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May 22-31, 2011


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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photos of food lined the yellow walls at Slow restaurant in Berkeley.

This motion sensitive mealatorium made a mozzarella sandwich ($6.00):

... in a croissant spread with truffle aioli. I inherited slices of heirloom tomatoes in this arugula lined breakfast bread (which was a pleasant crescent sprouting from dictum dining.)

The Slow staff must endure the same named based jokage at this movement monikered lunch and dinner stop. I'll have to return for another measured meal.

1966 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA




Monday, May 30, 2011

Sparkling glasses of Ca' del Bosco Franciacorta eased us into a sampling of antipasti:

... at Donato Enoteca. We had had lunch and takeaway entrees from this Italian eatery but this was the first time we sat down to dinner at this Redwood City site.

Octopus carpaccio:

... was fabulous with fennel fringing and watercress. These gorgeous gams were octo-gone quickly as we worked our way to a tumble of fried rock shrimp and artichokes with a parsley dipping sauce. Greaseless, crisp thistles and seafood flourished with an herby urging. A shawl of prosciutto covered the supple shoulders of a tortino:

This custard of Grana Padano was a tantalizing 'tatta alongside a ciabatta curl cradling favas, rocket and pecorino. This impressive plank of palate pleasers preceded a plethora of pasta:

Agnolotti del plin were petite packs of sausage and veal stamped with tomato sauce. House made formaggio folders of crescenza and ricotta were relishable ravioli resting in a fava puree with browned butter and thyme. Spinach pappardelle wound around lamb in a tasty tomato sauce while oxtail wagged over parmigiana risotto in a rich and ricey ration.

These starched servings were all buttoned up with a 2008 Piancornello Rosso di Montalcino.

The brazino:

... was a crisp skinned, moist fleshed bass mass with slices of zucchini and potato plugs with a garlic thyme sauce. We had this zippy zino and zuke dish as a to go meal in the past, but it was superior to station ourselves in the comfy dining room as we split a veal chop:

This breaded baby beef was a crisply crusted, moist middled meat mingled with a cherried 2005 Travaglini Gattinara.


... sealed the deal on the parade of impressive portions that ring in at $7-11 for antipasti, $13-17 for pasta and $16-26 fish and meat. We plan to return to check out their cocktails and pizzas.

Donato Enoteca

1041 Middlefield Rd.
Redwood City, CA




Sunday, May 29, 2011

BBQ'ed beef, chicken, salmon, sweet potatoes and artichokes:

... were insanely delish as we celebrated our pal's annual age ascension.

Ice cream cake from Bi-Rite Creamery:

... filled in the festivities with a circle of creamy chocolate ice cream crowning a cake of devily delectability dedicated to our fine friend.





Saturday, May 28, 2011

We positioned ourselves at the recently opened Lotus Chaat & Spice:

... where we started chaating over some savory Indian snacks.

A fragrant formation of dahi puri ($5.99):

... were filled flying saucers of mashed potato, yogurt and spices. These pleasing puffs were echoed in the pani puri ($5.99):

... served with chickpeas and a spice water that we poured into these pastry pots before plunking them on our palates.

A tantalizingly textural bhel puri ($5.99):

... with green onions, tomato, peanuts, puffed rice and tamarind was a sweet and spicy sensation.

Pillows of deep fried wheat bread deflated as they cooled. We upholstered our chole bhature ($5.99):

... with garbanzo stew and spiced yogurt along with a tray of condiments:

... to compliment this cravable cushion.

The Lotus special dosa ($7.99):

... was a golden, thin, lentil and rice flour pancake cigared around nicely spiced potatoes, broccoli and tofu. A bowl of sambar offered a cauliflower and lentil compliment to the roll up (rounded up with a coconut chutney.)

Indian fruit drinks ($2.50 each):

... in lychee and mango offered fruity 'dration (their liquor license is pending approval.)

This San Rafael chaat room means a trip to Berkeley isn't required to find these fine foods. A friendly and efficient staff served up these vibrant, vegetarian, vittles in this casual corridor of 4th street.

They also run an attached shop where spices and other accoutrements await purchase.

We plan to come back for more of this swell snackage soon.

Lotus Chaat & Spices
1559 4th St.
San Rafael, CA

From our Bunrab email, Norm writes:

just went to Himawari after I think you or someone else got me started on checking out ramen. I liked it a lot. Not sure what I ordered now but I switch with my wife who got the spicy miso which was a lot better than the non-spicy stuff I mistakenly ordered. Cold noodles - I liked as well. Chicken app the kids loved. Clam miso was very buttery, too rich for my son. Other son got the eel and egg over rice. Was just alright on the egg part... Good recommendation.


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Norm,

Glad you liked Himawari! I'll have to check out the cold noodles now that it's getting towards summer.






Friday, May 27, 2011

Mantra's lamb chops ($24.95):

... were pink, cardamom and clove scented slices of relishably medium rare sheep. We herded tender bites of this mint chutney accented bleat meat past our pleased palates from a pedestal of sweet potato and chard.

A ginger cocktail ($8.95):

... made with Canton, gin, lemongrass syrup, lime and soda was reminiscent of a gin and tonic but with a gingery jolt.

We started our supper with soup ($5.95 each). The ginger carrot:

... got a boot of root heat while the cauliflower:

... flourished with coconut milk and garlic. Both solutions were lovely liquid answers to our hunger.

The mussels masala ($8.85):

... were cooked until their covers were coaxed open to reveal their plump, moist muscles. These flexed in a fennel 'fettied tamarind torqued coconut sauce.

The seabass ($24.95):

... was a fine fin formation on a bed of 'banzos and garbed in dill. We loved this 'lectable, luscious slice of seafood.

Rosemary pesto and parmesan persuaded this naan ($4.00):

... to have a pizza-nality. These sweetly singed slices of naan-apolitan were nice noshage washed down with a 2009 Crios Malbec.

The custard trio ($5.95):

... was made up of a chai creme brulee, a chocolate pot de creme and a coconut creme caramel. We savored this spoonable sweet selection with their variations on a theme with crunch, smoothness and richness to wind up our fine feast.

The friendly vibe and clubby decor at this casual Peninsula hub of flavorful Indian chow attracted a bustling Friday night crowd.

Mantra is an en-chanting take on sharable servings of intriguing Indian.

Mantra Restaurant

632-636 Emerson St
Palo Alto, CA





Thursday, May 26, 2011

Delicia opened their new takoyaki table:

... at today's Ferry Building Farmers Market.

These octopus filled batter balls were a favorite snack of ours in Japan so we were happy to hear that these tentacle treats were rolling out locally.

Green onions and mayo mingled with bonito flakes (which wiggled as they hydrated in the shoyu glaze) on these pipping ping pong pouches ($5 for a tray of eight):

They were a little less cooked than we prefer with slightly gloopy centers, but to be fair, it's their first day and these seafood snacks show promise for future finessed forays.

Ferry Building Thursday Farmer's Market




Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"California" is menu-ese for "avocado" and this anti-abbreviation appeared at Bistro Burger:

... where my stately minced meat was topped with a liquified, guacy sauce rather than the slices that I had imagined. My California burger ($7.49):

... was a smokey protein puck with the usual accompaniments as well as alfalfa sprouts (which must be a tip of the toque to Golden State hippies.) Jack cheese melted into this precision grilled, medium rare round with a standard issue bun.

A small order of lightly battered, greaseless onion rings ($2.59):

...rounded out my food court lunch.

This counter service burger stop was a quick, pay, perch and page:

... arrangement with several SF stations.

Bistro Burger
Food Court at the Westfield San Francisco Centre
865 Market St.
San Francisco, CA





Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I scooped up a seat
at the bar at Himawari:

... where I joined the crowd in slurping up brothy bowls of noodley nosh.

My miso deluxe ramen ($11.50):

... was made "deluxe" with the hogmentation of stewed pork. Succulent swine segments swam with a perfectly boiled egg:

... bean sprouts, bamboo stems, spring onions and regular slices of their lean pork.

The miso broth was a chicken, pork and seafood solution of creamy richness topped with a sheet of nori to tuck in the kinky tangle of noodles.

My pasta perch offered a view:

... of the action and the big pots of broth and noodle baskets churning out the chow in this quick and peppy ramen stop.

202 2nd Ave
San Mateo, CA
(650) 375-1005



Mark your Calendar

It's time to get your coch-on at the annual Cochon 555. This competitive culinary heritage hog happening is returning to San Francisco with an impressive group of chef-testants. Ravi Kapur, Brandon Jew with Salvatore Cracco, Matthew Accarrino, David Varley and David Bazirgan will herd their hogs into heavenly helpings as guests access their ballots to crown the next Prince of Porc.

Wine, cocktails and beer will wash down some major meat and butchery demos will show off you local butcher's chops.

There will be bacon.

Cochon 555 San Francisco
June 5, 2011
pop up location TBA
Tickets $125 GA, $200 VIP





Monday, May 23, 2011

We were derailed on a previous attempt to dine at Southern Pacific (when we were told of a long wait that exceeded our hunger limitations.) We were about to leave the station (again) when faced with another lengthy waiting list until we saw another group duck into the side room. We bellied up to the bar:

... where we perused the potion pages and the list of Manhattans ($13 each) attracted our attention.

There was a smoky "Klamath" with Consair Temple tipple and the "Rogue River" with a rye vermouth kick:

... but the Del Monte:

... was of particular interest with a wondrous weaving of white dog from Death's Door and Nocino della Christina bitten with Gran Classico bitters.

We were impressed by their bar program which includes Kold Draft solid water and a sprinkling of local 'lixers.

The limited bar menu included a rib stack ($9.00):

... which showed off the use of their smoking section with succulent pork ribs served with a vinegar based bbq sauce.

A brie topped burger ($14.00):

... had a pickle punctuated, brioche bordered, beefyality with crisp crusted frites. This righteously ratioed patty and bun were a marvy meat mitt with an additional side of onion rings ($5.00):

... with breaded borders creating a greaseless, crunchy o-vation.

This 3 week old smokehouse already crams the carnivores into the main dining area with long waits. The bar staff is bringing Novato a needed nudge of liquid levitation which is mirrored in the smoky sustenance served up by the kitchen. We plan to pull up again for more meaty morsels and Manhattans.

Southern Pacific Smokehouse

224 Vintage Way
Novato, California





Sunday, May 22, 2011

The strawberry pop tart ($6.75):

... at Foreign Cinema was a pleasing plane of pastry and preserves that we toasted with a "Fellini":

... (a grapefruit and Aperol angled bellini) during brunch.

Georgia prawns ($26.00):

... served with cocktail sauce and aioli, were fresh flesh, but verged on bland when not fully saturated with the accompanying agents.

Crisply fried artichoke shards shattered over a crab frittata ($18.00):

... in a salad topping this huev-o of Dungeness and ricotta 'tata. A circle of green goddess sauced this bodacious, bottom feeder breakfast.

Poached eggs and rare slices of duck breast ($16.50):

... converged in a mingling of fowl and frisee with crunch from cracklins and croutons.

It was fun to celebrate a belated birthday with pals at this mis en scene, mis en place place.

Foreign Cinema

2534 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA




Mark your Calendar

Traci Des Jardins is cooking a Top Chef Masters prix fixe menu on Monday when you can judge her quick fire challenge winning chow for yourself.

A salad duo (licorice, orange and red onion as well as celery with peanut vinaigrette) followed by an Asian steak with miso braised daikon and Japanese cucumbers will be capped by an apple tart.

These Bravo show bites will be served with wine pairings included in the $45 price.

Traci Des Jardins Top Chef Menu

Monday, May 23
$45 prix fixe
300 Grove St.
San Francisco, CA










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