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October 1-10, 2011


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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fried tripe ($6.00):

... at Restaurant St. Jack:

... was presented as tender tripe-angles with a caper-aisse. This fine flaps of gastero grid led me to some frogs legs ($11.00):

... which were amph'ed up with capers in a buttery, herb pond. A 2009 Clos du Breuil cavorted kickingly with these ribet runners.

Escargot ($12.00):

... ditched the diveted dish to don a French onion soup facade with Gruyere croutons guarding this gastropod gratin. These windups were slugged with ham and left a tantalizing trail from some 'shrooms.

Skate wing ($21.00):

... flew in with more capers and was paired with a 2009 Crowley Pinot Noir to underscore the earthiness of the puy lentiled, ray of relishability.

Pork confit ($18.00):

... was cooked until it relinquished its resistance. It hit the skillet to create some crispy bits before it rested its bones on a bed of potatoes. The richness of this swell swine was put in place by a cool glass of the suggested Rosé.

We were impressed by St. Jack's rustic, French chow and will come back to see if we just happened upon "caper week" or if most of their food ordinarily comes with green dots...

Restaurant St. Jack
2039 SE Clinton
Portland, OR




Sunday, October 9, 2011

We got one of each of the available Macarons ($2.00 each):

... at Pix Patisserie:

The resulting sack of sweets held a salted caramel, coconut and chocolate chip version of these puffy pleasures:

These delicate dollops of dessert were all good, but our 'ron of choice was the salinified caramel.

We'll have to return to check out the architectural afters for our next pix fix.

Pix Patisserie

3402 SE Division St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, October 8, 2011

We enjoyed our coffee as the queue for crepes at the Portland Farmers Market C'est Si Bon stand:

... millimetered forward. The pancake man told his staff to "86 buckwheat" just as we reached the front, but it turned out that he had just enough to flap into one of our jacks.

The buckwheat crepe was filled with Tillamook Cheddar, scrambled egg, greens and bacon ($6.00):

... while the regular was stuffed with greens and Tails & Trotters slow roasted pork, ($6.00 plus $1.00 for an egg):

Apple butter and caramelized onions lent a sweet snap to this pork pouch.

Both origami'ed eats had uneven ingredient distribution, but even so, they were still fine folds to fuel our shopping.

The fire roasted pepper stand:

... was a crowd pleasing bellwether with a whirling bingo cage cascading above scorching flames.

Crowds created a cozy corridor for our crepe and coffee fueled marketing.

C'est Si Bon




Friday, October 7, 2011

The Bent Brick had an impressive game of Jenga taking place in the lounge:

... but instead, we logged in some bar time:

... with a Vieux Carre and a "Path to Victory" ($8.00):

... which had a triumphant vinegar, bourbon and chinato chime.

Mussels ($4.00):

... washed up with a nifty aioli in this flexilent rocky range of gastero goods.

Deep fried applesauce and cheese curds ($5.00):

... were whey wonderful with a greaseless, crusty shell covering a tangy apple filling alternating with chunks of cheese chomps.

Pesto made from bean leaves was the saucing agent for charred green beans ($5.00):

We poked through these swell, stalky servings before a serving of the "crispy pork snacks" ($4.00):

... comprised of jerky, ear and chicharron.

We mortared in our mouths with the exciting eats at this brick-ateria. It was surprisingly easy to find a seat for a Friday at 7:30 - not sure why the place wasn't jammed with such high quality and low prices.

The Bent Brick
1639 NW Marshall St.
Portland, OR




Thursday, October 6, 2011

Multiple missives from Bay Area Bunrab readers directed us to Park Kitchen where we clocked in at Happy Hour.

A marvelous Manhattan and Buck ($5 bucks each):

... were hour glasses of terrific tipple that rolled down with brandade balls ($8.00):

These fritters were served with malt vinegar in pleasing potato pods that were salt codified.

Strips of bacon and green beans were given a tempura treatment ($8.00):

... and served as a pork and beans cone of contentment.

We flanked this fine foray with a steak salad ($8.00):

... which was a bouquet of leaf and beef.

Al wrote to tell us of their albacore salad and octopus which we will check out when we park ourselves back in this kitchen for a proper dinner soon.

Park Kitchen
422 NW 8th
Portland, OR




Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Cheddar cheeseburger ($3.75):

... at Little Big Burger was cooked to a pleasing pink but the taste was a little leaner than I prefer at this tidy tucker turnout.

Crisp fries ($2.75) allowed me to consume copious quantities of Camden's Catsup:

... which had a pleasingly pronounced acidic bite to this Portland produced potion.

Although not my all time fave, this friendly flipping foundation is a cheap chomping chain.

Little Big Burger
122 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I tasted the pear and blue cheese ice cream at Salt & Straw and while there was a lot to like about this vein of thinking, but my ability to desire a whole helping was im-peared.

After perusing the scope of scoops, we both went with identical cones ($3.75 each):

... with chocolate and gooey brownie under a scoop of coffee with cocoa nib.

The chocolate brownie option was pre-licktably good, but we found the coffee creation to have way too many nibs for our taste. They could have been reduced by half since their 'bundance brought out a bitterness in this brewed ball, but to be fair, we both ate all of our cones. This sort of thing may be part of the churning curve at this new nexus of fun, frozen formulations. We will definitely double back for more of their 'sperimental scoopage.

Salt & Straw
2035 NE Alberta
Portland, OR




Monday, October 3, 2011

We had some pre-sip-itations at Sunshine Tavern:

... where barman Jacob stirred up excellent elixirs including a Chauncey and an improved whisky cocktail:

These top tipples touched down with a pepperoni pizza ($14.00):

... which was nicely blistered and had a tangy sauce.

The cracklings ($5.00):

... were pig-mented with pimenton, but didn't ease our 4505 craving.

We gazed at some good grazing that we'll have to order on our next visit - the pork burger looked particularly enticing.

Sunshine is a sunny stop.

Sunshine Tavern

3111 SE Division St.
Portland, OR




Sunday, October 2, 2011

I was warned that there's no sign at Central.

Pat at Bull Run Distillery said it was sort of like a speakeasy (in that you had to know it was there.)

We worked our way through the tons of tourists going nuts for the sucrose-saturated Voodoo vendings and found a window with cooks examining some perky lobsters.

A hallway led to a bar and dining room:

... that had taxidermy, filament-forward bulbs and a windmill turned horizontally to act as a ceiling fan.

We hopped up to the bar where a PImm's Cup was given a spin with candied ginger in addition to the traditional cukes and mint. I enjoyed this refreshing Brit'bation while Chubby went with a Dark and Stormy.

Lobster gnocchi ($16.00):

... had an insinuation of tarragon between plush potato pillows cushioning chunks of stirring 'ster. Mascarpone mingled this chive talking, claw a-biting sensational serving.

Daniel, the barman, noted that the menu will migrate towards autumnal offerings beginning Wednesday - so we plan to fall back to check out the goods at this signless oasis soon.

220 SW Ankeny
Portland, OR


We've gotten a lot of Bunrab email regarding our recent regional repositioning, including a missive from one of our favorite conversators,

Beth Spotswood, who writes:

We miss you terribly here in San Francisco, but those biscuits make me understand why you're hanging out in Portland these days. 

Are you guys ever coming back to us?!?!

xo, Beth


Gutenberg replies:

Aw shucks, we miss you all too!

While we are going to find ourselves in this Northwestern nook for a while, we will continue to duck in and out of our beloved Bay Area to get all our necessary fixes.





Saturday, October 1, 2011

The line at the PIne State Biscuits booth:

... at the PSU Farmers Market was about a third of the length that we found during our last Saturday visit so we jumped into the queue for a quick bread bordered breakfast.

We both got egg, cheese and meat biscuits ($6.00 each). Chubby went with a sausage patty:

... while I went with a peppery, moist, fried chicken breast:

We both quit half our biscs to enjoy our sandwiches opened faced ('wich gave rise to a rounded ratio of protein to pain.)

Our cylindrical servings were stately, but they didn't oust our personal pick of Tasty n Sons' flakily flourished formation.

Fully fortified, we maneuvered through the masses to complete our marketing at this Saturday shopping stop.

Pine State Biscuits

PSU Farmers Market
Portland, OR










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