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February 1-10, 2011


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  Thursday, February 10, 2011

Color controversy and sabotage:

... attracted our attention to San Rafael's new Pizza Orgasmica where a lunch special ($9.95) of a Caesar:

... pepperoni pizza:

... and drink halted hunger with standard servings of belly ballast.

This WiFi, brewpub:

... and futbol hotspot is a celebratory center where sports fans take in the local color.

While this new pizza place starts up:

... the pie business across the street has closed shop:

...The Pie Palace will bake up their hand held pies for the spring Farmers market but there is no more pastry purchasing at this petite parlor.

Pizza Orgasmica
812 Fourth St.
San Rafael, CA




Mark your Calendar

The Public House is participating in SF Beer Week with a line up of events including a Beerunch including Magnolia Saison, a best coast dinner with Speakeasy and Lagunitas suds and a AT&T park tour so you can pair pitchers with pitchers.

Check out all the deets here.

The Public House
AT&T Park
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA



  Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fries are mandatory munching during lunch at Marlowe. These spectacular spud spikes are shatteringly-shelled, starch-stuffed, pokey potato perfection served with a horseradish aioli.

A chicken sandwich ($12.00):

... accompanied my neat frites. This bacon bedecked, Caesar-sauced, bun-bound, crispy fried clucker was a nice nest of nutrition before we jarred our palates with dessert.

The lid was flipped from a "chocolate cream pie in a jar" ($6.00):

... with a cookie crust and nibby North to provide texture and traction to this Tcho-piece.

"Upside down pear crisp" ($6.00):

... was a pear-fait of fruit, bourbon ice cream and luscious caramel sauce.

Although all the chow is swell. I'm tempted to go vegan and eat a strict diet of Marlowe's fries.

Marlowe Restaurant

330 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA



  Tuesday, February 8, 2011

La Bodega at Sol Food is a green offshoot to one of our go to San Rafael pit stops.

The pork rib lunch ($9.95) was a quarter rack of meaty, moist, well-seasoned gnawing:

... with pinto beans, rice, salad, garlic toast, and plantains:

... (I chose a combo of maduros and tostones although I prefer the whole maduros for their moister, sweeter qualities.)

This bean bag of chow was a luscious lunch at this awesome adjunct with a friendly staff and wallet friendly wares.

Sol Food la Bodega

903 Lincoln Ave.
San Rafael, CA



  Monday, February 7, 2011

The lamb sandwich ($11.00):

... at Central Park Bistro was filled with relishable, rare, ruminant melded with melted mozzarella, caramelized onions and cilantro. A side of onion rings were crisp, salty, thin, rootable ribbons. The balanced bread to bleat ratio of this sheerly savorable sheepwich made me want to return for one of their wood burning oven 'zas at this pleasing point on the park periphery.

Central Park Bistro

181 E. 4th Ave.
San Mateo, CA



  Sunday, February 6, 2011

We touched down apres game at Poggio, which was open despite the notoriously nothing night non-sport centric restaurants experience during this dip-centric dining day.

Crispy pig face pasta ($12.00):

... was lifted with Castelvetano olives with a kiss of chili and tender tufts of rosemary in a beautiful facial treatment that filled ours. This food with a face was required ordering.

Ricotta and spinach gnudi ($10.00):

... were puffy plugs perched upon a beefy base of ragu in a meat, cheese and veg assemblage that were anything but naked.

A beautifully blistered pizza ($12.00):

... dotted with fennel seed-studded pork sausage was strewn with broccoli rabe and red onion. We used the crusts as sopping stubs for all of the other plates (our mains surprised us by arriving seconds after our pasta, the server offered to return the entrees to the kitchen until later, but we declined her offer.)

Oxtails ($23.00):

... were waggingly wonderful over a pool of polenta with celery heart, and mint. We nipped at these tails and sopped up all the sauce.

House Tempranillo topped off this terrific tucker. Poggio always brings its A game to the table (even when it arrives all at once.)

Poggio Trattoria

777 Bridgeway Ave.
Sausalito, CA



  Saturday, February 5, 2011

The 10th annual Wine & Wishes event benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation took over the Metreon City View this evening:

... where guests donned their finery to check out wineries including liquids from the lovely Ladera:

... and pleasing potions from Pride Mountain.

Our favorite bites included Dry Creek Kitchen's:

... slow cooked salmon roulade with creme fraiche and salmon roe:

... (which combined pristine, pink, silky seafood with an ova-tion of bursting saline bubbles rolled together with a dairy dressing) and Pastry Chef Josh Heiskell's:

... amazing after of piquillo pepper vanilla cake with marcona almonds and cilantro. We loved this balance of hot, sweet, salty, crunchy, fluffy and earthy in a dessert that brightened our buds with this talented take on 'toinette tucker. Josh is Sons & Daughters latest sibling and this dish reminded us that we need to visit their brick and mortar and pestle.

15 Romolo made mini chicken biscuit sandwiches sweetened and stung by pepper pollenated honey.

Chef Gerald Hirigoyen:

... did his usual double duty support for Make-a-Wish with stations for both of his restaurants - terrific Tai snapper ceviche:

... from Bocadillos and marvelous Monterey sardines with fennel salad:

... from Piperade.

We checked out the array of auction items:

... attracting bidders between bites before we headed to sample "pulled piggie" from Southie (Wood Tavern's quick and casual canteen.) Their slaw and pork roll was a nice nugget to nudge us towards a visit to this new noshing nexus.

We enjoyed Masa's agreeable agnolotti:

... scooped up Heaven's Dog spicy wontons:

... and nibbled on Chez Papa's piped foie gras fingers on paper thin pain d'epices:

... before checking out the girly gathering around the collection of Kara's cupcakes.

Once again, this fabulous fundraiser found flocks of dedicated do-gooders to support this excellent cause.

Greater Bay Area Chapter



  Friday, February 4, 2011

There was too much "town sauce" (for my taste) on my burger ($12):

... at Town Restaurant so I relinquished some of this Russiany dressing to balance out an otherwise excellent cheeseburger. The roll was a crusty yet yielding patty pouch that stood up to the juicy, medium rare, fully loaded, protein puck.

Despite their liberal lashings of "town sauce" (I'm partial to "club sauce" ) this Gruyere gilded burger was a savorable sandwich. A side salad with grated carrots:

... supported the sentiment of sensible eating during my al fresco meal on the front patio of this saucy 'stablishment.

Town Restaurant
716 Laurel St.
San Carlos, CA



  Thursday, February 3, 2011

My salmon ($17.00):

... arrived cooked to the requested rare at Brick and Bottle. This pink portion perched on pearls of Israeli couscous that looked like a bunch of fish eggs scrambled with shittakes and spinach. Arugula and green goddess aioli upped the scale of this mi-great melange.

Chubby got the crispy shrimp tacos ($12.00):

... which were double bagged discs of deep fried crusty-aceans with a refreshing slaw and crema to bind this righteous roll up.

A side of orzo and cheese ($5.00):

... mingled with mushrooms in a bacon boosted, creamy collection that would have been even better with a crispy topping...but that's just being picky.

Silver Tap was the Sauvignon Blanc on tap ($6.00 glass, $18.00 500 ml) as we savored the simple, well prepared chow at our go-to Corte Madera chow choice.

Brick & Bottle

55 Tamal Vista Blvd.
Corte Madera, CA



  Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Maine lobster roll ($19.95):

... at Sam's Chowder House:

... was a tasty, traditional, top-loaded, toasted roll loaded with lightly dressed lobster. Although it didn't knock the Old Port Lobster Shack's version off my favorite list, it was still a swell seafood sandwich enhanced by a crunchy coleslaw and potato chips.

I started with a cup of New England clam chowder ($6.25):

... which had a likeable lightness to its clam-packed, potato, bacon and thyme-essenced tub of 'tizer.

The staff was friendly and efficient at this bay side business in a serene setting.

For those who can't manage a moon trip, there is a mobile unit:

... to shuttle seafood to satellite stops.

Sam's Chowder House
4210 North Cabrillo Hwy.
Half Moon Bay, CA




Mark your Calendar

The Public House is kicking off the Superbowl with a new service that allows you to book a pre-paid table to chomp on chow (from both Public House and Mijita) while tallying downs on the big screens. The beer list has some seriously sensational suds to sate Steelers or Packers backers.

Book your bowl base of operations here.

The Public House
AT&T Park
24 Willie Mays Plaza
San Francisco, CA



  Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Refuge's "goofy fries" ($8.00):

... are a haute hit on In N Out's "animal style" fries. This bowl of frites was slathered with thick Cheddar sauce, garlic and chopped pastrami in a basin of base sins covering all the fetishy fixations of fried, crisp, creamy, cheesy, meaty, starchy, garlicy and salty in this umommy of all potato preparations (dubbed "perplexingly famous" on the menu.)

A pastrami and chopped liver sandwich on rye ($16.00):

... was as satisfying as always expected at this meat mecca with house made 'rami in a warm wad of wondrous 'wich.

The Refuge is our go-to pastrami place but the goofy fries are our new gildy pleasure.

The Refuge

963 Laurel St.
San Carlos, CA









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