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November 21-30, 2011


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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We got just under
3.14 slices of pie ($4.75 per slice) at Random Order:

The pear, chocolate streusel:

... was slightly sweeter than we prefer while the peach blackberry:

... was more our speed with a stoney showing of berried bravado.

Our favorite however, was the salted caramel apple:

This tangy triangle had handsome hunks of acquiescing apples in a flakily fringed, wondrous wedge. This gravitational grocery was a sir-ving of Newtonian spot-hitting splendor. Forget the other varieties and go with the apple.

Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery

1800 NE Alberta
Portland, OR




Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The butcher counter at Laurelhurst Market:

... was a herald of the heifer holdings at this meaty mecca.

Steak tartare ($11.00):

... came as a quenelle of yolked cow to muscle onto toasts. This chopped chow was a nice kick off to our moo-able feast alongside Abbots Table Pinot Noir.

Marrow bones ($8.00):

... were served with a parsley salad with fried capers to add shattering saline support to the sumptuous, skeletal stuffing.

Steelhead trout ($25.00):

... swam in a butternut risotto while the double haloed ribeye ($38.00):

...arrived blue with a cheese of the same name. We happily flexed through this muscle of onion-ringed steerage.

Tart tatin ($7.00):

... had a cookie like crust with bumps of alluring apples. This upside down dessert was a swell sweet.

This chop shop delivers the goods and we plan to return for cheeseburgers and cocktails sometime soon.

Laurelhurst Market
3155 E. Burnside
Portland, OR




Monday, November 28, 2011

We swaggered into Comstock Saloon:

... for a Manhattan ($9.00):

... and a Blood and Sand ($11.00):

These balanced 'bibes levitated our lumps of gold: the corn fritters ($8.00):

... were hush-worthy pups of maizement served with a lactose liquid. These ping ponged promptly into our pie holes along with a pastry pot ($18.50):

... of marrow mingled beef.

Tender, flaky, brown armor around a succulent center of bovinity was prodded with pickled veg.

This North Beach break room was the perfect place to nosh and slosh.

Comstock Saloon
155 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA





Sunday, November 27, 2011

XLB ($13.00):

... at the Wo Hing General Store:

... were volcanoey dumplings erupting with meaty magma served with black vinegar. These sippy, soup sachets were Shang-highly savorable.

House made wheat noodles ($14.00):

... wove with strips of cabbage and pork in a dente allotment of righteous ribbons.

Oxtails ($20.00):

... with tofu skin were a wag-worthy derma-stration of delectability. Succulent strands of swatter fell off the bone into a soy-lect sauce that we sopped with a side of rice.

Cauliflower ($8.00):

... induced ear-nest interest with the impact of pork belly in this fresh floral formation.

Magnoila's Bonnie Lee Bitter washed down the general foods that had us "whoa"ing.

This slanted store is a fine foray into Chinese chow.

Wo Hing General Store

584 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA




Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Amy Winehouse memorial garden:

... in front of All You Knead Restaurant:

... was a weatherized welcome before breakfast.

The bacon and overeasises ($5.35):

... and sausage with scrambled ($5.35):

... both came with peppery spuds and wheat toast. These pretense-less plates of protein and potatoes were fine fortification in this funky fortress in Haight Ashbury.

All You Knead

1466 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA




Friday, November 25, 2011

The ellipsis of aspiring eaters extending from Dottie's:

... demonstrated dining determination, but we balked at this breakfast barrier and made a b-line to farm:table.

We sat at the communal table:

... of this colon centered café where smoked trout and hard boiled eggs leeked onto rye bread toasts with radishes ($8.00):

This fish and fetus salad was a gilleggtable gathering of goods.

We custard-merrily consumed Cheddar and onion quiche ($8.00):

...with a fringe of foliage. This simple, satisfying slice man-tained real eatability.

Kouign Amann ($4.75):

... had lacy layers of caramel-coated salined sheets. This doughminion of disc delectability was a golden crown of queenly amanation.

Brenda Leong is the pastry practitioner pinning down the flourishing foods on the sideboard. We barreled through her bostock ($4.00):

... locking our jaws around this filberty gibbet and following up with a filled spice cookie ($1.00):

Her B Patisserie is on our A list.

Farm:table cultivates some craveworthy cuisine. We were glad Dottie's demanders detoured us to this ploughable chow.

754 Post St.
San Francisco, CA




Thursday, November 24, 2011

The TSA teams tornadoed through throngs of travelers and got us to SF without a hitch.

We couldn't bring our traditional treats to T-day this year (since pies are considered a "gel") so we pre-ordered some 3 Babes Bakeshop pucks and picked them up at the designated dessert drop spot on our way to dinner.

The crusty crew created a couple hundred pastry-perimetered portions for gobbling gatherings and although the toffee apple:

... was good, the pumpkin:

... squashed the compietition with a balanced spice and creamy consistency pouring into this traditional triumph.

We settled into the hutch of K&J where they created a caloric cornucopia:

... of brined bird and all our favorite trimmings. This tryptophan trip was phan-tastic.





Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 2 week old Smokehouse 21 was under-occupied during dinner (probably due to tomorrow's turkey 'ticipation.)

We tucked into a combo plate ($17.00) for which we selected trout, ribs and pulled pork:

... with mac 'n' cheese and greens.

The palatable proteins and Southern sides were a nice nosh with the selection of squirtable saucing agents:

This simply done, homey chow was good grub to get us warmed up for tomorrow's feast.

Smokehouse 21

413 NW 21st
Portland, OR




Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The "Hey Henry!" ($9.00) at Park Kitchen:

... was a hankering-worthy, whisky, Benedictine, lemon and ginger syrup solution. This emphatic elixir escorted the "The Fall of Summer" ($9.00) with a wack of Zwack for an herbaceous edge to this nocello and brandy 'bibe.

Sweetbreads ($16.00):

... with sunchokes and bacon was sauced in sorrel to offer a punch to the glandular goods. We happily choked down this textural touché with a cool combo of components.

The prawn salad ($13.00):

... had batons of celery root in a pepper aioli that bound this swell salad.

Beet pappardelle ($16.00):

... was a heartable heap of pork with Brussels rolled in to this red ribbon winner.

We were impressed again by Park Kitchen's prowess of palate and plan to park here again soon.

Park Kitchen
422 NW 8th Ave.
Portland, OR




Monday, November 21, 2011

Our rye drinks at the Rum Club:

... included a refreshing Souracher ($8.00) with Campari, Vermouth, lime and gingerbeer, a Bach Variations ($8.00) with Benedictine, Cava and bitters and (my personal poison of preference), a Vieux Carre ($9.00):

All these whiskied wetters were whistle worthy wares wrangled with a grilled cheese ($7.00):

... with crisp crusted carbs confining a cheesy chamber of melty magma. A tangy, thick tomato soup completed this tastetagic touchstone.

Meatloaf ($8.00):

... on a mound of sausage mashed potatoes was a mincey meat-capped mountain with a sprouty veg plate ($6.00):

...of Brussels and spuds to ballast the booze.

We continue to converge at this rummy rendezvous for the tasty tucker and 'tails.

The Rum Club
720 Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR









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