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December 21-31, 2011


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Saturday, December 31, 2011

We rang out the year with a feast at Beast.

A communal table with convivial company and a view of the open kitchen was a fine fade out for 2011.

Verve Forney Champagne was subdued by the bold bisque of lobster:

... lunging shellfishly to the spotlight followed by a fruits de mer-iage of ceviche, a sabayon submerged oyster, hamachi sweetened by a preserves and a maguro mat with a fried bone marrow pustule that popped under some Osetra eggs:

2010 Domaine Leccia Rosé added flourish to this fish.

A face-titious flap of tete de cochon:

... went to the head of the class. This swell sheet of smiley circumference was fringed in frisee with supremed citrus echoed in the 2009 Willi Brundlmayer Gruner Veltliner Terrasen and a wedge of rillettes.

Uni butter roed a wave of snapper:

... with 'shroomy support between swigs of 2008 Meo-Camuzet Clos St. Philbert white Burgundy.

Dry aged beef:

... whetted our appetites with a seared and sous vided cylinder perched upon potato puree with a scattering of fried Brussels trimmed with shavings of black truffle. This meat and potato plate was beefed up by a 2007 Domaine Gallety Cotes de Vivarais.

We livered it up with seared foie gras on toast:

... with quince jam and a froid gras on a circle of shortbread with a Sauternes gelee rounded by a 2007 Maximin Grunhauser Riesling.

A cheese plate:

... and a Guinness contestant for teeniest croquembouche:

wound up the prix fixin's with a 2009 Domaine Huet demi sec Vouvray and a 2005 Chateau Haut Bernasse Monbazillac, respectively.

We liked the soup and pig face and look forward to returning for a "normal" service (since holiday menus rarely unleash an accurate assessment of the everyday eats.)

Beast Restaurant

5425 NE 30th Ave.
Portland, OR




Friday, December 30, 2011

Kim Boyce's brand new pastry production pursuit is rolling out some wonderful, wheaten wares.

We breakfasted on Bakeshop's splendid spirals of scones ($3.00 each). The figgy buckwheat:

... had a flaky fringe to this swirl of Newtonian munching mass while the chocolate orange pecan:

... had an appealing chocolaty confetti.

The coffee cake crumble ($2.50):

... was a muffiny mound of moist caffeination 'companiment that we followed up with a sweet and salty cookie ($1.00):

This chocolaty circle of seeds and saline was a delectable disc demonstrating the balanced flavors that spring from the ovens in this doughminion.

Bakeshop's goods will be for sale (starting next week) at the neighboring Case Study Coffee shop:

... where you can grab a jolt of joe to wash down these knead to know bases of breakfast. We will return for more (and a re-order of that buckwheat fig scone.)


5351 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR




Thursday, December 29, 2011

We got a Dona Margara ($9.00) and a tequila Negroni ($8.00):

... at the recently opened Mextiza.

These agave elixirs were on the dilute side for our tastes and we realized that we should have ordered the flight of reposados from their extensive inventory.

Guacamole ($8.00):

... was made in a creamy style with bits of onion and house made chips dandruffed with Cotija. These tortilla strips were masa macho munchables on their own.

Molotes ($9.00):

... were stuffed with chicken and beans and fried into crunchy crusted fowl foms.

Doraditas ($12.00):

... were crisp crescents of spuds and sausage. These tiny tacos were turfed, guac'ed and rooted in a vegetal valley.

Goat and lengua appear on the roster of this 'raunt which appeared underpopulated for a Thursday at prime time, but the regional rations and repertoire of reposados will court clientele to this nuevo nook.


2103 N. Killingsworth
Portland, OR




Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The "Black Lodge" ($10.00):

... with rye, punt e mes and cynar was given an orange bitters rind up in this well structured, Lynchian libation at Kask Bar.

Bourbon added ferocity to the "Lion's Tale" ($10.00) which wrestled with allspice dram, lime and Angostura bitters.

Both of these Kask-ades were impressive potions on a mesmerizing menu of mixtures with meaningful monikers.

Cheese and charcuterie ($22.00):

... was good grazing with well edited wares from producers including Pt. Reyes and La Quercia, as well as an impressive house cured bresaola.

This nibbly nosh and top tipple will bring us back to this raucous retreat for more booze and chews.

Kask Bar
1215 SW Alder St.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aviary has recently reopened after an incendiary incident.

The coal has been mined from the refurbished roosterant and this canary corridor is now filling hatches with perch-aces like our chicken skin salad ($8.00):

This outer organ was plucked from the friolator and flourished with baba ganoush and watermelon. We delightedly dermalished this swell skinny salad.

Halibut ($16.00):

... was maki'ed in flattened brioche and filled with uni. These seafood stumps were served with a spinach and sesame seed stack.

Pig ears ($12.00):

... were sound sustenance over coconut rice pierced with chinese sausage and avocado. This audible edible boar and eary resemblance to paella.

Hoisin glazed short rib ($12.00):

... had little fruity pockets of pomegranate punctuating this protein poised on a bed of barley.

Stout cake ($6.00):

... was a warm, meatloaf-masquerading mound melding with whipped cream, toffee and spiced apples while the lemon tart ($6.00):

... was a crisp-crusted carbo-cup containing a tangy curd topped with huckleberries in a mascarpone sorbet. These desserts were a delectable dissolution of our dinner, but we will migrate back the next time we're peckish for another cage match.


1733 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR




Monday, December 26, 2011

Boke Bowl brought in chilly customers:

... for hot helpings of slurpable soup.

We got a pork and chicken broth ($9.00) with add ons of pork belly ($1.50), buttermilk fried chicken ($3.00) and a slow cooked egg ($1.00):

This warming wind up of house made noodles had clean flavors enriched by yolk, and bites of cured belly.

The seafood miso broth with olive oil poached shrimp ($10.00) with cornmeal crusted, fried oysters ($3.00):

... was a bottom feeding frenzy of tender tidal tucker.

These big, brothy bonanzas were beckoning basins that bucked tradition and instead focused on fun flavorfilled combos. We will roll back to check out their steamed buns, and house made twinkies while taking in the graphics:

... at this Portland pasta portal.


1028 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR




XMas day, December 25, 2011

Scandinavian pals got us to try Glögg, a warm, winter beverage that is drunk with ginger cookies and blondes.

We usually don't mull over these sorts of sips but this spiced currant of biscuit bath was a nice, Nordic, Noel-tea.





Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cajun eggs Benedict ($14.00):

... at Baker & Banker:

... had tasso ham, braised greens, poached eggs and tabasco hollandaise. This open faced, biscuit breakfast was a swell Southern spin on a brunch staple with perfectly cooked eggs adding saucy support to the 'daise, pork and veg. The flaky foundation made this shell bird formation shine.

House smoked trout ($13.00):

... dotted a crisp latke smeared with horseradish cream. Golden and red pickled beets and a shaved fennel salad grounded this tantalizing tater tower.

The only bummer about our morning meal was the coffee configuration. There were no warm ups, but when we ran dry we had to request a refill which meant our cups were taken to the large pump pots and returned. We noticed the neighboring tables had the same gap-eination issues but fortunately, the food more than made up for the liquidless languishing.

Baker & Banker

1701 Octavia St.
San Francisco, CA




Friday, December 23, 2011

Although we are still gobsmacked by Banker & Banker Bakery's sensational chocolate chip cookie, the Cane Rosso offering ($2.00):

... was a golden retrievable round with bits of walnuts walled in this crisp, buttery dog biscuit. This circle of satisfaction may not have the unctuousness of BB's CCC, but it still is an A.

Il Cane Rosso

San Francisco Ferry Building




Thursday, December 22, 2011

Le Dix-Sept Patisserie's dark chocolate tart:

... had a buttery, cookie-like crust insulated with a layer of caramel covered with a blanket of ga-noshable chocolate. Maldon salt finished this pleasing, pecan punctuated pastry. The goods from this arrondisse-monkiered business can be ordered for pick up at Pot and Pantry or delivered in SF for a little extra dough.

Le Dix-Sept Patisserie




Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We were weary of the wound wares at Pepples Donuts:

... from our previous parched purchases but our Meyer lemon and chocolate choices ($2.50 and $3.00):

... turned up as hydrated hoops. These vegan vowels were on the sweet side for our saliva sockets with the chocolate version tastetalgically reminding us of those mini Hostess packs.

This popular portal provides dairy detesters with sucrose circles.

Pepples Donuts

San Francisco Ferry Building









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