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April 1-10, 2011


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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tender spears of flatbread ($1.75):

... spearheaded our dinner at Vin Antico.

Olive oil with balsamic and ribbons of orange zest provided a plunge for these pointy portions proceeding some swell Hog Island sweetwater oysters:

... with a duo of watermelon radish relished and a duo of Prosecco mignonette dressed bivalves given added sparkle from glasses of Quattro Mani Franciacorta.

Dungeness crab and citrus salad ($16.00):

... with shaved fennel, red onion and preserved lemon was tumbled in a truffle oil vinaigrette. This sensational salad with frisée and cress was paired with a crisp 2009 Knez Rosé.

The flatbread special ($15.00):

... was capped with thin slices of cravable house made coppa melded with smoked mozzarella, chili flakes and gorgeous green garlic. Sean Thackrey's sensational Old Vines Red Blend:

... bonded beautifully with this blistered bread.

Pork belly ($20.00):

... was cured in vanilla salt to square off this salined swine with gently grilled scallop, octopus tentacles and shrimp. Salsa verde and orange gastrique garnished this surf and turf washed down with 2009 Point Concepción Pinot Noir.

Semonila and Bellwether ricotta gnocchi ($16.00):

... was rolled out russet-free with Zuckerman asparagus, roasted peppers, capers, pine nuts, trumpets of death and hedgehog mushrooms.

The English pea and asparagus risotto:

... sprung with the essence of spring in this stirring rice-dishin of a classic.

Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient service kept the Sunday crowd sated in the warmly decorated, wood accented dining room.

Chef Ed Vigil:

... helms this hub of house made pastas, charcuterie and selectively sourced goods. His swell cuisine will have us coming back for more - we learned that he also is involved in the beer selection (which we'll have to check out on our next visit.)

Vin Antico
881 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA





Saturday, April 9, 2011

Barman Brian Felley's refreshing gin, pear and ginger cocktail with lemon oil and Peychaud's bitters:

... set the enticing tone as we sat down to dinner at Garçon! this evening.

A pool of artichoke soup ($8.00):

... with spiced potatoes, chives and lemon cream was a bud bowl of seasonal slurpability followed by duck liver paté dusted with sea salt and sweetened with a cube of Riesling and apple gelée:

This duxtiposition was a nice play on a sticky wine with spreadable liver. More offal ornamented the duck salad with heartable heats, gizzards, liver and duck confit in a frisée and treviso tangle. This fit the bill as we sipped on 2009 Hugel et Fils Alsace Blend.

Candied bacon added a sweet, salty crunch to succulent scallops over lentils in a cauliflower and garlic puree:

Little vinegary bursts of pickled mustard seeds added dimension to the perfectly pink pork tenderloin ($22.00):

... with hedgehog mushrooms, potato puree and artichoke barigoule. This pleasing porcine plate (with a thistle flourish) bloomed with a 2008 Figge Cellars Pinot Noir.

Hot, greaseless, beignets were pillowcased with a shower of sugar powder to add a carbo cushion to a rich cup of espresso pot de crème ($10.00):

... topped with a quenelle of Kahlua cream. A 1945 Rivesaltes Cuvée Amédée:

... gilded the evening. Proprietor Jerome Rivoire:

... told us the story of this fortified, French find as we sipped on this caramel conclusion to our meal.

Executive Chef Arthur Wall:

... does the butchery as well as the desserts at this convivial confluence of Paris bistro fare and beyond. The pristine proteins, excellent elixirs and swell service beckons us back for more. The parade of passing steak frites looked inviting and the sea urchin fettuccine with Dungeness crab sounded like our kind of pasta. We'll have to return to this boy-strous business soon.

1101 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA




Friday, April 8, 2011

T2 is the sequel to San Francisco chow right in terminal 2 of San Francisco's International Airport.

This vittles vector in this transportation mastication station where you can land a full meal, snack and sip or shop for gift grub.

Tyler Florence:

... did a fly by to lift off his Rotisserie & Wine "meet and three":

... which will include a meat and 3 side dish combo for those who need a meal (after the popular porno scan and pat down) once travelers reach the Napa Farms Market.

Our favorite Cowgirls:

... roped us in Mt. Tam:

...(which inspires our pias admiration.) A mountain of this mammaryble manipulated milk can reach its peak on Acme bread which is available for purchase along with Kara's Cupcakes:

These sweet stubs can be washed down with excellent Equator coffee as you taxi before takeoff.

The Burger Joint served up Niman cheeseburgers and crisp crusted fries, Wakaba rolled out sushi:

... and Lark Creek Grill:

... kept the salads, tamale pancakes topped with chicken and butterscotch pudding flowing:

The Plant Cafe hadn't completely taken root, but they should be pulsating with lentil burgers during the official opening.

Cat Cora is opening a cradle with cocktails and tapas and Pinkberry:

... will pump out plumes of their distinctive dessert.

There is a VinoVolo:

... to offer flights without planes and two Peet's outlets to perk passengers for boarding.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the official opening of this hunger termination hub where pleasingly un-airporty eats. swell workstations:

... and art augment the American Airlines and Virgin America gate grouping in this $383 million makeover.

T2 - I'll be back.

San Francisco Airport

Terminal 2





Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cutting through the red grape at City Hall

Chef Joshua Skenes' chicken liver mousseline with smoked beets and rose gelee:

... was a marvelous mouthful along with a glass of Saison's:

... sensational 2009 Saison at this evening's Toast of the Town in San Francisco City Hall.

Hall was also in the hall with their mellow 2006 Merlot and Bergfeld Cabernet Sauvignon.

Étoile Restaurant's chef Perry Hoffman:

... strung fiddlehead ferns together in concert with hiramasa sashimi:

These flower arrangements flowed with their namesake sparkling wine.

Chef JW Foster fosters bees atop the Fairmont. He harvested his honey to beestow a buzz of sweetness to his bee-f tartare.

We purloined this sirloin and loved the tuft of tiny leaves that added a licorice lilt to this crostini cradle of grass fed cow.

Emily Luchetti's:

... blissful brownie brown sugar parfait reminded us of her "cream dream" that she wrote about in her weekly writings. Not only is she a masterful pastry chef, she also writes a sweet column.

This tasting tour covered some tantalizing terroir and City Hall was a perfect venue:

... for this enthusiastic oenophile crowd.

Wine Enthusiast

Toast of the Town 2011
San Francisco City Hall






Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The 3 taco special ($4.99):

... at Taqueria Mar y Tierra:

... landed me with a trio of masa mits mounded with luscious lengua, smoky pastor and carne asada. Refried beans and rice supplemented these cilantro and onion topped protein piles.

The mall setting did not mar the tierra tucker dispensed at diminutive denominations at this quick 'queria quadrant.

Taqueria Mar y Tierra
1475 Broadway
Redwood City, CA





Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Draeger's is a South Bay chain of Whole Foodsy markets with boutiquey provisions.

The pastrami ($6.99):

... from their deli department:

... was grilled to a mildly greasy veneer with Swiss melting into the brined beef. Mustard modified light rye fortressing this fair fuel.

Seniors of a feminine persuasion dominated the designated dining area where counter orders were delivered without delay.

The Refuge it was not, but a quick bite while shopping it was...

Draeger's Markets





Monday, April 4, 2011

The bone from the veal chop ($29.00):

... at the recently opened El Paseo House of Chops was so gnawably good that we scraped every scrap of char-telege from this Flintstonian skelli-stick. The meaty mass wasn't so bad either with a porcini butter and fried sage advising the tender tastes of cow.

We had our dinner in the bar:

... where crisp potato chips:

... were confettied with fried rosemary and sage to support the beer and wine (none of the still stuff) before we sank into a Parker House:

... upholstered iron pan with herb butter melting into the bready borders of this sea salt surfaced starch.

Aged beef was ground into the burger ($16.00):

... topped with bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce and thin sliced pickles. Brioche bumpers didn't buckle under the bernaise that buttered up this sand-rich served with fries. This was tara-gone fast along with a couple beers.

Chef Preston Clark presided over the muscular menu with all the requisite steaky sides. There is patio seating as well as the restaurant proper. Next time we plan to tuck into the ribeye for 2 and we'll have to save room for dessert.


El Paseo House of Chops
17 Throckmorton Ave.
Mill Valley, CA





Sunday, April 3, 2011

We always have a case of butter brain the day after a French Laundry meal, but once our grey matter defogs, it's time for a little hair of the dog with their signature sugar-dusted shortbreads, chocolate macadamias:

... and an assortment of luscious lumps of filled chocolates:

...and some strong coffee....





Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chinese osetra caviar:

... was the ticket at the French Laundry. These ova oriented themselves on 2 bit-sized blini with chive creme fraiche in the best eggs and flapjack dish ever. We worked up to this roe-tation with a half bottle of 1998 Billecart-Salmon:

... with salmon cornets:

... and gougers:

... followed by a chilled carrot velouté:

Medjool dates, hearts of palm and cilantro sprouts enhanced the earthy sweetness of this taproot tonic.

Earshell clam with compressed cucumber, soy milk foam, radish, avocados and soy cream:

... was a shellfish sashimi sensation followed by a breaded pork jowl over crab infused rice with broccolini, mint and lilly bulbs:

... that were lit up with a 2007 Nigl Riesling.

The signature truffle custard with a chive chip:

... egg-shelled in silkiness transitioning to more black truffle puree in an appeeling Gros Michel banana and Belgian endive salad dotted with hazelnuts:

A microplane flew over tagliatelle showering strands of dente dough with black truffle in a fragrant fungus flurry:

These ribbons were tied with a bow of butter wound up with a wondrous 2007 Hudson Valley Chardonnay.

Sturgeon confit:

... was a perfect pave of fish flesh fortified with a horseradish creme fraiche, beets, chard and a crisp sturgeon croquette.

Butter poached lobster tail:

... was given legs with bluefoot mushrooms, salsify, green garlic and bone marrow pudding with a sauce Bordelaise.

We got a peek at a whole roasted lobe of foie gras before it returned to the kitchen to be plated with cauliflower, frisée, green almonds and little apricot fruit roll ups to gild the liver (levitated with quatre épices.):

Shatteringly crisp-skinned Guinea hen breast with mustard greens, Tokyo turnips and apple:

... roosted with a 2006 Joseph Roty Gevrey-Chambertin.

Superior Snake River beef:

... was sous vided, seared and swathed with potato puree, peas and pea shoots and capped with pommes Maxine. A foie gras-sicle was grated over the top to create an offal snow storm that melted marvelously into this cowstruction companied with cherried chugs of 2005 Livio Sassetti Brunello di Montalcino.

Instead of the usual slices of fruit and nut breads, the cheese coarse came with a sun dried tomato roll to echo shades of the caponata crowning a pecorino crusto nero with artichokes, jingle bell peppers, mustard leaves in a ring of espelette oil:

Tiny ginger pearls floated in a lychee tea with Asian pear and a quenelle of lychee sorbet:

... before a mango lassi with coconut foam, mango sorbet and coconut sherbet:

Pastry Chef Courtney Schmidig deftly dispensed delicate desserts that offered finessed final flourishes to a magnificent meal.

A golden glass of 2000 Disznoko Tokaji Aszu gilded our gobs along with a smacking pistachio cheesecake with orange sorbet, Morello cherries and orange segments:

Cappuccino semi-freddo with donut holes:

... wound us back to breakfast after a 5 hour feast finalized with mignardises and shots of espresso.

Chef Devin Knell and his team kicked culinary ass with this righteous repast that ended with our anxious anticipation of our next visit.

The French Laundry
6640 Washington St.
Yountville, CA







Friday, April 1, 2011

The sun set over crashing waves and passing cargo ships as we lingered over a shellfish platter ($55.00):

... at Sutro's at the Cliff House.

We cracked into Dungeness legs, slurped down Miagi oysters, shrimp, scallop ceviche and wakame salad with all the requisite saucing agents along with a serving of their signature ahi tartare ($18.00):

This tuna was tumbled with sesame oil, garlic, chili, peppers, Asian pear, mint and a quail egg yolk with added crunch from pine nuts. We enjoyed this spicy seafood spread over toast points.

Pistachio crusted scallops and pork belly ($32.00):

... were a textural treat with nutty nuggets of shellfish and orange-glazed oinker. Chunks of butternut squash and a smooth, parsnip puree penned in with the pig and Venus vehicles outlined with red wine reduction.

We loved the pickled rainbow chard ribs with Granny Smith apple, celery leaves and parsley that crowned the bacon dusted salmon ($29.00):

This perfectly cooked, pink portion positioned on a pedestal of chard was given a smooth rooting in potato puree and punch from mustard sauce.

The frozen lemon souffle ($9.50):

... sounded innocent enough, but it materialized as a complex construction offering a fine freddo finish. The tantalizing tang of aged balsamic augmented the fruit in this blueberry-beaded, lemon curd-cradled, black peppered tower of tastiness. Citrus shortbreads offered a crisp counterpart to this must-order, sensational, citrus cylinder.

Chef Patick Prager's:

... cliff hanging helpings were the perfect pairing for the Pacific panorama.

It's nice to know that good views and good chow aren't mutually exclusive.


Sutro's at the Cliff House

1090 Point Lobos Ave.
San Francisco, CA



Mark your Calendar

You can cheer on our home town Top Chef Master competitor, Traci Des Jardins, as 25 screens at the Public House beam her battle (benefiting La Cocina) to her San Francisco supporters.

La Cocina is a San Francisco incubator kitchen that cultivates low-income food entrepreneurs (and is also the source of some swell chow.) This culinary crew will prepare appetizers and there will be featured drinks (with proceeds of their sales going to La Cocina.)

So root for our home girl while snacking on goods from La Cocina this Wednesday, April 6th and see if Traci is on her way to taking the prize home to San Francisco.

Top Chef Masters Viewing Party

The Public House
Wednesday, April 6th at 8 p.m.
AT&T Park
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA










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