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June 11-21, 2012


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  Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nuvrei's croissant ($2.50):

... is a solid swirl of buttery breakfast bread while their pretzel ($2.25):

... wasn't what we consider a traditional taste - it was still a salty 'semblage, but knot a reorder.

404 NW 10th Ave.
Porltand, OR



  Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We made a feline for the Country Cat:

where crispy pork skin acted as croutons in a bowl of ricotta embedded with favas ($6.00):

We chugged down the cheese and chicharrones with a Saint Sazerac ($8.00) blessed with rye, rinsed with Herbsaint and sanctified with Peychauds. The "Kentucky Housewife" ($8.00) got fizz from soda, freshness from mint and booze from bourbon in this cat tonic.

A haystack of onion strings dwarfed the cheeseburger ($11.50):

This blue cheesed bundle was good, but the meat could have used more fat and less radiation, but to be fair, we ate the whole thing...

Steelhead ($20.00):

... was turbaned in bacon and served with onions, peas, garlic. This streakily bandaged salmon was cooked to a perfect medium rare - definitely the star of the show.

This casual corner is kitted out with hospitable hosts and succulent salmon. We'll have to come back out of curiosity...

The Country Cat
7937 Stark St.
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The whisky-based "Highland Mary" ($9.00) was kilted out with Lillet and amaretto to tape together the Scotch, while a Boulevardier ($10.00):

... rode along a Campari and sweet vermouth avenue at Wafu.

Edamame mousse floated by some scallop ceviche ($12.00):

Caramelized citrus added acidic perk and slivered almonds gave crunch to this fantastic fish dish.

A futomaki ($10.00):

... filled with hamachi and avocado was showered with dehydrated corn kernels and slivers of jalapeño. A pool of miso sauce mingled with yellowtail tube while a "hand roll" ($5.00):

... filled with roasted crab was a manual transmission of yuzu tobiko'ed tasty tucker.

Dan dan noodle ($10.00):

... had spicy seafood sausage ragu in a chili-kicked tangle of pistachio punctuated pasta.

Wafu continues to dole out delectable dishes at their Division Street digs.

3113 SE Division
Portland, OR



  Monday, June 18, 2012

"Chef says you can eat the whole fava beans" said the server as she delivered the wood oven roasted pods ($8.00):

... splashed with olive oil. All but a few were jacketed in tender shells but the tougher ones were not pod-ticularly toothsome.

A pork trotter ($12.00):

... was patty-ized, breaded and fried to produce a sumptuous, swine square served with mache, mustard and pickles. This pleasing porcine was a foot note to their famous pizzas.

The "diovola" ($15.00):

was dotted with spicy sausage over molten mozzarella, provolone and rings of peppers. We cut up our righteous round (with the scissors:

... that uncourteous customers notoriously nick) before biting into this blistered beauty.

Nostrana continues to impress with their stover achievements.


1401 SE Morrison
Portland, OR



  Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where to take pals visiting from SF? The Teardrop Lounge, of course.

We lucked into a four top at prime time and savored swell sips including a HIgh School Dropout ($10.00) which got top marks for an illuminating essay on Rye, Luxaro marachino with a tinge of Angostura and Aztec biters.

We also took flight with a Sky Rocket ($9.00). This bourbon, Kronan Swedish punsch, and dry vermouthed 'bibe was a lovely lemon-aided, bittered brew.

Catching up over these potent potions made us glad we were hoofing home.

Teardrop Lounge
1015 NW Everette St.
Portland, OR



  Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bowery Bagels burst into business today as their boiled and baked breads beckoned breakfasters.

The queue was worth the wait as we were rewarded with Stumptown coffee and eventually our "Dan Burnside" ($6.50) on an onion bagel:

... and an "Oliver Lent" ($6.50) on a plain bagel:

Cheddar and house made bacon bolstered the Burnside while caramelized onions sweetened the deal on the Swiss-cheesed Lent.

Both were good, but the egg element was a frittata-esque frisbee that was less tempting to us than their schmear campaign.

The thing about eggs on bagels is that you can't go with a fried egg without people complaining about a runny yolk so I guess they went with a sensible approach, but our tastes run more towards their spreadable edibles so next time we'll try some of their house smoked salmon and amped-up cream cheese to load up their leavened loops.

Bowery Bagels

310 NW Broadway
Portland, OR



  Friday, June 15, 2012

may have Little Big Burger, but LA has In-N-Out.

We doubled down on double doubles with a protein style portion thrown in to mix things up.

Fries "extra well" was our farewell before hightailing it out of LAX.

In-N-Out Burger



  Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buffalo wings ($6.99):

... seemed like an appropriate appendage to eat at PDX as we patted down this post security plate of crispy and spicy flappers washed down with watery margaritas.

The chicken and spinach quesadilla ($7.99):

... was the expected, ordinary fromage fold in this terminal setting.

As easy as it is to fly in and out of this airport, it would be nice if they had niftier nosh...


Portland International Airport



  Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Like many Portland peche parlors, Yama sushi has dry erase-based ordering.

Unfortunately, we didn't find out that an order of nigiri meant one piece (rather than the more common two).

This meant that we had to order an additional round immediately to fulfill our fish feed. Everything was okay, but there wasn't anything that we would roll back for soon.

Yama Sushi
926 NW 10th Ave.
Portland, OR



  Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nibbling on pigs ears ($4.00):

... is hearby an essential act at Beaker and Flask. We can't pass up these crunchy, salty, pork prongs as we peruse the passing plates.

Shrimp, scallop, and grilled octopus ($11.00):

... swam in a spicy solution turned up with turnips while sturgeon ($22.00):

... was a seared and served with carrot chutney and crunchy almonds. This sturgically stitched up dish went well with our Chinon Rosé.

Fried chicken ($20.00):

... nested on a potato perch in a mashup of pork gravy, greens and crisp-crusted, moist middled, brined bird.

This glassware nom-inclatured eatery continues to bring us back with their cravable cuisine - especially those ears...

Beaker & Flask
727 SE Washington St.
Portland, OR



  Monday, June 11, 2012

The Pedro Martinez ($9.00) didn't come in a pitcher, but it was still a line drink and drive at Rum Club. We slid into this rum-based homer along with a Punt e Mes and vermouthy "No Comparison" ($7.00) which got spritz from apple soda with some Regan-omical bitterness.

Pickled eggs ($3.00 for two):

... came in beet and tamarind (so we went with one of each.) These went down the hatch happily with a briney 'bryo bite.

Boar ribs ($9.00):

... were served with a marmaladey moat. These pig poles were tantalizingly tender with a nice kick of spice.

This cozy corner cantina is a favorite of ours not just for the chow and chugs but also the fun, funky 'fere.

Rum Club
720 SE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR









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