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May 1-10, 2011


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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MilkShake Werks brings all the boys to the yard (or shopping mall in this case) with their house made ice cream dispensed from their diminutive digs.

I went with a large chocolate ($5.49):

... which was made even larger when the werker filled the domed lid with supplementary shake.

There was a vague coconut flavor to this rich and creamy cocoa creation.

This made from scratch scoopatorium was a fun frozen foray....and definitely yardworthy.

MilkShake Werks
256 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood City, CA 94065-1172
(650) 654-3131




Monday, May 9, 2011

Mi Pueblo is a grocery chain with a branch that replaced the defunct San Rafael Circuit City. This new madreboard of Latino goods is a major upgrade from the former, funky electronics store.

Their food court has rotisserie chickens, ribs, deli stuff and taqueria offerings.

I tanked up on a shrimp ceviche tostada ($2.99):

... with guac wedged between two slightly greasy (but crisp) fried tortillas.

"Beef marrow guts" ($1.48) was a minerally melange of salsa verded goodness while the carnitas taco ($1.48) was a pleasing, oniony round.

Orders are taken at the counter and numeros are called en Espanol, if nobody claims the chow, the English digits are announced.

There is muchos seating (both inside and out) at this clean, quick and inexpensive market.

Next time I'll have to check out the various versions of chicharrones:

... that called from the case.

Mi Puelbo
330 Bellam Boulevard
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 578-3971




Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pigs ears ($4.00):

... were sound nibbling at The Plate Shop:

... where Chef Kim Alter gauged these waves of audacious eating with aioli pierced with pig. The strips of fried fringe had succulent, tender, fatty bits carted along with 'lidge. We pursed our lips around the silky sauce on these sow stubs which have our ringing endorsement.

A Manhattan and a "Binger" (made with Bourbon and ginger):

... were lovable 'lixirs with our noise reduction noshing.

We also reordered the whole half chicken ($24.00):

... which reliably roosted with a fried wing, confit leg, roasted breast, liver mousse with potatoes. House made bread and butter:

... gilded the goods that we enjoyed from our barstools.

The Plate Shop
39 Caledonia Street
Sausalito, CA




Saturday, May 7, 2011

Southwest Airlines doesn't charge
much for their commuter flights, but lately the peanut portions have dwindled in size and number.

The American Peanut Council has a chart breaking down the grades and specifications for kernel classification but not matter whether Southwest jetted the (more numerous) jumbo, medium, No. 1, No. 2 or splits, I counted a total of 17 peanuts in my first pack and 13 in the next. The default distribution of double dosage delivers the impression of plenty, but this underweight baggage compounds the lack of legroom with the lack of legume.

On the other hand, United didn't have any of this flighty fortification so I guess Southwest is better at buttering up their riders with unground goods (however downgraded.)





Friday, May 6, 2011

After a preprandial porno scan
and pat down I sat down for breakfast at the SFO Yankee Pier where post security flatware:

... puts the kibosh on perps planning to butter a pilot to death.

A Greek scramble ($10.95):

... was an eggsembly of spinach, tomato and cheese. Rub-on-tanned potatoes were plane fare, and although the dish was fine, it made me wish I was flying out of Terminal 2 with its new noshing nook.

Yankee Pier
San Francisco International Airport
United Domestic Terminal 3




Thursday, May 5, 2011

I ordered a combo ribs and chicken dinner ($11.25):

... for lunch at Pete's BBQ.

This was the most expensive menu item at this (cash only) cafeteria style meat-atorium where a slashed, buttered, baked potato provided starchy support to the big, meaty, pork ribs and slightly dry white meat chunk of chicken. A choice of salad (I went with the cuke, tomato and iceberg) and a bun roll with this huge helping of American eats.

This quarter century old 'que brings in local workers with their massive meals at diminutive dollars.

This is a place for big hungry boys, not dainty diners.

Pete's BBQ
2399 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110-1813
(415) 826-1009




Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Smitten Ice Cream
had their ducts in a row:

... delivering liquid nitrogen to the beaters of their bespoke frosty fabricators:

These made to order chillactosian treats draws a crowd:

... to the prefab structure fashioned of recycled shipping containers.

There were 2 flavors on offer during my visit, I went with the "regular-sized" vanilla ($5.50):

... which had a smooth, creamy texture and pleasing vanilla hit.

3 fabrication stations churned out the fog-fringed fun to frost smitten tongues. The attraction to a sweet with no shelf life and curiosity about their other offerings warrants my rechurn.

432 Octavia St.
Suite 1a
San Francisco, CA




Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue cheese sauce covered my pickled hot link ($6.50):

... at Show Dogs. This tube steak had a fine grind with enough spice to stand up to the curd-rageous coating. Arugula rocketed up this relishable ration which was encased in a sesame seed bun (with a good meat to bread ratio.)

The outdoor seating was a prime people watching perch:

... as diners savored suds with their fetching dogs.

Show Dogs
1020 Market St.
San Francisco, CA




Monday, May 2, 2011

Fish. Restaurant can have a line that hooks out the door on weekends, but today was the perfect afternoon to sinker into this waterfront seafood site:

... for some trout dip ($10) with house made potato chips:

This spud dunk was an up-scale bite blended into a tangy spread scooped up with shattering starch sheets.

New England clam chowder ($5):

... was rooted in potatoes in this fine shucked soup that we consider a standard order.

Smoked, spice-rubbed albacore ($21):

... was sandwiched with crunchy, well seasoned slaw with BBQ sauce and sliced pickles. This bountiful bun of commendable 'core was alba-lutely ship shape with shoestrings tying up this tasty tucker.

Weekdays are the way to wade into Fish. without the lengthy wait but the sunny weather will probably reel in the crowds to the counter service seafood stop.

350 Harbor Drive
Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone: 415-331-FISH (3474)




Sunday, May 1, 2011

El Paseo was packed with chopaholics but we managed to secure a station in the bar at this popular protein palace.

The Caesar salad ($10.00):

... was menued as coming with a poached egg, but em'erged as a boiled 'byro. Halved romaine hearts beat with awesome anchovies and parmesan shavings in a pleasant portion of salady starter.

Porterhouse for two ($89.00):

... was offered whole or sliced. We went with the version that reminded us of Peter Luger's proteins. The beef was dry aged for 38 days by Brian Flannery (of Brian's Fine Foods in Corte Madera).

We selected the horseradish sauce from the list of liquid levitators that accompany the cut (although it really didn't need any gilding.) We gnawed bits of singed fat and straggling muscle from the bone between bites of asparagus ($8.00):

These stalky sides were roasted rods of relishability.

Hot Parkerhouse rolls:

... with garlic herb butter carbo-nated our fine feast washed down with still red wine and sparkling filtered house water.

This Tyler Florence venue may get customers in the door with his well known persona, but Chef Preston Clarke has the chops to get them to return.

El Paseo House of Chops

7 Throckmorton Ave.
Mill Valley, CA
(415) 388-0741









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