with their line of minis.

Get the Grains of Paradise for making apple pie or the golden vadouvan mix for amping up carrots.

Or, if you want to simplify, just cram your basket full with a bunch of:

4505 Chicarrones.

An addiction for which there is only one cure.




  Monday, December 6, 2010

We had necessary conversations:

... with fashionistas, Brock stars and other fab folks:

... at this evening's Gilt City hosted party at Benu.

Sommelier Soon Ha hooked up up with some white Burgundy as we grazed on gorgeous goods:

... created by Chef Corey Lee:

There were sensational shots of with cod milt and orbs exploding with flavor:

... among the array of extraordinary bites.

Guests toured the kitchen:

... as they ate eight treasure duck:

... capped off with beef and potatoes.

A few nibbles of chocolates:

... fueled us up on gilt before we hit the City after this fine fete.

Gilt City
Benu Restaurant



  Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vis á vis

Vis á vis has taken zee place of NewZ and Cafe Z in Greenbrae where this vis-ophyte is taking on the not so green-braens in addition to the Marin family crowd.

The menu appears to have taken account of the terrain with familiar formulations (like burgers and chops) as well as areas of interest for less tradition-tethered tasters.

A poached, panko'ed and fried egg with an afro of fried leeks($9.00):

... sat in a nest of fried rice noodles with carrots and snap peas. The recommended pairing of the 2009 William Augustus Viognier-Marsanne ($9.00) had its vibrancy leveled by the soy ginger sauce, a Riesling might have been more our thing.

Prawns with purple cauliflower, baby fennel and baby carrots ($21.00):

... in a shrimp broth was an earthy aquari-yum with fennel frowns fringing this espelette peppered pool.

Seared scallops ($22.00):

... also had a terrestrial tendency with celery root "ravioli" and surrounding allumettes of apple in an illuminating culinary construction.

Chef Mike Fredsall:

... is a breath of fresh air at Bon Air with his seafood savior faire in this friendly, strip mall bistro.

Bistro Vis á Vis

282 Bon Air Center
Greenbrae, CA



  Saturday, December 4, 2010

I took over
some territory at Godfather's:

... for a blue cheeseburger ($8.95):

... which was a satisfying sandwich using Angus brandoed beef. I polished off the crisp fries (and bypassed the greasier onion rings) before I paid my toll at this at this movie-themed, mob hangout.

Godfather's Burger Lounge
1500 El Camino Real
Belmont, CA



  Friday, December 3, 2010

The Tacos el Primo truck in Bayview/Hunterspoint had a brisk business:

... during lunch as I rolled up for a trio of tacos ($1.50 each):

My pollo, cabeza and el pastor were scattered with cilantro, radish slices, an oniony salsa and a grilled habanero pepper. A high meat to 'tilla ratio made these tasty truck treats a fortifying feed.

A couple of regulars opened bags of Doritos, showered them with hot sauce, sealed and shook their bags and savored their sack snack as I vowed to emulate their 'rito ritual the next time I find myself in the area.

Tacos el Primo Truck
parked at the intersection of Yosemite and Jennings
San Francisco, CA



  Thursday, December 2, 2010

The fries at Marlowe:

... were so supernaturally delicious that my obvious enjoyment of them inspired my neighbors to deviate from their salady leanings to also take the path to these praiseworthy pommes.

Horseradish aioli galloped alongside these shatteringly shielded spud spears which accompanied my burger ($12.00):

This muscle mince was bumpered by a soft bun that stood up to the moo jus. Caramelized onions, Cheddar cheese and bacon filled in the carne crevices of this fine bovine dine.

A carafe of blood orange mint iced tea ($5.00):

... was a sensational citrusy slap to my midday meal which was served up by the friendly and fast staff.

When I was winding down, my neighbor leaned over and asked, "are you going to finish those?":

... before he became the happy recipient of the balance of my fab fries.


330 Townsend
San Francisco, CA



  Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We popped by Jardiniere for a soiree:

... celebrating Eugenio Jardim's:

... latest labeling - being named Sunset Magazine's 2010 sommelier of the year.

Eugenio not only knows his stuff, he is incredibly gracious - Jardim's aire permeates Jardiniere with his Eugenious wine direction to complement Traci Des Jardin's cuisine.

Congrats Eugenio!!!


300 Grove St.
San Francisco, CA










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