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June 1-10, 2012


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  Sunday, June 10, 2012

Veal sweetbreads ($11.00):

... glanded on a plate of spinach puree with gnodes of gnocchi with shredded ham hock and asparagus. This delectable detonation of dinner was a nice start along with housemade mozzarella ($9.00):

Maldon salt capped this creamy coagulation of 'tose served with strawbs, pistachios and saba in a mint-mingled sweet, savory, crunchy, rewarding 'rella-ationship.

Mac and cheese ($6.00):

... got crunch not only from fragments of potato chip imbedded on the surface, but baking bolstered the bottom with a crusty under carriage of cheesy chompability to this mac-able melange.

The server reccoed that we order the sirloin cap steak ($24.00):

... medium, but we took a chance with a bluer blasting and were very happy with the bloodier beef. Foie gras butter-basted shallots de-livered a richness to this allium amalgamation.

Wild salmon ($26.00):

... was cooked to a perfect rare and pedestaled on a pave of chickpea cake. Even though Laurelhurst is meat-centric, they make a mean maritime meal as well.

Laurelhurst continues to rest their meat but they never appear to rest on their laurels at his top chop shop.

Laurelhurst Market
3155 E. Burnside
Portland, OR




  Saturday, June 9, 2012

While we wait for the brick and mortar Bowery Street Bagels to open, we can still lavish their loops ($3.00):

... with cream cheese after a toasting at the Cloud Seven Cafe.

We went with onion but Cloud Seven doesn't carry the crazy combos of schmears that BB bedecks on these bread bumpers. Our chewy and cheerful chomping make us look forward to the opening of the hoopy helping hub on the horizon.

Bowery Bagels



  Friday, June 8, 2012

Surprisingly, the goat cheese was a mild, milky mound rather than a pungent punch we predicted in our monthly morsel missive.

This Santa Gadea glob was smacked with softness to contrast with a sheepy Idiazbal that 'mided us of a mild Manchego.

Los Cameros was a cow and goat, olive oil-rubbed semi-soft that was a ruminant round that we relished.

This swell subscription continues to quell our curd-iosity as we chew through these coagulated coalescings.

The Cheese Store of Beverly HIlls




  Thursday, June 7, 2012

We got a taste of each ($1.00-$3.00 per 3 oz.):

... at Hair of the Dog Brewing Company which was the way to em-bark on a sampling the spectrum of k-9 coolers.

These fizzy formulas ranged from subtle to statement suds. We enjoyed these sips along with tender short rib ($9.00):

... with whole grain mustard and a churchy macaroni and potato salad. The meat mingled well with the darker drafts while chili ($5.00):

... chomped down with a side of Brussels sprouts ($5.00):

... for beer friendly bites.

This hop haven was a fetching fountain to wolf down good grub. We'll have to return to check out their Brisket next time.

Hair of the Dog Brewing Co.
61 SE Yamhill St.
Portland, OR




  Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We saw a sign announcing the Doritos Nacho Cheese shell taco ($1.29):

... at Taco Bell and pulled in to investigate.

A brilliant orange billfold:

... held the usual run-for-the-border ballast in a combo that tasted exactly like it sounded. We felt highly efficient in fusing our lunch and snack into one fast food flap and once our curiosity was sated it was time to make a run for a sandwich...





  Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Olympic Provisions salumi is in regular rotation in our refrigerator and their restaurant is just as relishable.

We went with a prix fixe dinner ($25.00) with a swell salad:

... capped with a snowy shower of grated Grana Padano and a flurry of fried filberts.

The rotisserie chicken:

... had too many rotations of radiation and was drier than we prefer (but still good) alongside schmaltz roasted potatoes.

Strawberry shortcake with creme chantilly and rhubarb jam completed the set dinner which we supplemented with a shrimp appetizer ($11.00):

... with chilis, garlic and lemon. This succulent seafood came with planks of pain in this reorderable ration.

The ribeye ($28.00):

... arrived at a nice rare with a nice border of fat and greened with gremolata. Kale, potatoes and pearl onions lined this eye that we batted down our hatches.

OP continues to stick their landings at this meat mecca. We will have to check out their cocktails when we return for another caliber performance.

Olympic Provisions

1632 NW Thurman St.
Portland, OR



  Monday, June 4, 2012

A Sazerac ($9.00) and a gin-based "ephemeral" ($10.00):

... were 'sational, short-lived libations at Riffle NW:

... where we returned for a couple sea urchin shots ($6.00 each):

... in tomato water with a quail egg yolk. These tiny tumblers of uni-fied, mater matter and egg had a pinch of salt to balance out this roe potion that is a required eating.

House made crackers cradled salmon tartare ($10.00):

... which was a flappingly fresh flesh fragmentation formation.

The East Coast style crab roll ($21.00):

... was a nice nosh as were the sand dabs with favas ($13.00):

I asked if they wouldn't mind giving the skeleton a deep frying treatment (the way they did with the bass last visit) and they obliged:

This seafood scaffold was a calcium comb with a sensational salty crunch.

We keep reloading Riffle NW since there always seems to be space at the bar even during peak hours at this top notch target for seafood.

Riffle NW
333 NW 13th Ave.
Portland, OR



  Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Mini moons" ($3.04 for 3):

... were ice cream sandwichettes made at Cool Moon with ginger and chocolate chip cookies bookending lumps of lactose. In an out of character move, we favored the non-cacoa chunkage choice due to the cooling caliente coercion of the rooty rounds.

These micro morsels are totable treats that we will have to pick up again.

Cool Moon

1105 NW Johnson St.
Portland, OR



  Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hurricanes and Sazeracs
were popular potions at The Parish.

There was no cocktail list so we went with a Vieux Carre and a Manhattan ($9.00 each):

... that were both squared off sips at this new pulpit in the Pearl District.

Frog legs ($10.00):

... kicked back with peas and tomatoes. These braised extremities were a little chewy in this homey helping, and it wasn't a dish that wowed us enough to reorder.

Fried chicken livers ironed out a Bibb lettuce salad ($7.00):

... with shaved radishes and blue cheese. This organization of greenery was a refreshing and pungent starter.

Pork skins ($6.00):

... were puffy pork that had good crunch but didn't approach 4505 on the flavor finesse frontier.

Fried oysters ($12.00 for six):

... were rolled in cornmeal and given a brief fry to keep their moist middles. This shuckage snackage was a stripped down po boy.

BBQ shrimp ($16.00):

... had a caliente coercion and were good, but not nuanced enough to compete with the oysters.

The Parish may not be a place we will go religiously, but we confess that they make a sinful cocktail.

The Parish
231 NW 11th Ave.
Portland, OR



  Friday, June 1, 2012

After a walk around the neighborhood where we used to reside:

... we were bummed to learn that Baker & Spice (our former weekend coffee haunt) closed up their Queens Park portal.

Also gone was Philip Howard who would always greet us at the Oxford Street Station instructing us to "be a winner, not a sinner" over his amplification system.

It was time to hit Heathrow where Lamb:

... was lead to the slaughter on Air Canada - it was cooked to a uniform cardboardy grey. Peppers, broccoli and potatoes were also overcooked but what this rack lacked, the fully flat bed made up for.

Even though there wasn't much time for dining detours, the tasting menu at Texture Restaurant was the only return reservation I would make.










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