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October 21-31, 2011


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Monday, October 31, 2011

Grain and Gristle is a beer and meating place where we accidentally ordered way too much chow.

The rinds ($4.00):

... were a plentiful porky plate of mustard-sauced hides which we washed down with a pint of Coalition IPA and an Oakshire Bohemian Pils. The beers came as part of a "2-fer" with pork belly and lentils ($20.00):

This porcine plate pulsed with beany goodness while onion rings ($4.00):

... and a very salty, warm pretzel ($3.00):

... had us od'ed on oil and saline (our miscalculation in ordering.)

We didn't experience any gristle, but the grainy glugs were good enough and this casual corner of carnivourism.

Grain & Gristle
1473 NE Prescott
Portland, OR




Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simpatica Catering and Dining Hall doesn't have a restaurant appearance, the entrance is off a hallway where wait listers sip on Stumptown coffee.

Many of the tables are communal:

... and some have a view of the kitchen activity:

There were five parties before us, but we only had to wait ten minutes for our snapper and gulf prawn hash with smoked sable ($11.00):

... and meatloaf ($11.00):

Both of these were brunchified with 2 over easies to sauce the seafood and spud circle and meld the squished acorn squash, beet greens and Romesco sauced meat. The hearty greens were heavenly with the sweet squash and oniony protein planks. This impressive chow will lure us back for dinner on our next visit.

Simpatica Catering and Dining Hall

828 SE Ash St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, October 29, 2011

We had pizza for breakfast at the Tastebud booth at the Portland Farmers Market.

They warmed the mushroom slice ($5.50):

... in their woodburning stove to refresh the chewy crust on this wondrous wedge. The oven also heated the shredded leg of lamb sandwich ($6.00):

Fennel cabbage slaw legoed in with this lambwich.

Their Montreal-style bagels continued the wood oven theme as bready bumpers to their sandwiches including one made with luscious lox ($7.50):

Cream cheese cavorted with capers and pickles on these loops of dense, chewy dough "o's.

These fired fortifiers were fine fuel for our marketing and meandering around the market.

Portland Farmers Market PSU





Friday, October 28, 2011

Our fast breaking chews came from Lovejoy Bakers:

... where the Lovejoy Deluxe ($6.50):

... was a buttered, crusty roll filled with Bleu d'Auvergne, bacon, tarragon and frisee. A fried egg finished this sating, sunrise sandwich.

Lovejoy Bakers
939 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR




Thursday, October 27, 2011

Woodsman Tavern:

... is a new outgrowth of Stumptown Coffee. We lumbered over to this warren with masterfully mixed moisture including a Cameron's Kick, Harvest Old Fashioned:

... and Kentucky Special ($8.00 each):

The Kentucky Special teaed up with lapsang souchong in a bourbon, cherry heering and Angostura embittered embibable.

Dueling Irish and Scotch whiskies in a lemon juice and orgeated Cameron's kick delivered the desired impact while applejack and rye reinforced the relishable Old Fashioned which we savored with skins.

Pork rinds ($3.00):

... had lightness and crunch reminiscent of 4505. We dug this derma with a hard boiled egg ($2.00):

... with Maldon salt and chili as well as some pickled herring ($4.00):

We cheerfully clucked down crisply fried chicken livers ($10.00):

... with green tomato relish before hitting the domestic ham selection ($18.00):

... which rounded home plate with delicate to intense slices of La Quercia, Johnson and Benton's.

The friendly staff and swell chow will have us back soon to clear cut one of their enticing steaks and work our way through the cocktail list.

Woodsman Tavern
4537 SE Division St.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The table full of late perking punters:

... at the Mint Plaza Blue Bottle Coffee:

... eventually led to our levitation with a couple of New Orleans style iced coffees ($3.75 each):

Whole milk floated over the not-too-sweetly simple syruped solution. This pungent potion pepped us up for a a showing of Moneyball at the Metreon.

Blue Bottle Coffee
Mint Plaza
66 Mint St.
San Francisco, CA




Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our favorite Berkeley breakfast bunker is without a doubt, Bette's.

We wore inappropriate shoes for the walk from our hotel, but our barking dogs were silenced by soft scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, fruit and toast ($9.25):

The roast pork hash ($13.95):

... had generous gobs of smashed spuds which were griddled to generate crispy bits. Poached eggs provided a yolky sauce for this levain toast winged, pile of piggy potatoes.

Bette's was worth every blister.

Bette's Oceanview Diner

1807 4th St.
Berkeley, CA




Monday, October 24, 2011

We zeroed in on a double digit dinner at 00.

There were plenty of pie-thusiasts hovering by the fully populated street level bar but we scaled the steps and grabbed a couple seats at the stealthy bar on the second floor.

A Ninth Ward and an Encanto'ed Pisco Sour ($11.00 each):

... were both excellent elixirs.

The Geary ($16.50):

... was a clammy collaboration of bacon, pecorino and tangy tomato sauce. This perfectly blistered 'politan was our idea of a fine pie.

Ricotta and wild mushrooms cushioned perfect pasta pillows of agnolitti ($16.95):

This microbial melange was a marvelous melding of creamy cravability.

Zero Zero always delivers naught-y nosh.

Zero Zero Restaurant

826 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA




Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our sweet suite at the Shattuck Hotel:

... was a cozy crash pad with two loos, a Keurig rig:

... and soap sans rope (to save on the savon.):

Sparked by our suite tooth, we made a foray down the Five (their restaurant):

... for an apple crisp:

... and chocolate torte ($8.00 each):

Both the apple assemblage and the torte could have been reformed to relinquish some of their sucrose, but they both benefited from their ice cream scoops.

A mini mound of mint chip had chips that were too fine to offer textural torte torque, but the pecan praline was a pleasing punch up for the Jonathan apples.

The friendly staff and swell digs made our stay sweet.

The Shattuck Hotel

2086 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA





Saturday, October 22, 2011

We got through security at Portland Airport in enough time to sit down for breakfast at Gustav's:

Our variations on eggs, meat and toast:

... both met the mediocre measure of captive consumption quality, the the addition of black cocktail straws in our unspiked coffees:

... was truly bizarre. Perhaps the message was that the coffee was meant to suck.


Portland Airport





Friday, October 21, 2011

The Paymaster sign over a little bar on 17th Avenue:

... lured us into the Moonshine Kitchen and Lounge.

They did indeed dispense a check for our Honey Greyhound ($7.00) and Buffalo Trace Manhattan ($7.00):

... which were above dive bar quality with fresh squeezed grapefruit dogging the honied vodka-ade.

The burger ($5.00):

... was a standard issue sandwich which we chomped down with a massive mound of Cheddar fries ($5.50):

These alcohol absorbing spud sticks had a hefty nightshade of cheese to bolster the blood brain barrier.

We're glad we checked out this 3 month old, low key place populated with partakers of pints and pinball.

Moonshine Kitchen & Lounge

1020 NW 17th Ave.
Portland, OR









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