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June 1-10, 2011


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Friday, June 10, 2011

Customized cupcakes were bespoke baby bites for a shower.

These girly gateaux from Sprinkles offered pacification to partiers play-cake-ed by these petite pastries.

Sprinkles Cupcakes




Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cochon 555 left us with a hoggy hankering so we trotted over to Mi Pueblo to bag a bunch of chicharrones.

The house brand of scorched skin:

... needed more flavor factors and seemed like packing material compared to the flesh flakes from the counter:

Their porky popcorn had a nice crunch while the bigger bits of meaty Grasitas de puerco:

... oozed liquid fat with every bite.

The star of the show was the "chicharron Mi Pueblo":

... which were hefty hunks of pork belly with a shattering shell of crunchy skin and meaty bits layered with fatty folds. We lipi-tore through these marvelous midsections which mollified our meat tooth. These pig portions (with an uninviting appearance) were phenomenal an ultra fatty, boneless pork rib with crazy-crunchy bits.

Not what I think of when I hear the word "chicharrone" but these dangerous delights will definitely hit our dishes again.

Mi Pueblo
330 Bellam Boulevard
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 578-3971




Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Went for a meta meal at Los Metates:

... where my carne asada super burrito ($6.25):

... had a firm wind and good distribution of ingredients (to insure and even eating experience.)

Fresh avocado and spicy salsa added interest to this well-ratioed ration with enough rice and beans to support (but not dominate) my beef-rito.

This poco purveyor was a fine and funky place to perch for a Telemundo-soundtracked lunch.

Los Metates
260 San Pedro Rd
Daly City, CA 




Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pho Little Saigon is a mini mall soup station:

... where a little do re mi gets fa swimming with a plenitude of pasta bobbing in a peppery broth. My beef and tendon bowl ($7.25):

... had thin slices of red ruminant that continued to cook in the heat. Southern style augmentation of bean sprouts, saw herb and jalapenos vegetally varied this vessel of tendon-pulling goodness.

Spring rolls with shrimp ($4.25):

... went down my von Trapp and hit the spot at this cheap and cheerful 'nam nom nook.

Pho Little Saigon
2978 S. Norfolk St.
San Mateo, CA




Monday, June 6, 2011

The pretzels ($1.75):

... at Esther's German Bakery are knotty indulgences with thick, thin, chewy, crunchy segments with salt chunks offering satisfying saline stings. These brown beauties are worth the trip to this grain goods grocer.

I also tucked into a German omelet ($8.95):

... with tons of spuds, onions, and bacon capped with sour cream and chives. This hefty helping had a hunk of dense dark bread to add to the weight of my breakfast.

A cuckoo clock, faux ivy and other funky decor:

... boosted the mood of this counter service bakehouse:

... with particularly pleasing pretzels.

Esther's German Bakery

987 N San Antonio Rd
Los Altos, CA
(650) 941-4463





Sunday, June 5, 2011

The third tour of Cochon 555 stopped in San Francisco today where 5 teams took on 5 hogs accompanied by 5 wineries wares.

Oysters opened up the VIP session along with caviar and cocktails.

Morgan Young of 15 Romolo:

... spanked sage over Templeton rye, apricot syrup and lemon juice in her "slinger":

...which we followed up with Magnolia's beautiful bacon infused dark beer.

This may have been the closest contest of toquey talent so far with a stellar field of SF eateries.

Ravi Kapur of Prospect:

... Matthew Accarrino of SPQR, David Bazirgan of Fifth Floor, David Varley of Michael Mina and the Bar Agricole team of Brandon Jew:

... and Salvatore Cracco all trotted out porky pleasures snoutdoing each other with heritage helpings of head, tail and everything in between.

There was spectacular charcuterie, offal and sweets:

We loved the "fatty toffee pudding" from Chef Accarrino's team. This steamed lard and date cake with pork fat toffee sauce was crowned with crackin':

Chef Varley's team made a marvy mallomar with a porky presence while team Kapur's chocolate blood cake:

... was a coffee-kicked stimulant to the circulation.

Swineries swept us away with exciting, boar-ing beverages to sip with strips of Black Pig Meat Co. bacon.

Tracy Smaciarz:

... and Chris Arentz:

... competed in a butcher competition which was judged by Dave the Butcher.

The criteria was accuracy, speed, neatness and cost (least meat waste) in this cut throat contest. The winner will be announced at the upcoming Grand Cochon.

All of our favorite net-lebrities were in the Julia Morgan ballroom. Mika:

...steered us towards Mina's melange of meat, Jay tipped us off to SPQR's toffee dessert, we chatted with sugary ladies:

... artisanal promoters and communications experts all sharing in an affection for hoofy hedonism.

This sold out event hit the Glouscester Old Spot and had us Red Wattling away from this Durocin' dance floor of heavenly hog.

Organizer Brady Lowe:

... continues to hail heritage hogs and muster masterful meat manipulators at this pork propelled party which crowned the latest Prince of Porc - Chef Accarrino of SPQR:

...congrats to the team with jowls but no vowels.

Cochon 555
Julia Morgan Ballroom






Saturday, June 4, 2011

We made a run to Forestville where the Russian River Vineyards tasting room:

... tempted us with a tour of sparkling, still and sweet sips. Standouts included their unoaked 2009 Chardonnay with a pineapple persuasion and the cherried 2008 Pinot Noir.

Dinner at their on site restaurant, Corks, lifted off with a blue cheese souffle ($12.00):

... with a salad of wild watercress, Fuji apples, lightly candied walnuts and blue veined bits of cheese boosting the delicate disk of curd custard washed down with the bright, crisp, Chardonnay.

The Angus New York steak ($29.00):

... rested regally in a Cabernet reduction goosed with garlic. Waffle chips waved from a mound of mash with sauteed spinach to iron out this classic combo consumed with 2008 Anthony Austin Syrah.

We floated out of Corks to enjoy the vineyard vistas:

... and clucking chickens with our Pinot purchase in hand.

Russian River Vineyards

Corks Restaurant
5700 Gravenstein Highway North
Forestville, CA





Friday, June 3, 2011

Picco Restaurant's cocktail program continues to impress with a myriad of mixtures that marvel. The Amelia ($11.00) rated well with Square One botanical vodka (which added pear-suasion) in this potion of liqueur de voilettes, maraschino liqueur with lemon and cane syrup. Johnny Drum private stock bourbon whisked up a Derby ($11.00) with Carpano Antica vermouth, Combier and lime.

This mint conditioned cooler warmed us up for a top notch Sazerac ($11.00) and barrel aged Negroni ($13.00) with Leopold's gin.

Gran Classico bitter made an encore performance in the (not listed on the menu) Ryegroni:

... with Carpano Anitca vermouth and Mitchter's Rye. This peppery potion of caramel conclusion is officially on our rotation of required drinking.

When a couple bar seats freed up we plucked thistles from a plate of grilled baby artichokes ($9.25):

This skewered flower arrangement bloomed with smoked ham and tarragon aioli.

The carpaccio special ($14.95):

... has been appearing on the menu for Friday and Saturday diners. Divine bovine capped with Grana Padano cheese was given a roquette launch with capers boosting these neat sheets of eats.

Agnolotti ($17.95):

... were pasta pillows plumped with ricotta and peas with braised short ribs strewn over these Toma cheese topped cushions of cravability.

With delectable dining and drinks - Picco never fails to deliver the goods.

Picco Restaurant
320 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA




Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jalapeno brined pork loin coated in cornmeal and fried to a pen-ultimate crunch was sandwiched with spicy English pea and spring onion slaw with baby greens and coriander aioli in 4505's lusciously layered porcurment ($10.00):

This rich, fresh, crunchy, spicy, bread bundle was in keeping with the delectable denominators, digitally derived from 4505 noshable numbers.

4505 Meats



Marg your Calendar

Starting tomorrow, on Fridays throughout the summer, you can get $5 Margaritas at either Mijita (except on game days at the AT&T park location) this fin-tastic deal can also be had during Happy Hour (Monday through Friday from 4-7 p.m) when this bargarita comes with free chips and salsa.

Mijita Restaurant

One Ferry Building and AT&T Park
San Francisco, CA




Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4505 has answered our piggy prayers with the "party sized" packet of pork parameters. These swine sacks are two and half times the size of their standard chicharrone packs and cost $7.00 (the regular bags are $3.00).

I have been known to rip into several servings of these skinny snacks in the past and these heftier helpings are a sueet deal.

4505 Meats









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