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February 21-29, 2012


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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We drank our "Humble Pie" ($9.00) at the Teardrop Lounge.

This Scotch and applejacked peppery potion had gingery roots to kick off our evening while the "Nineteenth Hole" ($9.00):

... topped off our humble pie hole driven by rye and tea'ed off with pu'er. Sherries and vermouth got us on the green with this masterful mixture.

The buffalo burger ($13.00):

... racked up some raclette to add melty cheese to this bacon bedecked buffalo. Herbed roast chicken ($16.00):

... was fine fowl with a moist-middled bread pudding. Even though the food is formidable, the real reason to drop by is for the notable potables made by talented 'tenders.

Teardrop Lounge

1015 NW Everett St.
Portland, OR




Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breakfast at the bar at Doug Fir:

... was a hefty helping with over easies, bacon, hashbrowns:

... and pancakes ($9.50):

The perfectly cooked eggs sauced crisp-crusted spud shreds with pork planks that were good (but next time I'll request them crispy rather than wiggly.) Insulating pancakes soaked up the sweet stuff in this major meal.

Chubby went with the Tuna melt ($9.00 plus $1.00 for soup):

... with little bits of celery, a slice of tomato and Tillamook topping this sea-chicken sandwich. An accupanying smoked tomato soup:

... with croutony crunch was a nifty nightshade nosh.

The daytime staff had a friendlier demeanor than we experienced with the evening crew at this diner dugout.

Doug Fir
830 E. Burnside
Portland, OR




Monday, February 27, 2012

Jade Teahouse
is a pot dispensary:

... where our black brew washed down a spliffy salad roll ($5.00):

... with shrimp, chicken and greenery that we plunged into the peanuty pool to extinguish our hunger.

Salt and pepper squid ($8.00):

... were greaseless, crunchy circles that had a sweet peppery sauce while stir fried green beans ($10.00):

... nested with chicken, shrimp, onions, peppers and tomatoes. Both of these dishes were good, but not re-orders.

The sesame ball ($1.50):

... was a caramel sauced, coconut-filled, fried form of nuttiness with which we finished our 'riffic tea.

Next time we'll check out the bahn mi on house made baguette and their wide noodles at this casual, counter service, teahouse and patisserie.

Jade Bistro, Teahouse & Patisserie
7912 SE 13th Ave.
Portland, OR




Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Pearl District
is a posh portal of Portland but among this regal reef there are also pearl dives like the Low Brow Lounge.

We settled into a table near a velvet portrait of Elvis and perused the menu that glowed under the black light.

Pints ($4.00 each) of a comfortable Red Chair NWPA and a hoppy Oakshire Brewing "Off Piste" Pale Ale were cheap, cheerful chugs with a burger ($8.00):

This blue cheese and bacon bedecked deck was dived up with tater tots and fries.

The "crack" pretzel ($3.00):

... was a jalapeno'ed soft, loaf knot that we doused with mustard. Hot wings ($7.00):

... flew in with the requisite blue cheese dressing and celery in this standard issue chicken-stump serving.

The beer was good and the food was venue-appropriate at this plucky, poison parlour.

Low Brow Lounge

1036 NW Hoyt St.
Portland, OR




Saturday, February 25, 2012

Opening night of Oregon Ballet's Giselle had us munching on $3.00 M&Ms before curtain.

This tutu expensive treat followed supper at a new setup around the corner - Truss.

Low expectations were in place as we entered the Marriott to find this Hawthorne Bridge inspired restaurant.

We thought perhaps it was reason to jump off of the bridge when we finished our starters before our wine materialized. Sure, this place is new, but drinks are a revenue stream that you want to keep flowing...

The Chefs Creek oysters ($12.00):

... had lots of shell shrapnel and weren't particularly palate pleasing while the bean and ham soup ($8.00):

... was a watery, muddy pool that we didn't drain.

We were bracing for our mains when a pretty plate of salmon ($24.00):

... lifted our spirits with a pink portion cooked to our requested extra rare. A horseradishy mash of smooth spuds supported golden and red beets. The braised fennel was undercooked, but otherwise this was a fine span of seafood.

The trout ($21.00):

... looked like it was from a different kitchen. This rustic whole fish was good. A grilled lemon and small salad surrounded this homey, hooked, helping.

Inconsistent chow, absent flatware, persistent Pellegrino pitches and delayed drinks can mostly be chalked up to beginning kinks. Not sure if we'll commute this way again, but the salmon was a sign they can do migrate work...

Truss Restaurant
Marriott Hotel
1401 SW Naito Parkway
Portland, OR





Friday, February 24, 2012

We reset with a couple of Kingpins:

... at Bridgeport Brewpub.

This likable liquid is our preferred potion in this tap territory.

The chow is basic pub grub like the bbq-sauced quesadilla ($8.25):

This sweet squiggle added a strange 'dilla-mention to this case of queso on pollo (contributing to a lactose-laden 'lope less than 'licious.)

The mushroom pizza ($12.50):

... was an improvement with a fungus form that was decent, but not a reorder.

We liked our pints of 'pins but this facility's food isn't always up our alley.

Bridgeport Brewpub

1313 NW Marshall St.
Portland, OR





Thursday, February 22, 2012


Happy Hour at Cafe Nell:

... centers on Champagne cocktails ($5.00 each):

The selection of sparklers included a citrusy, lemon spritz as well as a negroni-nudged bubbler to 'bibe with biscuits bordering crisply fried chicken ($7.00):

These little honey-mustarded mounds had moist meat under their golden crusts. We got some of their innards in a cone of breaded and fried livers ($5.50):

... with fried shallots to band with these blobs (which were a tinge more cooked than we prefer, but still good.)

Mac and cheese ($5.50):

... as fine but didn't have the crunchy and gooey extremes that we crave. Still, it was a fine HH, next visit we'll have to check out the mussels and the burger...

Cafe Nell
1987 NW Kearney
Portland, OR




Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The People's Pig is in a downtown food pod:

The carne cart's porchetta sandwich ($8.00):

... wasn't filled with a slice of spiraled swine (as I imagined), but it had bacony bits in the belly of a roll with a tangy treatment to this arugula'ed 'wich. This hefty helping of porky pleasure made for a lipitor-rific lunch.

The People's Pig

SW 9th and Alder
Portland, OR




Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Doug Fir is an eatery connected to a motel that received a hipster handling. This log-lined libation location also boasts a lounge for musical manifestations (but we stuck to the performances on the plate.)

The Manhattan ($10.00) and Buffalo Trace sour ($7.00):

... were both good glugs before we greeted a Gruyere and bacon "Fir Burger" ($10.00):

This decent deck of ground cow was delivered at the requested medium rare with some lettucey loft from a wig of arugula alongside a chopped salad for added greenery.

Fried chicken ($15.00):

... nested in a basket of fries with a square biscuit (that was more bready than flaky). The shoestrings laced up the moist meat of the crunchily-crusted clucker in this fine fowl.

The server was distracted with extended absences and drained drinks that didn't deem a dialogue to refresh our 'ments, but to be fair, this aloof attitude didn't seem alien in hipster hangout.

Doug Fir

830 E. Burnside
Portland, OR









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