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February 11-20, 2012


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Devil's Food Catering plié-sed the corps at a penthouse party celebrating the upcoming Oregon Ballet Theatre production of Giselle.

A conversation with the principal pirouetters provoked our interest in this production which opens on February 25th.

San Francisco Ballet's own Lola de Avila is the répétiteur of this production which will have us chasséing to the Keller Auditorium this weekend.

Oregon Ballet Theatre




Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guisados are cooked creations (i.e. stews and stir-fries) that Mi Mero Mole:

... manipulates into burritos, quesadillas and tacos. We took a tour of these tacos ($2.75 each):

... on house made tortillas (which they make from masa ground at a local maize masher.)

Rice in these roll-ups soaked up the swell salsas (from the self serve station):

... to add interest to egg and nopales, potatoes and nopales and pork. The standouts for us were the egg and chorizo as well as the chicken chased by cerveza:

We were offally disappointed that they were saving their beef heart for dinner service and the lengua, sweetbreads and blood sausage were sadly absent from the roster of rotating rations.

In the future, we'll check their tweets to summon us for fifth quarter fortification.

Mi Mero Mole

5026 SE Division St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, February 18, 2012

This installment of our cheese subscription hit our soft spot with French ripening cows' milk cultures. This masticatable missive from The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills had a round of Brie, an orange-rinded wedge of le Marcaire (that mimicked Muenster) and a triangle of Explorateur that provided mushroomy mouthfuls of buttery bliss.

What's not to love about having these lactose letters wedged in our mailbox?

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills





Friday, February 17, 2012

"When you guys like something - you like something" said the Beaker and Flask:

... staffer as we doubled down on both our chicken wings ($6.00):

... and pig ears ($4.00):

... (after we devoured the first round of these appendages.)

Previous nibbling addicted us to the levitational, listening strips with their soundly sensational crispy, curls but we hadn't winged our way through the sporty, spicy fowl flappers which had a nice touch of heat. Blue cheese sauce and celery sticks traditionalized these plucky portions.

We complemented this snackage with a bourbon and Cynar-ster "Louisville Slugger" ($9.00). This excellent Amaro Ramazzotti and Benedictine 'bibe knocked it out of the park while the "Neal Cassady" ($9.00):

... was effervesced with ginger beer in a rye-ly Frenet-ic, lime-licked, Cocchi cooler. We whisked through these wares and wound up with a "Search for Delicious" cocktail ($9.00):

Where has this cocktail been hiding?! It is an amazing amplification of rye, Cynar and salt. This greater than the sumptuous of its parts potion was kissed with lemon in a bitterly balanced beauty. This drink is now officially on our top 5 list.

It's difficult to contain our contentment at Beaker & Flask where excellent eats, stellar sips and an altar to Star Wars can all be experienced with synchronistic splendor.

Beaker & Flask
727 SE Washington St.
Portland, OR




Thursday, February 16, 2012

Emame's is a downtown food cart with Ethiopian eats.

I wound up bits of beefy stew collared by Collards and carrots in the rolls of injera accompanying case of cow.

This nicely spiced meat and veg had a delectable dollop of tangy Ethiopian cheese made by the "Emame" (what her son calls her) behind the counter.

This simple stop was a swell place to get some teff love.

Emame's Ethiopian Cuisine
SW 9th Ave & SW Washington St Food Pod
Portland, OR





Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We were dim sum profiled during our visit to Ocean City Seafood Restaurant.

The nosh navigators:

... left sum details out by mentioning only the mainstream morsels. It was only when the Chinese dude at a neighboring table snagged some chicken feet that we waved the wagon back our way for this pedestrian portion:

We then asked after tripe:

... (which also rolled by without mention). This gastero grazing turned out to be our favorite dish of the grouping with a nicely seasoned, green onion and pepper punch to the chewy ribbons of luscious lining.

The fried taro balls:

... and pork pastry:

... were heavy with oil while the siu mai:

... shimp dumplings:

... and pork dumplings:

... were good (but nothing to Yank Sing about.)

The prices were in keeping with the local accommodations:

... ($28 total before tip) and we plan to return to see what else we weren't offered from the drive biased sum shooters.

Ocean City Seafood Restaurant
3016 SE 82nd Ave.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day is the second most popular day to dine out (behind Mother's Day) which is always incentive to avoid the masses.


... and potato chips topped with caviar and creme fraiche:

... at the hutch was our idea of a swell supper...and no need to find a taxi afterward.




From our Bunrab email, self-described "Long time lurker, first time poster", Allan writes:

Hi Gutenberg,

Been looking at all recent weeks posting, but finally: Gawd, you guys gotta get outta Portland.


Gutenberg replies:

Dear Allan,

We will make our way back to our beloved Bay Area but the food here is surprisingly good. Sure, there are some misses, but at least there will be foie gras on local menus in September...





Monday, February 13, 2012

The 3-course dinner ($28.00) at Tabla is an amazing deal. Diners select from a list of appetizer, pasta and entree options to construct their meals.

We hatched our plan with a sous vide egg ($2.00 supplement):

... Shimeji 'shrooms sprouted from a porcini cream with a crunch of crisped farro. This 'semplary starter was sensational along with a squab salad with curried apple:

This fruit fowl formation roosted on a rooty carrot puree with rocket and sesame seeds to create a flight of earthy, crunchy, freshness.

Housemade pastas wormed their way into our hearts with a chestnut cavatelli:

... that proved to be good grub with veal shank and pecorino. Cinnamon scented this pepper punctuated pot while strands of cappellini:

... coordinated with house cured tesa in a tremendously 'tastic,Tellicherry flecked, cheesy nest of noodles.

New York steak ($4.00 supplement):

... had support from a base of heirloom beans with a kick of balsamic. This was nice and all, but the "Mar y Montana":

...was wow-worthy with tendercles of octo-arms extending over almonds, garlic, pristine pork portions and heartable beets.

Pearl Bakery bread:

... sopped up all of the sauces of this sensational supper. We plan to return to check out the other menu items soon.

Tabla Mediterranean Bistro

200 NE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, February 12, 2012

We flapped over for crepes at the week-old Suzette:

... where Chez Panisse and Quince alum, Jehnee Rains, reigned over round ranges (spreading starch sheets in both states of savory and sweet.)

A buckwheat crepe wrapped around ham and cheese ($6.50 plus $1.00 egg supplement):

... in a Monterey Jacked, jambon, Poupon pocket.

Creme fraiche zagged over a fried ova which also hatched our smoked salmon and goat cheese ($8.00 plus $1.00 egg charge):

This tangy tucker was lightened with leaves of spinach in a spawncontainious fish fold.

French press Stumptown filled our mugs while we witnessed the magnetic properties of antiquated technology:

Shorties had their own activity corner where the rotary phone and typewriter attracted their interest with an 'osaurus appeal.

This pancake palace is a fine, friendly and funky forum of flat pack food. We plan to flip back to catch some more of their rounded rations.


3342 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, February 11, 2012

We like some of Nuvrei's oven's offspring and quelled our curiosity about their macarons with an assortment of these sandwiched sweets.

Out of the assortment of seven ($14.00):

... there were some we liked, but most veered sweeter than we prefer and the citrus was bedecked with over baked borders with a brittle, dry texture.

These macs ron with a little less loft than fluffier footed versions. The passionfruit, espresso and pistachio held our interest, but the raspberry, chocolate and rose didn't divulge dimensionality in these colorful cushions.

There are plenty of things to like about Nuvrei but these dyed discs aren't dominant with us.

Nurvrei Bakery

404 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR










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