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January 1-9, 2012


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Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Hour at Via Tribunali heralded with a wood burning oven:

... dispensing diminutive dough discs. Antipasti ($5.00):

... with rosemary flatbread, olives, peppers and cheese was followed up with a margherita ($5.00):

... and a salami ($5.00) pizzetta:

These curd circles were good, but didn't have the crisp and chewy crust texture that we crave (they veered toward the softer side.) A half carafe of house red ($8.00) washed down our cheap and cheerful Neapolitan nosh which will probably prove popular with the Voodoo customers across the alley.

Via Tribunali
36 SW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, January 8, 2012

One of the best Portland traditions is setting up self serve coffee for those waiting for a.m. eats. Broder goes a step further and uses the neighboring tavern as a waiting room.

We filled our mugs with joe (while over an hour dripped by) before we were ushered into this Swedish eatery for bork, bork, bork-fast.

The "breakfast bord" ($12.00):

... with salumi, cheese, potato salad, grapefruit, bread and a nice yogurt and granola parfait was a pleasing paddle that kept us from board-om.

Smoked trout ($12.00):

... with potatoes under a fetus flap was a saliney seafood spud serving while the baked egg scramble ($11.00):

... with cheese and ham was a squared-off omelette with a side of vinegary sautéed greens.

The friendly staff was stretched thin - juggling the waiting room, full house and the persnickety party of two next to us that wanted the bill split (not down the middle, but according to their own intricate formula)

By having a sort of makeshift café as a holding tank made the wait whiz by, but we would have a-bork-ed this mission if we were on a tight schedule.

2508 SE Clinton St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shrimp and Grits ($14.00):

... at Irving Street Kitchen:

... had their heads about them. We decapitated these bottom feeders and chomped them down with Anson Mills grits that were sauced with eggy extrusion to augment the bbq sauce. This prawnounced plate was better than the parched fried chicken ($13.00):

... with overcooked, overeasies. The potatoes and gravy were okay though.

A busy brunch-time kept refills from 'rriving but perhaps this place is more about their dinner and cocktails.

Irving Street Kitchen

701 NW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR




Friday, January 6, 2012

One nifty Portland practice
is that espresso is automatically served with a small glass of water (at the more stimulating shops.)

Water Avenue Coffee Company:

... sidekicks their 'spresso with the sparkling variety in their roast room. Their drip coffee was good, but the focused foamation was the ticket at this brew pew located on an ingredient street.

Water Avenue Coffee Company
1028 SE Water Ave.
Portland, OR




Thursday, January 5, 2012

The flambé fragrance has cleared from the corridors of Interurban.

An electrical fire prevented the full menu from being served during their opening weeks, but now that the smoke has subsided, we dug into a "Luger burger" ($9.00):

This nomage to the excellent East Coast beefateria, Peter Luger had a good, smoky, medium cheese-capped rare patty chased by an order of fish and chips ($17.00):

... which were a little greasy, but still good.

A couple whisky cocktails ($8.00 each):

... sealed the deal before we blew the bar and fired off home.

4057 N. Mississippi St.
Portland, OR





Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Hour at Andina:

... included two particularly palatable Peruvian plates - the octopus ($5.00):

... was an army ration that was anything but standard issue. This tendercled twirl touched down with a football of potato in a dish pulpoing with flavor along with beef hearts ($5.00):

... impaled like vascular valentines. This organ was a hearty harmony of muscular munchability. The chicken kebob ($5.00):

... was perfectly good, but couldn't compete with the sticky valve and mollusc-ular gastronomy that proceeded this poultry.

A ginger, rum and grapefruit "ron-yki-on" and a pisco sour "kuong tong" ($6.75 each):

... were perky potions with citrus and spice to wash down the nifty nosh.

Ceviche ($16.00):

... came with sweet potato and corn to combine with the cubes of fish flesh. This surfing got turfing from steak tartare ($10.00):

... which we also cobbined with the tuber to produce a Peruvian take on steak.

We will have to return to Andina to check out their dinner menu (but will have to get that octopus and heart again.)

Andina Restaurant

1314 NW Glisan
Portland, OR





Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Clinton Poutine ($10.00):

... at Foster Burger:

... takes the usual fries, curds and gravy and ladles on pork belly, bacon, pastrami and sautéed onions to this Canadian culinary collision. We were glad we went with the dainty small size (instead of shelling out three more bucks for the large) of this belly bomb.

We also got a couple burgers - The Burner ($7.50):

... with jalapenos, Srirancha, cheese and fried onions was a caliente-kicked beef bundle while the Kiwi Burger:

...was a lamb, Cheddar, fried egg and pickled beet-wich. Both of the medium rare mounds were so juicy that the sesame seed buns were saturated in seconds, but we hammered through these hefty helpings with a couple of pints of Ft. George Vortex IPA and Oakshire Tempered Gnome at this fun and funky poster papered portal of burger benediction.

Foster Burger

5339 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR




Monday, January 2, 2012

We cooked up a heap of Hoppin' John to supper-scribe to New Year's Day tradition.

It is thought that the number of black eyed peas eaten on NYD will equal the number of lucky days in the coming year. Although superstition isn't the motivation for our mastication, we believe that these two tone tic tacs are a reward in themselves - and they are even better the next day...





Sunday, New Years Day, 2012

2011 held Moroccan marvels,

wonderful whisky:

Flighty foods:

honoring excellence:

High Stakes:

Grubby Grub:

Porcine pleasures:

Get toque-gethers:

Crucifications at Krug:

Benissimo Benu:

5 years of Ad Hoc:

Northwesterly nosh:

Gracious gifts:

Natural Selection:

swoon-worthy soirees:

and much to be thankful for.

Here's hoping for more of the same in 2012...










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