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September 11-20, 2011


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Parties that Cook had a media event this evening to kick off their latest Portland branch. The equally new Bull Run Distillery:

... was the site of this team building toque-tutorial where we broke into teams to produce a fine feast.

I was on the ahi cups:

... team while others spread, stirred, baked and finally consumed the fruits and vegetables of our labor.

Bibby Gignillat:

... showed us how to zest an orange with parchment paper over the grater and gave us knifework tips before she and her team steered us towards culinary completion.

The Bull Run crew concocktailed some fine drinks (including a nice Manhattan) to fortify our fun.

The Portland food media crowd is a friendly bunch and this was a great way to meet this lively group.


Parties that Cook




Monday, September 19, 2011

Gorgonzola melted
to create a blue-id with yogurt lime sauce in my wrap ($6.00):

... from The Big Egg cart. This mold missile took off with scrambled eggs, potatoes, and crisp bacon and dent-intated deliciously.

Breakfasters file to this cracking cart nesting in one of the many Portland food pods. I'll have to grab their French toast bordered Monte Cristo next time.

The Big Egg

4233 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, CA




Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saint Cupcake Galore isn't a plus size porno actress, it's a compact cake counter:

... with a salivatious selection to seduce sugar seekers with their dizzying dessert display.

I swirled past the sprinkles to concentrate on the cookies. The toffee chocolate chip ($3.00):

... had a crisperimerter and soft center with little saline hits to this sweet saucer but the show stopper was the smoked chocolate chip cookie ($3.00):

This alder wood smoked flour based biscuit ignited our excitement with rich chocolate ember-aced in this charcolate chipper. This pyromanic snack is worth the tinder tender.

Saint Cupcake Galore
1138 SW Morrison
Portland, OR




Saturday, September 17, 2011

We rolled in after the kitchen closed at Picco but Dustin offered us fortification in the form of a Manhattan ($13.00) Barrel aging rounded out this classic cocktail:

The "sleeper hold" ($11.00) was a refreshing, lime-puckered, mezcal mixture with green chartreuse and agave - the kind of cooler that is difficult to stop drinking (which I'm guessing is the genesis of the tipple's title.

The chow at Picco is wonderful, but when the kitchen's closed, sating sips are a suitable strategy.


320 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA




Friday, September 16, 2011

Ad Hoc's inaugural menu was reprised for this evening's fifth anniversary dinner ($52.00 per person.)

We wonder-ed what would break with the bread situation (since a recent fire punched down the production of Bouchon Bakery.) The CIA swooped in and opened their kitchens to the Keller carbo crew (those Greystone guys know how to help a friend in knead.)

House made mozzarella:

... pulled up with grounds-grown tomatoes, cukes, basil and garlic croutons. These gardeny goods were a covetable, classic combo:

Buttermilk fried quail ($16 supplement):

... was a petit portrayal of their famed KFC (Keller fried chicken). Crisp, greaseless and perfectly seasoned, this fantastic fowl was gilded with a dollop of Dijonaise. Unimaginable as it was, we liked this even better than the original recipe.

Seared, sous vided and re-seared tri tip:

... flexed its flavor with a melange of mushrooms, Brentwood corn, piquillo peppers and buttery mashed potatoes:

... washed down with a 2006 Bunter Syrah (which the server participated in producing.)

Humboldt fog:

... rolled in in a chevey detailed with honey and upholstered with figs. This creamy, tangy, bee-kissed board was a fine, fruity transmission of terrior.

Strawberry shortcake:

... got a lemony lift from a curd. We made quick work of this quick bread boosted by blackberries and whipped cream.

Five years have flown by and this once temporary hunger relief restaurant has established itself as endearingly enduring (with a few additions such as their lunch hutch, Addendum, a wood burning oven and the garden in back.

This family style, prix fixe restaurant Hoc-upies a place of Ad-oration in our hearts.

Ad Hoc Restaurant

6476 Washington St.
Yountville, CA




Thursday, September 15, 2011

There are those who religiously practice the consumption of unholey donuts at Voodoo Donuts - this fried fan base drew me to their dolled up, dough-nominational dispensary.

I had to wait a spell:

... to wind my way into this con-dough-it of spirited sweets before I made off with some of their artifacts ($1.75 - $2.50 each.)

The bacon maple bar:

... was too heavy on the tree juice for my taste. This bacon bedecked bar steered towards super sweet teeth.

Rice crispies absorbed moisture from the frosting to create a stale taste to strip the snap and crackle from this sucrosey swoop of peanut butter and chocolate:

Raspberry jam pulsed through the fanciful form of this pretzel-impaled voodough doll:

Flavor and balance didn't seem to be the focus of these loopy lumps - they seemed more novelty than nuanced (which isn't exactly shocking given the sassy setting.)

This tourist-targeted tangent has all the trappings leading to their popularity with faith based food fans.


Voodoo Donuts
22 SW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR




Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you are interested in observing Portland's version of Mission hipsters look no further than Dig a Pony.

This month-old corner bar has created a stampede of young horses lapping up libations made by the friendly fixers behind the horseshoe.

We got "the boss" ($7.00) with rye and applejack and a rum-based "la leche negra" ($7.00) which offered icy-lation from the hot evening.

Thick slabs of house cured bacon ($7.00):

... were shuffled with wedges of salt baked peaches in a pool of peach bourbon maple glaze. This deck swine and stone fruit shuffled down nicely.

An English muffin encased the cheeseburger ($9.00):

... which came with bronzed fries. This was a homey helping with no pretense.

We did indeed dig ponying up to the bar at this house of horseplay.

Dig a Pony

736 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shrimp chips:

... and cold beer on the porch of Pok Pok in Portland began our lunchtime Thai-ning.

We surveyed the food cart pod across the street from our churchy chairs:

... while crunching on the peanuts and green papaya in a spicy salad ($8.00):

Dried shrimp, cabbage and hot chilies pumped up this relishable, required order of green goods.

Pork sateh ($9.00):

... had mini morsels of fat on these skewered swine sauced with a peanut potion. A peppery cuke salad offered some heat and crunch to this toast sided dish.

Prawns ($9.00):

... were charcoaled and chomped with a lime, garlic and cilantro sauce between bites of sticky rice ($2.00):

The friendly and efficient staff all wore cop style radios slung over their shoulders as they policed the punters. It was explained that with two kitchens and two floors of dining communication was key before the server radioed another staff member to replenish water at a neighboring table.

We loved the chow at this fun and funky fortress and we'll have to check out their Whisky Soda Lounge down the street.

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St.
Portland, CA





Monday, September 12, 2011

Portland a la cart

I thought SF
had a multitude of mobile meals but it turns out that Portland has a plethora of pushable provender.

Nong's Khao Man Gai:

... is in a collection of food carts lining a couple Portland parking lots. Nong's serves one thing - Khao Man Gai (a.k.a. chicken rice.)

Plain paper wraps skinless poached chicken over a heap of rice ($6.00):

... a tub of garlic, ginger, chili and vinegar sauce added a flavorful flair to the tender fowl while a tub of broth flew in a side of flydration. I got my order with chicken livers ($1.00) to enriched this birdy bundle.

This simple, sating Nong nom was a poultry packet that de-livered.

Nong's Khao Man Gai

SW 10th and Alder St.
Portland, OR





Sunday, September 11, 2011

The wait at Tasty n Sons was eased by the self serve Stumptown coffee station. This caffeination revelation was a demonstration of empathy for those requiring roasted refreshment right away.

We percolated over the menu during our half hour hiatus and were ready to order when we were situated.

The "chocolate potato donut" ($1.50):

... sounded more like the ringy reverse of the ration that rolled up in a pool of creme anglaise. We sucked down this black hole in one dense saucy bite.

Grilled bacon wrapped dates ($2.00 each):

... tapped into some maple syrup for further sweetness to this pig-blanketed bite.

Yolk from a fried egg gilded pork cutlets ($10.00):

... resting on a garlicy spinach cushion.

A warning-worthy hot cast iron skillet held a hot frittata ($7.00):

... of grilled corn and caramelized onions dotted with feta and topped with a tomato and oregano salad.

Today's fried egg and cheddar biscuit ($8.00):

... was a little different than our last order. The smoked guanciale was a leaner this time (but still jowly good) in this mandatory menu item.

As we made way for the hungry hoards waiting their turn for a biscuity breakfast we noted our need to visit their other restaurant - Toro Bravo.

Tasty n Sons
3808 N. Williams
Portland, OR


Mark your Calendar

Latte art may not be the kind you can hang on your wall, but it will be projected on a 10 foot screen during a barista throw down this Friday. This block party at Florida & Mariposa is being thrown by Coffee Bar and Z-Space.

Mr. Espresso and Straus Family Creamery are among the sponsors of this event which will include food vendors and entertainment in addition to the Bay Area barista talent.

So pull for your frothy faves - the competition starts at 6.

Coffee Bar & Z-Space
Block Party
Florida & Mariposa
September 16th, 6 - 10 p.m.









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